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The scene between Malcolm and Macduff in act IV sc iii appears an extremely confusing at first glance till we realize Malcolm is actually trial and error Macduff’s loyalty to Scotland. Malcolm tells Macduff the he will certainly be a much worse tyrant than Macbeth will:

“It is myself i mean: in who I...

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The scene between Malcolm and also Macduff in plot IV sc iii appears very confusing at an initial glance till we establish Malcolm is actually testing Macduff’s loyalty to Scotland. Malcolm tells Macduff the he will certainly be a much worse tyrant 보다 Macbeth will:

“It is myself ns mean: in whom ns knowAll the particulars the vice so graftedThat, once they shall be open"d, black color MacbethWill seem as pure together snow, and also the poor stateEsteem him together a lamb, being comparedWith mine confineless harms.”

At first Macduff does not think him, due to the fact that Macbeth is together an evil, treacherous leader. Nobody else can possibly be worse. However, Malcolm cases he is extremely lustful, greedy, and also unjust. He would certainly deliberately abuse the powers the come v being king because that his very own pleasure and also gain, fully opposing any action that would certainly be for the an excellent of Scotland. Macduff ultimately believes him and rebukes him because that being such a vile son as soon as King Duncan was such a noble father. The agrees the Malcolm must not administrate Scotland, and he weeps due to the fact that the country he loves has no expect of escaping oppressive tyranny.

At this point Malcolm confesses that every little thing he said about himself was a lie. He wanted to see how Macduff would react. If Macduff were fine v Malcolm coming to be king even though he to be as poor (or worse) because that Scotland than Macbeth, Malcolm would understand that Macduff did not truly love Scotland. Macduff would just be trying to gain advantage by aligning himself with a new tyrant, and also therefore could not be trusted.

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Macduff passes the test, reflecting that his love and also loyalty space to his country over himself. When Malcolm sees this, he speak Macduff the truth and also explains his present plans to dethrone Macbeth. The two end up being allies.