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What is the effective variety of the 7mm Rem Mag because that elk? likewise any bullet weight advice because that this caliber. Thanks

Effective range is everything your effective selection is. Girlfriend can"t strech variety if you can"t shoot. Your practice selection and the amount of exercise is what will determine the effecitive range of any caliber. There is nothing the will job-related if girlfriend don"t make it. HAPPY HUNTING
Everyone has there very own criteria, my minimum is 2,000 fps of striking velocity.
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Skyline, this is a controversial inquiry on any kind of forum.I"ve only taken one elk through a 7mm Mag, and that to be a broadside shooting at about 250yds. I controlled to acquire three shots off before he folded. All through the lungs.How much would you have the ability to kill one elk with a decent shot? perhaps 450-500 yds under best conditions. I would not likely shoot one elk previous 300-350 yds myself with any rifle, however a 7mm Mag v a 160-175gr bullet will certainly kill one about as far out together anything you would desire to shoot one with.

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Depends on the bullet.Wouldn"t think twice about elk searching with a 120 TSX from a 7 Rem mag or a WBY,STW ect.As for range it"s as much as the hunter i suppose.
Don"t know much around elk, but JBM mirrors a 140 XLC began at 3,250 have to be still it is in clocking virtually 1,800fps in ~ 800 yards. Very same for a 160 Accubond v a 3,100 MV. I kinda doubt an elk would simply shrug turn off a fight from either.
Speer 160g cool slams to be my cartridge for 20 years, running about 2900fps in ~ the muzzle. The longest shoot I ever took was 350 yards and the 5x6 bull dropped at the shot. The cartridge exited.How far a 7mm RM is an excellent for counts on a the majority of factors and also what you desire from them: preserved velocity, retained energy, best drop, etc. For myself, the drop problem was the determining variable for numerous years.Pushing a 160g TSX come 3015fps and also zeroing because that a best 3" rise gives me 500 yards: 2181ps, 1690fpe, -31".
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Skyline-I have actually taken and seen taken and also been about a fair handfull of elk take away in the 500-650 (using Sierra"s, NBT"s, NPT"s and TSX"s, and Hornday"s in particular) variety and I"ve never discovered the huge 7"s or the 270 come be lacking for this work.People will certainly run the end of ability method b4 the round will make no doubt around it.In state of good bullets over there is about no end of them no longer for the huge 7"s and many various other cals.Good happy on her elk hunting.Dober
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What is the effective selection of the 7mm Rem Mag because that elk? additionally any bullet weight advice for this caliber. Thanks
About the very same for 75% that the other popular cartridges out there.........Depends ~ above the cartridge you choose. Ns would favor something in the 150 or 160.Casey
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Know that 2 bulls killed by fellow highpower competitors, 7RM, 140 x bullets, both in between 600 and also 700 yards.Gotta know what you room doing though, I doubt for most folks, nevertheless the caliber, its 200 yards or less.Jeff
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Effective selection is every little thing your effective selection is. You can"t strech variety if friend can"t shoot. Her practice range and the lot of exercise is what will recognize the effecitive selection of any kind of caliber. Over there is nothing that will work if you don"t make it. HAPPY searching
I agree 100%. Just because you have the tool that deserve to do the job, doesn"t mean you can. Many often, the shooter is the weak attach in making a good shot at distances over around 300 yards. Regrettably too plenty of will simply take pot shots anyway and also end up v a wounded and also lost animal. Understand your rifle and also the ballistics of the ammo you will be taking. Placed some time behind the gun and not from the bench, from location you mean to be taking a shot native in the field. And finally, make certain you have an excellent shooting technique such together breathing, cause squeeze and sight picture to surname a few. As soon as you practice, don"t be fear to acquire a recoil pad such as this PAST. It will enable you to practice with out emerging bad behavior due to recoil (esp when shooting a same amount of rounds).
Skyline-I have actually taken and also seen taken and been around a fair handfull that elk take away in the 500-650 (using Sierra"s, NBT"s, NPT"s and TSX"s, and Hornday"s in particular) variety and I"ve never discovered the big 7"s or the 270 come be doing not have for this work.People will run out of ability means b4 the round will certainly make no doubt around it.In terms of an excellent bullets there is about no finish of them anymore for the large 7"s and also many other cals.Good lucky on her elk hunting.Dober
friend are starting with a question which is, at best, about 4 under on the list one have to be addressing.For me personally, as far as that is come the gun keep door. I don"t prefer 7mm Mags - other than there was the one Husquavarna......and I understand where the lives...Anything a 7 Mag can do because that all useful purposes, an "06 deserve to do just as well, and a 300 mag will perform it better.But to every his own.... Just answer the following questions:1. How well can the rifle in concern shoot ( benchrest)? 2 inch groups are generally sufficient for most hunters, 3 inch are just acceptable - lock can usually be improved on with glass-bedding and a cause job. Circa 1 customs or much less is pure gravy.2. Just how well have the right to the shooter shoot (various ar positions, with and without rests)?3. What"s the range- just how well have the right to the shooter estimate? - far better yet- walk he have actually a range-finder and the time to usage it once the video game is "out there"?Been a pile of game killed by sighting in the rifle (any reasonable caliber) in ~ 2.5 to 3 customs high in ~ 100 (assuming kind 2" or less groups), gaining a good rest once crunch time comes, and taking the shot as soon as offered. Believe me- a 300 yard distant pet is a long ways away, however it is still virtually a point-blank shoot ballistically for the rifle if above conditions are met. Just host on hair, however slightly high when method out there. The ballistics the the details rifle are the least of her worries- though you require to understand them- when shooting method out there.Accurate varying is paramount beyond 300 yards, together your bullets are dropping like a rock out there past 300 yards or so, with any kind of caliber. Quiet perfectly qualified of clean kills- the significant problem is obtaining the bullet whereby it require go! therefore the exact ranging via range-finders. Her eyes simply aren"t same to a great laser rangefindere - and 20 yards makes a difference past 300 yards or so.
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