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Men gather there after job-related to talk, drink dark coffee, and smoke cigarettes or hookahs (water pipes).

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In city areas, guys enjoy spending their leisure time in teahouses, socializing and also smoking the hookah, or water pipe.Shisha is tobacco mixed with molasses and also fruit spices that is exhilaration in a hookah (water pipe).The audience is composed of greatly men, who attract deeply ~ above hookahs containing a flavoured tobacco.We reclined, Bedouin-style, ~ above rugs and cushions to doze away the fiercest heat of the day, while young Arab males puffed top top hookahs - the classic hubble-bubble tube for smoking sweetened tobaccos.They entered a warm, well-lit room v several little round tables and overstuffed armchairs, most lived in by robed Arabs drinking the end of mugs and also smoking hookahs, who ignored them after cursory glances.We smoked a hookah v the local chieftains afterwards.So we had to end up our drinks and smoke our hookah if the staff worked out around us.He drew deeply on his hookah, wheezing and also coughing, making that burble and also bubble in the tho air.After your meal, reap a selection of 22 various flavored tobaccos that are served in really hookahs.But I invested the remains of the afternoon hover on the divan with Ali-Bab, nibbling almonds, sipping mint tea, and listening to the water bubbling merrily in his hookah.Mocha is a coffee-and-conversation place with an open air lounge area and also a bar that serves 19 arrays of gourmet coffee, fruit-flavoured hookahs and 75 varieties of wine.With your fondness because that hookahs and also their liking because that Indian dress - so much more sensible than their very own stiff jackets and also collars - they became a distinctive set.There were children paddling in the streams, and also girls delivering brushwood majority on your heads, and old guys sitting in the shade, suck at their silver hookahs.The objects brought from the Indies encompass hookahs, Indian dress, musical instruments and images the Hindu deities.After a substantial meal, us all lean back and share some hookahs in a high-ceiling room filled with cushions.I to be a big fan the hookahs ever since I make the efforts them when I remained in the Middle eastern in 2000.One elderly guy with a hookah in ~ his table quit puffing come say: ‘He's homesick.’Latif satellite on the verandah and puffed away at his hookah.

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Saïd and also Khaled spend most of their time drink tea, puffing on a hookah and talking in circular logic.