One of the scariest moments for a non-native speaker life in Italy is calling/dealing with anything administrative in Italian.

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 I recognize from personal experience how daunting doing something requiring offering info over the phone, such as your Codice fiscale. An experience I liken to ancient forms the torture, prefer bamboo shoot under the nails. Personally, mine voice supplied to get higher and higher, ns actually supplied to sometimes even hold the phone far from my face and wince. Not cute.

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Considering my last name starts v a “j” and also there are pretty much no words that actually start with “j” in Italian, ns made the an extremely fatal error of saying “juventes, i m sorry let’s face it, doesn’t walk over as well well in a city complete of Fiorentina fans. Alas, since of all of these aer experiences utilizing me as your guinea pig, i am below to HELP…



A fun fact: an English speaker supplies the phonetic alphabet beginning with “Alpha Bravo Charlie.” ( and also honestly, ns don’t even know the rest..)

Most crucial to know: Italians usage names of cities ( stated over the phone/ in-person to spell the end words, so publish the list below and also tape it come a wall or what you can quickly see it when you make your 930902909494 telecom phone contact with a “friendly” customer company representative ;).

Italian voice Alphabet 

A come, Ancona

B come Bologna (or Bari or Brescia)

C come Catania (or Como)

D come Domodossola

E come Empoli (or Enna)

F come Firenze

G come, Genova,

H come Hotel (Acca)

I come Imola

J (gei or ns lunga) come jolly (the joker in Italian card games) (or Yugoslavia)

K (kappa) come Kursaal

L come Livorno

M come, Milano,

N come Napoli

O come Otranto

P come Palermo (or Padova or Pisa)

Q come Quaderno

R come, Roma,

S come Savona (Sassari or Siena)

T come Torino (Taranto)

U come Udine

V come Venezia (Verona)

W (vi/Vu doppio) come Washington (Wagner)

X (ics) come Xanto (xilofono)

Y come Ypsilon (York or yacht)

Z come Zara (Zurigo or zeta)

The only dominance is to prevent a letter/town combination that can be mistaken for a different pair. So please, protect against the failure of not learning this and stumbling approximately going “ehh ahhh georgette come …come….uhh gas” and also the eventual on the other end of the human hanging increase in frustration…PRONTO