Considering the the just real-time red-eared sliders go out of the water is to bask and also that this only generally lasts a few hours, then how long can they walk without water?

Here’s the short and sweet answer.

A healthy, adult red-eared slider would virtually certainly be able to live there is no water for a week in ~ the very least. It would probably end up being dehydrated , however. Simply how countless weeks after that, is yes, really anybody’s guess. The would probably survive longer in a really humid environment. My ideal guess is most likely several months.

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Possibly also longer, however it would absolutely not be healthy.

Others have declared that red-eared sliders would probably die after a mainly or two without water, however I don’t think that is in reality the case.

The exception to this is baby turtles, which have much higher water and also food needs while young.

I to speak this due to the fact that red-eared sliders brumate over the winter months. This is wherein they go into into a state of really low activity. The rate of your breathing drops dramatically and also their management slows method down.

During brumation, it’s not unusual for red-eared sliders to not eat anything at all. For months!

Often times, sliders will certainly brumate along the bottom of ponds, lakes and slow-moving rivers, but not always. Part brumate wherein they can, such as under a pile of leaves. This turtles not only do not eat during this period but often remain the end of the water as well. Come learn much more about this process, check out my post on where execute turtles walk in the winter?

Based ~ above this, i think it’s fair to say that a red-eared slider would have the ability to live because that a very long time there is no water. The would certainly be dehydrated, that wouldn’t be healthy and also it couldn’t do this indefinitely, however.

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Do Red-Eared Sliders should Be In The Water?

Because red-eared sliders room able to make it through for quite a lengthy time outside of the water, go that mean they must be in the water in order to be healthy and also vibrant?

The prize is, yes. Absolutely!

Red-eared sliders need to be in the water.

For starters, red-eared sliders lack saliva and also need water to swallow your food. Lock can eat there is no water, it’s simply a lot much more difficult.

They additionally need to be in the water to stay hydrated and be as healthy and balanced as possible. Turtles such as red-eared sliders, painted turtles and map turtles, must be in the water. That’s what they to be designed for.

What kind of water execute turtles need?

In general, the ideal kind that water because that pet turtles is de-chlorinated water. Due to the fact that tap water usually has chlorine in it, that is necessary to placed water conditioner in it prior to you use it for her turtle. That is also important to have actually a filter in her turtle tank to preserve clean water. If you need one, you should examine out my write-up on the finest filter for tortoise tank.

How Long deserve to Turtles stay Out of Water

Turtles deserve to usually remain out the water for around 8 hours. However, this relies on the setting of the soil they are on. If the area has a cool temperature, a turtle deserve to stay the end of the water for a couple days. That being said, a turtle will run right into serious digestion problems if they remain out of water also long.

What’s the best water temperature for a Red-Eared Slider turtle?

The best temperature because that a Red-Eared Slider is approximately 76-78 degrees Fahrenheight (25 Celsius), offer or take it a pair degrees. However, a Red Eared Slider baby call for a warmer water temperature of approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheight. The best way to monitor your tank’s water temperature is through a digital thermometer. If you notification that her water temperature is in the low 70s or lower, i recommend acquiring a portable water heater. My favourite is the Eheim Jager Thermostat Aquarium Heater.

How much Water does A Red-Eared Slider Need?

I can’t tell friend how numerous times I have seen red-eared sliders grounding in dried aquariums or containers v a small bowl the water.

Red-eared sliders require a lot, and also I mean A LOT, more water than that!

How much water?

A great rule of ignorance is 10 gallons that water for every customs of shell, measure vertically from optimal to bottom. Most red-eared sliders’ shells thrive to 6 to 8 inches, therefore that’s 60 to 80 gallons of water. And also believe me, some can obtain bigger than that!

Basically, you’ll require an aquarium complete of water. 60 come 80 gallons is rather a little of water, and this method you’ll need an aquarium that can fit that all.

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In mine opinion, try to obtain the greatest aquarium friend can. And shot to obtain an aquarium that is both large AND deep. The an ext water a slider has, the more it will certainly feel at home.

But please remember, red-eared sliders also need to have the ability to get the end of the water, therefore you’ll need to provide a basking spot v a ramp of some kind. There is no this, it’s possible your tortoise will ultimately tire out, and also eventually drown.

Is It okay To usage Tap Water because that Turtles?

On the note, since it’s been created that you’re walking to require A lot of water for her red-eared slider, you might be wondering if you deserve to just to fill up your tank from her sink or faucet tap.

The rapid answer is the yes, tap water is more than likely not walk to result in any form of health worries for her red-eared slider.

Most madness water has actually a pH of around 8.0, i m sorry is appropriate in the upper selection (6.5 to 8.0) of an ideal pH levels because that red-eared sliders. Uneven fish, turtles are much much less susceptible to water temperature and also water top quality issues. However, the can still influence them.

That gift said, I’m walking to make an argument as to why you should NOT use tap water.

The first reason is that tap water usually has chlorine or chloramines. Chlorine or chloramine-treated water have the right to sting her turtle’s eyes. Now, to get rid of chlorine-treated madness water, you simply let that sit for 24 come 48 hours. The chlorine will eventually dissipate, and also bam! You’ve obtained dechlorinated water!

You can’t execute that through chloramine-treated water. Chloramine is chlorine bound to ammonia. Now, I’m no a chemistry expert, however from what i understand, it takes a lot much longer for this kind of water to dissipate.

The second reason is that tap water can ruin your filter’s natural bacteria build-up, and also upset the overall water cycle and also quality.

Most good filters come with biological media: bio balls, meshes, etc. What these things do is introduce useful bacteria into your aquarium’s water system. Her aquarium needs this bacteria in bespeak to keep a healthy nitrogen balance.

What this bacteria likewise does is aid eliminate ammonia that builds increase in her aquarium, which usually originates from turtle waste and uneaten food.

What kind Of Water perform You put In A tortoise Tank?

If you simply run the tap water from her sink or faucet, you run a big chance of destroying any type of healthy bacteria the have gathered over the last few weeks. This will most likely reset her water cycle and also could bring about cloudy water.

So, IF your neighborhood uses any kind of kind of chlorine or chloramine-treated water, ns recommend either utilizing distilled water or usage a dechlorinating certified dealer on that first.

If you are using fine water, on the other hand, you have the right to probably just run it right from the sink.

How long do red eared sliders live?

The prize to just how long do red eared sliders live is dependency on even if it is the turtle is living in the wild or in captivity. In the wild, red eared sliders deserve to live come 30-35 years. However, a red eared slider expectation is much shorter in captivity. Red eared sliders usually only live to about 20-25 years. Examine out this write-up to see exactly how long do box turtle live in captivity?


A healthy adult red-eared slider would probably have the ability to survive for months without water. HOWEVER, it would not it is in healthy, and also would definitely be quite dehydrated. Red-eared sliders should be in the water in bespeak to continue to be healthy, vibrant and robust. Shot to acquire an aquarium that can fit at least 60 to 80 gallons, and also is both deep and wide. Try to protect against using madness water if girlfriend can, together it can destroy advantageous bacteria in her turtle’s aquarium, and upset the water-quality. Search