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How come Say ns hungry in SpanishIf you’re in a Spanish speaking country, there are a couple of basic necessities the you should cover. Perhaps most importantly (or maybe 2nd only come finding a bathroom), you should know exactly how to go around getting food. The an initial step is to tell someone the you room hungry!The most typical Spanish translation for I’m hungry is Tengo hambreSpanish is a bit distinctive in the means you say the you are hungry. Friend don’t in reality say you space hungry, you to speak “Tengo hambre”, or precise “I have actually hunger”. It may sound strange, but it’s really usual to expression things this way in Spanish. Together a matter of fact, this is actually the sentence structure used to say the following:I’m thirsty = Tengo sedI’m cold = Tengo fríoI’m worn down = Tengo sueño (literally translates to “I have dreams”)I’m in a hurry = Tengo prisa (literally translates to “I have a rush”)You cannot say “Estoy hambre” to average “I’m hungry” in Spanish. Back this is a typical mistake, it literally way “I to be hunger.” This is a very difficult Spanish concept, and also it’s not unusual for a new Spanish student who has just started to grasp the Spanish verbs “estar” and also “tener” come mix these up. However, “Estoy hambre” is nonsense and also doesn’t really median anything. “Estoy hambriento” is technically correct, but is lot less common in real-life, conversational Spanish. That would much more be provided to to express a level of scarcity bordering ~ above malnutrition.

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Think of it prefer the English word “hunger” provided in the context of “fighting people hunger”.

15 means to speak "I"m hungry" in Spanish

EnglishSpanishLiteral translationI"m hungryTengo hambreI have actually hungerI"m hungryEstoy hambrientoI to be hungry (uncommon)I"m really hungryEstoy realmente hambrientoI am really hungry (uncommon)I"m starvingMe muero de hambreI dice of hungerI"m starvingMe estoy muriendo de hambreI"m dying of hungerI want to eatQuiero comerI desire to eatI"m ravenousTengo un hambre caninaI have a canine hungerI could eat a cowTengo un hambre canina, me comería una vaca enteraI"m so ravenous, I can eat a whole cowI might eat a horsePodría comerme un caballo.I can eat a horse.I"m therefore hungry, I could eat a horseTengo tanta hambre que podría comerme un caballo.I"m therefore hungry I can eat a horse.I can eat a horse between two mattresses.Me comería un caballo entre dos colchones.I can eat a horse in between two mattresses.I could eat a horse and also chase that is rider.Podría comerme un caballo y alcanzar a su jinete.I could eat a horse and its rider reach.I"m as hungry together a wolfTengo un hambre de loboI have a hungry wolfI might eat an elephantTengo tanta hambre que me comería un elefanteI"m so hungry I can eat one elephantI am hungryEstoy ávido de ...Usually supplied for non-food, such together "hungry for acknowledgement"
Spanish Slang for "I"m hungry"
There you have it – now you know how to to speak “I’m hungry” in Spanish – in a few different ways! following up is learning how to order in ~ a restaurant in Spanish. Enjoy!You may additionally enjoy this articles: colour in SpanishGoodnight in SpanishAhora in Spanish
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