What would certainly be the exactly translation of the song title "New Moon ~ above Monday" come centregalilee.com? Word because that word with the very same structure together English seems choose it would be something choose "Nova Luna in die Lunae", although i don"t recognize if I"m utilizing the appropriate gender and case, etc.


Your tip nova luna in dies lunae is "new moon into Mondays".It is grammar valid, but does not typical what girlfriend want.

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A new moon would certainly be luna nova or nova luna.centregalilee.com generally puts the adjective last, however it is not a hard rule.

Monday is dies lunae, literally "day the the moon".When you decrease this, friend only change dies ("day") and also leave lunae ("of the moon") untouched.A time is usually expressed in centregalilee.com through a level ablative without any kind of prepositions, and that would certainly be the just grammatical selection here.Therefore "on Monday" would certainly be die lunae.

The most direct and prosaic means to speak "new moon top top Monday" is luna nova die lunae.This likewise looks nice together the moons framework the remainder of the phrase.You can also put the moons alongside each other: die lunae luna nova.

If you use interlunium for brand-new moon instead, it simply replaces luna nova in the expression.While interlunium is classically preferable, it could be less clear a principle in contemporary use for many readers 보다 luna nova.

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