COUSIN EDDIE IS RANDY QUAID"S BEST-KNOWNCHARACTER. At least it"s the function that it s okay him the mostrecognition.

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Also Know, what is Cousin Eddie's last name? Eddie and Catherine Johnson because Clark refers to Eddie as hiscousin-in-law in Christmas holidays - hence usually beingreferred to as "Cousin Eddie" - it"s presumed the Catherineis a cousin that Ellen.

keeping this in consideration, is Cousin Eddie concerned Clark and Ellen?

Cousin Eddie has actually been out of job-related for about sevenyears and no longer lives in the rural house that he owned inthe original national Lampoon holidays film in 1983. COUSINEDDIE: If just I had that money Catherine and also I provided to that TVpreacher that was screwin" the hockey player.

What type of beer go Cousin Eddie drink?

The brand of beer Cousin Eddie is drinking throughout thefamous septic tank step is Meister Brau, a well-known Chicagobeer in the 1980"s. You know it now as "Miller Lite."

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What go the W stand for in Clark W Griswold?

The "W" in Clark W. Griswold standsfor Wilhelm.
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Who is larger Rusty and Audrey?

In both the original "Vacation" and also "EuropeanVacation," Rusty is believed to it is in the older that thetwo Griswold children. In "Christmas Vacation," Rustysomehow morphs into Audrey"s youngerbrother.
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Where is the Griswold house located?

The set of the Griswold family"s traditionalclapboard house is located ~ above the backlot that theWarner Bros. Ranch facility in Burbank (RV notincluded).
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What beer is Cousin Eddie drink while he's pouring his RV waste right into Clark's sewer?

The brand the beer Cousin Eddie is drinkingas the empties his septic tank is Meister Brau.
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Who is Clark Griswold's boss?

That actor to be Brian Doyle-Murray together Clark"sboss, Mr. Shirley. And also he, in real life, is a brothers to famousactor invoice Murray. Here"s a clip out of the movie wherein Mr. Shirleyfirst appears: Brian is one older brothers to invoice in their family members ofnine children.
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What is Clark Griswold's middle name?

Matthew Belloni top top Twitter: "Clark W.Griswold"s middle name is Wilhelm. Revealed top top passportduring opening credits of european Vacation."
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What was Clark Griswold's wife's name?

Miriam Flynn, Catherine
Then: Flynn, a second City improv comedy veteran,reprised her role as Eddie"s wife Cousin Catherine for"Christmas Vacation."
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Who play Audrey Griswold?

Dana Barron
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What movie is rusty city hall in Christmas Vacation?

Only 2 Christmas-themed movies come outin 1989: Prancer (1989) and also this film. Johnny Galecki(Rusty) remained in both of them.
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Is national Lampoon's Christmas holidays on Hulu?

National Lampoon"s Christmas Vacation isn"t onNetflix
Unfortunately, if you were hoping come streamChristmas Vacation this year, you"re going come bedisappointed. The movie isn"t ~ above Netflix in the U.S. Nor is itincluded with various other subscription services, like Amazon prime orHulu.
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Who is the daughter in Christmas Vacation?

A perennial favorite, this 1989 man Hughes"s filmfollows Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) as he make the efforts to make amemorable holiday for his mam Ellen (Beverly D"Angelo), boy Rusty(Johnny Galecki) and also daughter Audrey (JulietteLewis).
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Who is on the poster in Christmas Vacation?

Otis is the model on the poster over thecharacter Rusty Griswald"s bed in the 1989 film national Lampoon"sChristmas Vacation. Otis emerged three holes in she heartduring she modeling career. She is on the advisory plank of theModel Alliance and an ambassador because that the nationwide Eating DisordersAssociation.
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What tune is Clark Griswold listening come in the attic?

The ray Charles song throughout the scene whereClark Griswold is in the attic watching the old b/wmovie reel. The Bing crosby song play while Clarkis fantasizing about the department store girl top top the diving board."Mal-ay-ka-leeki-maka" is the main line
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How is Uncle Lewis pertained to Clark Griswold?

Uncle Lewis claims the irradiate is comes from thesewage therapy plant; reminding Clark that Eddie had actually beendumping his sewage right into a storm drain. Prior to Clark deserve to stophim, Uncle Lewis tosses his cigar, triggering anexplosion.
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How is Cousin Eddie related?

At the very least it"s the role that it s okay him the mostrecognition. In a 1989 interview v the Los Angeles Times, Quaidadmitted that he to be amazed by the affect the charactermade.
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What is the order of vacation movies?

national Lampoon"s holidays (1983) R | 98 min | Adventure,Comedy. National Lampoon"s European vacation (1985) nationwide Lampoon"s Christmas holidays (1989) las vegas Vacation (1997) Christmas vacation 2: Cousin Eddie"s Island Adventure (2003 TVMovie) Hotel Hell holidays (2010 Video) holidays (I) (2015)
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What national Lampoon movie to be first?

The first that the "IntercontinentalLampoon" movies was a (not really successful)made-for-TV movie referred to as Disco Beaver from external Space,broadcast in 1978. The second, and also by far the most successful film,was National Lampoon"s animal House (1978).

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What is Cousin Eddie's last name?

In "Christmas Vacation" it was learned that EllenGriswold"s cousin Catherine had married EddieJohnson. Miriam Flynn was the just actor who played Catherine inany that the films.
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