Folly beach is a barrier island, six miles long and the closest coast to historic Charleston, south Carolina, 15 minute via the Connector. Folly beach is the residence of sea, sand, and surfing, historic and social sites; a marine forest; Morris Island Lighthouse; gourmet food, endangered types of birds; and southern hospitality.

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lull Inn Downtown Charleston

The comfort Inn Charleston full renovation in 2011. Guest in ~ the lull Inn Charleston will reap the all at once atmosphere that this property. Situated only 1 ½ mile from the beautiful historical district. This home offers totally free hot breakfast... Read an ext

Joseph Manigault home

A highlight spiral staircase accents the impressive main hall, and also many of the rooms are restored to their original shade schemes. All attribute historic pieces from the Museum's collections consisting of a choice of American, English and also French furniture... Read an ext

The AAA 4 Diamond Boardwalk Inn is spacious in size and also gracious in decor, and also the rooms and also suites reflect the soul of adjacent historic Charleston. Designed for ultimate comfort, as well as business productivity, these luxurious accommodations... Read much more

This French layout cafe and bar uses the finest in Brasserie cuisine. Reap indoor/outdoor patio seating, cocktails and also a well-rounded alcohol list. Sunday brunch and also a late night food selection are available. Read an ext

Hilton Garden Inn Charleston / Mt. Pleasant is less than 5 minute from the historic district that Charleston; a city recently named as the No. 1 City in the unified States, and No. 2 top top the perform for finest Cities in the people by Conde Nast, in their... Read more

this tours space crafted to obtain you out right into the rivers that have been a part of the Edisto method of life for thousands of years. Their goal is for you to enjoy the experience and learn about about the connections between the social and herbal history... Read an ext

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