How fast Do tortoise Grow

Different turtle types grow at various rates. Discovering how quick your tortoise grows enables you to setup ahead. You can safely approximate once your turtle will outgrow your tank.

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A lot goes into the expansion rate of turtles apart from just genetics. The more you feed her turtle, the quicker it will certainly grow. Likewise, if friend feed your turtle less, the growth rate will be slower.

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Providing the turtle with a stress-free setting with the right exposure to UVB/UVA light, the right temperatures, and access to hiding spots will ensure her turtle grows as it should.

While you may be tempted to overfeed your turtle for this reason it grows faster, that isn’t advisable as rapid growth can negatively affect the physical breakthrough of the chelonian.

Like people turtles acquire fat too, and it additionally isn’t an excellent for them.

Since most freshwater tortoise are tiny to medium-sized, suppose a growth rate of about 1 – 2 centimeter per year.

Growth rate Of famous Pet tortoise Species

Here are the expansion rates of part turtles popularly kept as pets. These incorporate the red-eared slider, map turtles, crate turtles, painted turtles, and snapping turtles.

How fast Do Red-Eared Sliders Grow?

Red eared slider at various angles

Red-eared sliders prosper the fastest in ~ the first couple of years of your lives. Intend them to thrive to around 3 come 4 centimeter (1.1 come 1.6 inches) in ~ the very very first year.

By age 2, they have the right to reach lengths the 6 cm (2.3 inches). By period 3, the red-eared slider should reach a length of 10 centimeter (4 inches). By age 4, the slider have to reach a length of around 11.5 cm (4.5 inches).

Red-eared sliders are normally mature sufficient to each other at a size of 10 centimeter (4 inches) for males and also 15 cm (6 inches) for females. They commonly reach this length at the period of 5 to 6 years.

It deserve to take around 8 years because that red-eared sliders to with their full length, i beg your pardon is generally between 18 to 30 centimeter (7 to 12 inches).

Of course, the growth rate varies from one separation, personal, instance to another. Variations room usually through an inch or 2.

Red Eared Slider development Chart In Years
AgeAverage Shell size (cm)

How fast Do Painted turtles Grow?

Group that painted tortoise basking

Painted tortoise (Chrysemys picta) flourish fastest as juveniles. These turtles have an mean juvenile growth rate of about 12.3 mm (1.2 cm) every year. After reaching sexual maturity at around age 10, the development rate would have actually fallen to 1.2 mm (0.1 cm) every year.

Upon hatching, the painted turtle would be just a pair of centimeters in length. By age 1, you have the right to expect the turtle to have actually grown to about 5 centimeter (2 inches). By age 2, it would certainly be around 7 centimeter (2.7 inches) in covering length.

By period 4, the painted turtle can be expected to reach a length of 8 cm and by age 5 roughly 9 cm (3.1 inches).

Painted turtles generally reach sexual maturity at roughly age 10. In ~ this age, the turtle would certainly be around 12 centimeter (4.7 inches) in covering length. However, the turtle doesn’t stop growing. Over the next 10 years, expect the turtle to grow an additional 3 cm.

The last shell length of an mean painted tortoise is 15 centimeter (6 inches). However, the size variety of an adult C. Picta is 10 to 25 centimeter (4 come 10 inches).

Painted Turtle development Chart In Years
AgeAverage Shell length (cm)

How quick Do Snapping turtles Grow?

Two typical snapping turtle in the water climbing on every other

Snapping turtles space widely retained as pets. These turtles are voracious eaters. In captivity, they room prone come overeating and growing really quickly. This is particularly true that captive snapping turtles.

As with plenty of other turtles, snapping turtles flourish fastest when young. Of course, every individual snapping tortoise will prosper at a different rate relying on how lot you feed them.

Within the an initial two years, the usual snapping tortoise will flourish to 12 to 15 centimeter (5 to 6 inches ) in covering length, ~ above average. End the next 15 come 20 years, the turtle will just grow an additional 30 to 35 centimeter (12 come 14 inches) in covering length.

In all, adult typical snapping turtles have the right to reach covering lengths the 45 centimeter (19 inches) and weights the 40 kg (86 lbs).

Snapping Turtle development Chart In Years
AgeAverage Shell length (cm)

How quick Do Map tortoise Grow?

False map tortoise swimming in tank

Common map tortoise (Graptemys geographica) are small turtles. An adult male commonly measures about just 4 inches. Females on the other hand are much bigger, with adults obtaining lengths that 7 come 10 inches.

Upon hatching, male map turtles have an average plastron size of 3 cm, if females measure up 2 centimeter on average.

By period 1, males flourish to a plastron size of about 4.2 cm (1.6 inches), when females prosper to a size of 4.4 cm (1.7 inches). By age 2, males’ plastron size will on average be 6 cm (2.3 inches), the same length is true for females together well.

By period 4, mean the male’s plastron to it is in 7.5 centimeter (3 inches) in length, with the typical female’s plastron measure up 9.7 cm (3.8 inches). Through this age, the female need to be lot bigger 보다 the male.

By period 5, the male would certainly measure about 8 cm (3 inches), and also the female need to measure about 11 centimeter (4.3 inches). Males should have actually reached maturity at period 5 come 6. Females reach maturity at about age 10 and also at a length of about 18 to 21 centimeter (7 to 8 inches).

Map Turtle growth Chart In Years
AgeAverage male Plastron size (cm)Average woman Plastron length (cm)

How fast Do crate Turtles Grow?

Eastern crate turtle being hosted in hand closed up

As through the various other turtles mentioned, usual box turtle (Terrapene carolina) grow the fastest as soon as they are young.

The older they get, the slower their expansion rate. During the beforehand stages (between eras 0 and 5), mean the usual box turtle to flourish at a rate of around 10 mm (1 cm) a year.

Between periods 5 and also 10, expect the tortoise to grow at a price of just 8 mm (0.8 cm) every year. From age 10 to 15, mean the tortoise to grow at a price of around 2.5 mm (0.2 cm) every year.

Hatchlings have actually a carapace size of about 2.5 centimeter (1 inch). Intend the tortoise to grow steadily over the following 5 years. By period 5, the chelonian should have actually attained a carapace size of about 7.5 centimeter (3 inches).

This steady development should proceed over the following 5 years. By period 10, the usual box tortoise should have attained a carapace length of about 12.3 centimeter (4.8 inches).

Growth will sluggish down substantially from right here with the turtle cultivation a few additional centimeters over the rest of that is life.

By maturity, which need to be in between the periods of 7 and also 10, intend the turtle to reach carapace lengths the 12.7 cm to 15 centimeter (5 come 6 inches).

Box Turtle growth Chart In Years
AgeAverage Shell length (cm)

Factors that Affects A Turtle’s growth Rate

Healthy Diet

You have the right to never underestimate the prominence of a healthy diet. If you want your turtle to prosper at the best rate, then you need to feed lock accordingly.

And friend can’t feed all turtles the very same diet. What you feed your turtle should be identified by the species. Turtles can be herbivorous, omnivorous, or carnivorous.

You should do your research. Because that instance, painted turtles require a diet with a protein proportion of 30 to 40 percent, while box turtles need a diet v a protein ratio of about 60 percent.

Also, juveniles generally require much more protein than adults do. Because that example, box turtle hatchlings call for a diet v a protein proportion of 70 to 75 percent.

Also, a strict feeding schedule have to be maintained. While many juvenile turtles have to be fed once a day, many adults need to be fed around twice a week.

Genetics (Species/Subspecies)

Different types and subspecies flourish at various rates. Similarly, 2 turtles that the exact same sex & subspecies fed the very same diet and also kept in the exact same habitat may flourish at different rates.

Check our guide to recognize your turtles gender.

Each individual tortoise is unique similar to humans. Also, different varieties and subspecies thrive at different rates. For example, at period 2, the average typical snapping would have attained a length of 12 cm.

Compare this to a red-eared slider that will just reach a shell length of 12 centimeter at period 4.

Environmental Conditions

Maintaining conditions such together UV exposure, water quality, and also quantity, enclosure space, hiding spots, basking spot, and also temperature space all necessary to effective growth. The best amount of UV exposure ensures that the turtle grows at the appropriate rate and also as it’s an alleged to.

Lack the UVB and also UVA can lead to covering pyramiding and also metabolic bone disease. Clean water ensures the turtle remains healthy and that subsequently influences growth.

Enclosure an are is also an extremely important. If the turtle’s life quarters space too small, the hampers growth.

Keeping the turtle healthy and also stress-free will enable it to flourish at a secure rate.


Knowing the development rate that a turtle permits you to plan ahead. Together a dominion of ignorance for every inch, you require to boost the turtle’s tank capacity by at least 10 to 15 gallons.

With this in mind, girlfriend can conveniently determine how easily a turtle will certainly outgrow the tank. Alternatively, you can also choose the tank size for as soon as the turtle’s ultimate length.

The growth rate have the right to also aid you approximate when the turtle will be mature sufficient to breed.

However, as with humans individuals, turtles that belong to the same varieties may prosper at different rates. In this article, ns approximate the growth rate.

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As such her turtle may thrive slower or faster than declared here. Regardless, the details should give a fair idea about what to expect.