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Whether you pick to paris direct, prevent off top top a cruise or just pop end from one of the bordering islands, girlfriend will discover a warmth Saint Lucian welcome awaits.

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So beautiful she has been nicknamed “The Helen of the West,” Saint Lucia is just 27 mile long and also 14 miles wide. She is lined with beautiful palm-fringed beaches, however beaches are simply an arrival to the tremendous beauty the Saint Lucia has to offer.

An emerald ceiling spreads over lot of the island, covering plunging valleys and rising peaks in lush rainforest. The a spectacular setup for adventure. So once will your begin?

Arriving in Saint Lucia through Air

From phibìc America, direct business to Saint Lucia is accessible on American airline from Miami; Charlotte and also Philadelphia; top top JetBlue from brand-new York and also Boston; ~ above Delta from Atlanta; and also on united Airlines from brand-new Jersey and also Chicago.

Air Canada and also WestJet likewise fly direct from Toronto year-round, if direct service from Montreal is available at top times the the year on wait Canada and also some hired services.

Inter-island take trip is well-serviced by several airlines including LIAT, air Caraibes, wait Antilles and also Caribbean Airlines. Check with your take trip agent or straight with the airlines for certain dates and availability.

US: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue and united Airlines

Canada: Air Canada, Sunwing Airlinesand WestJet

UK: brothers Airways and also TUI

Germany: Condor

France: wait France, Corsair and Air Caraibes

Caribbean: air Caraibes, wait Antilles, Caribbean Airlines, interCaribbean Airways and also LIAT

Saint Lucia’s leave Tax

Departure taxation is contained in the price of the ticket for every passengers end 12 years leaving the island via waiting travel. For passengers leaving via sea travel, the departure tax is EC$33 or US$13 come be payment at the time of the departure.

Airports in Saint Lucia

Hewanorra international Airport (UVF) in Vieux ft is situated 40 miles south of Castries, the capital city. George F.L. Charles plane is one inter-island plane just external Castries.

Travel by Ferry & Cruise Ships

Those who prefer to do much of your traveling ~ above the water will discover that Saint Lucia is well-serviced by ferries, make it basic to include Saint Lucia in any island-hopping tour.

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Visit www.express-des-iles.com i beg your pardon operates a ferry service between Saint Lucia and also Martinique.