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‘a fur-collared jacket’‘We have actually a service casual dress code at mine office, which means collared shirts there is no a tie.’‘He had dried blood stuck to his black color Chinese-collared shirt.’‘He saluted an older male dressed in a collared uniform.’‘A young mrs wearing a high-collared lab smock entered.’‘She wore a high-collared dress of emerald green.’‘He wore a collared gray t-shirt and khaki pants.’‘My mommy wore her regular black suit v white, collared, button-up top.’‘I"m standing here in a collared blouse, a skirt, and also high-heeled sandals.’‘Ivy always wore collared jackets.’‘Collared trench coats, foggy airports, Bergman"s cheekbones, and also Bogart"s pistol hardly it seems ~ the ingredient of history.’
1.1(of a bird or other animal) having actually a colored marking resembling a collar about the neck.
‘I saw thousands of wood pigeons and also collared doves’
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‘you can sight collared lizards amidst cottonwoods and also ferns’‘Smaller herbivores encompass the arctic hare and the collared lemming.’‘Only animals with solid teeth, such as the collared peccary, the agouti, and the paca have accessibility to this food source.’‘The white-collared kingfisher is quickly spotted in the jetty area of port Blair.’‘The birds because that whom these aviaries will certainly cater encompass ospreys, wedge-tailed eagles, perigrine falcons, barn owls, and also collared sparrowhawks.’‘So far, the collared geese space a rarity, with only nine in the area.’‘It had actually what looked favor the much shorter beak of one adult collared sunbird yet the coloring is different.’‘For our research, we supplied pied flycatchers native Spain and also collared flycatchers indigenous Italy.’‘Total DNAs were extracted because that the nine-banded armadillo, good long-nosed armadillo, southerly naked-tailed armadillo, and collared anteater.’‘Two types of falconids, the red-throated caracaras and also the collared falconets regularly breed cooperatively.’‘Other it was observed birds to be spotted redshanks, ruffs, red-wattled lapwings, and also collared stonechats.’