Yamaha Banshee detailed Guide

The Yamaha banshee is a 34 horsepower all-terrain vehicle(ATV) weighing 386 lbs made by Yamaha Motor firm from 1987 till 2006. The half an hour 350 has actually a respectable height speed the 75 mph in share condition and an average existing classifieds price of in between $2000 and $3200 US.

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Banshee production stopped in 2006 because of economic conditions but it ongoing to be offered in Canada till 2008 and also in Australia till 2012 as 2006 models. The Yamaha half an hour engine significantly does not have actually an electric starter or reverse gear yet is quiet popular since it is funny to ride. Future banshee restoration projects will ensure that at the very least a couple of Yamaha Banshees survive for a very long time. The banshee 350 is taken into consideration a classic sport ATV by collectors.

The Yamaha half an hour 350 is powered by a 347 cc, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled two-stroke engine. The is 73 customs long, 43.3 inches broad and 42.5 inch tall and seat height stands in ~ 31.5 inches. Visit a supplied Yamaha ATV dealer close to you to test journey a half an hour 350, you just can want to sign up with other half an hour 350 enthusiasts that make it their key ride.

Banshee riders have actually formed committed communities, prefer BansheeHQ.com forums, come get and also share advice on wherein to uncover banshee parts, share job updates and also build ideas.

Engine Displacement: 347ccYamaha half an hour 350 Weight: 386 lbsEngine Type: 2-Stroke Twin with Reed ValveBore and also Stroke: 64 x 54mmEngine Compression Ratio: 6.5:1Banshee 350 Horsepower: 34 HPCooling System: fluid CooledCarburator: double Mikuni 26mmYamaha banshee value: $2000 to $3200 avg used*Ignition: CDIYamaha half an hour Seat Height: 31.5 InchesStarting System: absent StarterStock Yamaha Banshee optimal Speed: 75 mphBanshee funny Factor: priceless

The Yamaha Banshee’s top speed is 75 MPH in stock condition. Part owners have recorded runs together high together 85 MPH while others say they deserve to reach 82 MPH in sixth gear in miscellaneous youtube videos. Weather, altitude, type of gas, engine condition, wind direction and tuning room all variables with an impact. A good baseline regarding how quick the banshee 350 deserve to go was standing at roughly 75 MPH stock(without high power parts).

Yamaha banshee engines room 2-stroke and oil flows with the transmission and clutch. The Banshee requires 1.6 quarts that oil per change. Girlfriend should always refer come your hands-on for oil kind and amount however if friend don’t have actually a hand-operated you have the right to pick increase a Banshee owner’s hands-on online. Oil capacity is generally stamped ~ above the infection case however with used ATVs it’s constantly best to inspect the manual! there are numerous brands of oil available, make certain you usage “wet clutch” compatible/safe oil that has no friction modifiers.

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Besides the manual and also recommended oil number of items are forced to make an altering your Yamaha half an hour oil simple. This items encompass a 17mm socket, a talk wrench if girlfriend have access to one, an oil funnel, a drainpipe pan and some shop towel or rags come clean up any kind of spill. Changing the oil top top a Yamaha half an hour is no difficult, here are the steps:

Yamaha banshee ATV Oil adjust ProcedureRide your banshee to circulate the oilWipe away any type of dirt native drain/filler plug areaRemove drainpipe plug and also let oil drainpipe completelyInspect copper drain plug washer because that damageInstall drain plug and also tighten to 14 ft lbsInsert funnel with filler plug holeAdd 1.6 quarts of hands-on recommended oilInstall filler plug and also tightenWipe up any type of oil spillage imediately

No, Yamaha end production and sale of the Yamaha half an hour in 2006 for economic reasons and increased sports ATV competition. All Yamaha banshee production has actually been discontinued indefinitely, however, the market for used Yamaha Banshees for sale remains very strong. It is among Yamaha’s most famous four wheeler models and also has a loyal fan base.




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