I reheated a gumbo from last year a couple of weeks earlier and it was great. As long as it doesn't show freezer burn it need to be fine. Ns reheat frozen gumbo in ~ the camp often.

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re: how long will certainly gumbo stay an excellent frozen?Posted by Walt OReilly
Mrs. Vette, who is the ideal gumbo cooker in the people (and clear a woman of extreme tolerance), states no much longer than 3 months. The will start to shed flavor ~ that. She also says heat it up slowly, esp. If you have file' in it.
Last week I had actually the last batch the my very first ever gumbo. It was cooked 12 months back and it to be as an excellent as the work after i cooked it. The first batches that i reheated (within months) needed a tiny water added. The critical batch freshly reheated had actually too lot water without including any. I simply let the simmer much longer to evap and included file. BTW - my frozen gumbo remained in tupperware and reheated on short in a skillet. My recipe has actually no file when cooked, its included at the table when serving.

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gumbo will last for years in the freezer....as the others say, the just thing come look out for is if there is part meat sticking the end of the juice, the will gain freezer burned. If over there is any kind of freezer burn, just cut it off before thawing or it will certainly frick up the entirety pot...
Tip for freezing gumbo or soup: take saran wrap and also place on top of the liquid and press ~ above liquid surface ar to acquire all wait out, then just snap lid and freeze....no freezer burn. Also, drop the container right into a sink of water ( not over the lid in case of leaks) and also let sit. It will certainly thaw in in ~ least half the time if no sooner. Works with a frozen turkey as well. Thaws quick!
quote:Take saran wrap and place on optimal of the liquid and press top top liquid surface ar to obtain all waiting out, then just snap lid and also freeze....no freezer burn. in reality a damn great idea...

Why ns scoop it into ziplocks. You have the right to squeeze the to whereby there is no air. Plus it stacks an excellent and you deserve to have a bunch in the freezer.
quote:Why i scoop it into ziplocks. You can squeeze the to whereby there is no air. Plus the stacks great and you deserve to have a bunch in the freezer. That's what i do.

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