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Showing or defined by exuberance or mirthful excitement; merry; cheerful; jolly.

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The night was not lonely either, as quite a few regulars danced cheerfully to merry tunes in the moonlight.Still, we bring on cheerfully, whistling a merry track as we stir it all up through a wooden spoon.The girl were all merry and cheerful, walking v the regiments to spread out encouragement and also cheer to the males gathered there.A regional band played on a elevated pedestal and also people the all species were to dance together with time with the lively win in a funny atmosphere.Within seconds, the 3 of us are chugging away at the prior of the balcony, clinking glasses and also bottles v the funny throng about us.The eldest that the Ellertson girls to be slightly younger than Clara, and were as merry and also cheerful as their brother.Will motioned come him indigenous a edge table where he was playing cards through a short gnome; Alexander started wading v the throng of merry patrons to reach him.Jahson clapped his hands v glee and also danced a merry jig while Pablo grinned wolfishly.Dad had actually spotted me and also my cheese snacks, and waved me over through a disgustingly merry grin ~ above his face.This link has unit volume saying funny Christmas and happy new year in many, many, many languages (including Maori, Welsh and Cree).His poetry had actually a chaste reserve the reflected his Englishness, but off the page he was a funny wit that laughed loudly, called raunchy jokes and felt more at house in a leather bar than a stuffy literary function.These ‘sandboys’ were paid partly in ale, and were generally half-cut or merry: hence ‘happy’.Her satisfied smile, the glint in the eye and also genuine sense of fun and devilment make her really popular and also you were always assured that a an excellent laugh and also a funny time when she was about the place.And ns laughed and guffawed in ~ the irony of it, and even Verge did let forth a funny mirth-filled giggle.As usual making fun of myself so everyone have the right to laugh and also be merry.Her soprano lullabies and fun character allowed the audience to laugh and also be merry.Just then a guy stepped up ten yards far from them, his expression was merry and also bright, top top his challenge blood was trickling, he had actually on a an elaborate red coat, decorated indigenous head to toe.Lillie offers a merry laugh, and slaps that lightly.So, have actually fun eating, drinking and also being funny whether it's through a roaring fire or a slightly less picturesque roaring radiator.

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And off we strolled, whistling merry Christmas tunes, and also with just the really slightest that hops, skips and also jumps in our step.