Many may try to put off household chores, but they"re an unavoidable part of adult life. Luckily, though, you may sometimes get some help with them and, it may be helpful to learn how talk about them in your newly acquired language.

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Rooms, Furniture and Decor in

A good place to start is by discussing what needs to be cleaned. Here is some helpful vocabulary for rooms and what is in them.

The Bathroom

El baño - BathroomEl inodoro - ToiletLa bañera - TubLa ducha - ShowerEl grifo - TapEl lavabo - SinkEl espejo - MirrorLa toalla - TowelEl papel higiénico - Toilet paperEl piso - Floor

The Bedroom

El cuarto/La habitación - Room (it can sometimes be used to mean bedroom)El dormitorio - BedroomEl armario - ClosetLa ropa - ClothesLa cama - BedLas sábanas - SheetsLa almohada - Pillow

The Living Room and the Dining Room

La sala de estar - Living roomEl comedor - Dining roomLa alfombra - Carpet/RugEl sofá/El sillón - CouchEl almohadón - CushionLa mesa - TableLa silla - ChairEl cuadro - PaintingLa televisión - T.V.La radio - RadioLa ventana - WindowEl vidrio - Glass

The Office

La oficina - OfficeEl estudio - StudioEl escritorio - Desk (it can also refer to a room in the house used as an office)La biblioteca - BookcaseEl estante - ShelfLos libros - BooksLa computadora - ComputerLa impresora - PrinterLa papelera - Wastebasket

The Kitchen

La cocina - Kitchen (may also refer to the stove)El horno - OvenLa tetera - KettleLa olla - PotEl/La sartén - PanEl microondas - MicrowaveEl lavavajillas - DishwasherLos platos - Dishes (plates)La vajilla - Dishes (crockery)Los cubiertos - CutleryLos vasos - GlassesLas tazas - Cups/MugsLa nevera/El refrigerador - FridgeEl congelador - FreezerLa comida - FoodLa fruta - Fruit

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Once you know what you need to clean, you might want to know what to clean it with. Here is a list of some common cleaning supplies and equipment in

La aspiradora - Vacuum cleanerLa escoba - BroomLa pala - DustpanLa basura - TrashEl bote de basura - TrashcanLa bolsa (de basura) - (Garbage) bagLa enceradora - Floor polisherLa cera - WaxEl plumero - DusterEl trapo - Cloth/RagEl paño - DishclothLa esponja - SpongeEl detergente - Dish soapEl jabón - SoapEl jabón para ropa - Laundry detergentEl suavizante - SoftenerEl balde - BucketEl escurridor de piso - SqueegeeLos guantes de goma - Rubber glovesLejía - Bleach

Household Chores in

All the previous vocabulary is great, but to really communicate successfully, you"ll also need some verbs describing household chores. Here are some common chores in

Limpiar - To cleanLavar - To washAspirar - To vacuumBarrer - To sweepDesempolvar - To dustFregar - To scrubEncerar - To waxLustrar - To polish (floors or furniture)Pulir - To polish (mostly metal)Planchar - To ironTender la cama - To make the bedTender la ropa - Hang up the washingSacar la basura - Take out the trash

Useful Housekeeping Phrases in

Now, you can put all of this new vocabulary together into some useful phrases for discussing household chores:

El baño/comedor está sucio. - The bathroom/dining room is dirty.La cocina/habitación está sucia. - The kitchen/bedroom is dirty.Necesito que limpie el baño/barra el piso. - I need you to clean the bathroom/sweep the floor.La basura está llena - The trash is full.Por favor, limpie el baño/saque la basura. - Please, clean the bathroom/take the trash out.Hay un olor extraño en el baño. - There is a funny odor in the bathroom.La toalla tiene una mancha. - There is a stain on the towel.Hay polvo en los estantes. - There is dust on the shelves.Recuerde limpiar las ventanas/los vidrios. - Remember to clean the windows/glass.Los pisos están húmedos. - The floors are wet.

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No queda detergente/cera. - There is no detergent/wax left.

Expressing what you want in another language can sometimes be hard, but with the help of this vocabulary and the accompanying printable checklist, communicating your housekeeping needs in will be easy!