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Someone answer my question in the thread title.Just let it die and find the end for yourself.Every battery has a different life.It counts on wear and also tear.
From my experience it deserve to take around 15 to 20 minutes, from totally dead to totally charge yet as Lunar Chaos had actually said the can additionally depend on exactly how long you have actually used the controller. Mine has actually been used since the UK launch.
30-45 MINUTES because that A full CHARGE top top THE DS3AND approximately 20-35 MINUTES for A full CHARGE ~ above THE SIXAXSIS its alot much faster then i believed it would certainly be

it will take nothing as if you take trip from brand-new jersey to California .. The moment it will certainly take , is the distance between these says heheheh ..once it finished charging , it will certainly run out together a quick trip you could take approximately your block hahah
it will take nothing together if you travel from new jersey come California .. The moment it will take , is the distance between these states heheheh ..once it perfect charging , it will run out as a quick trip you can take approximately your block hahahWhat are you talking about man?Mine takes about a half hour.

What room you talking around man?Mine takes roughly a fifty percent hour.hi man .. I was simply kidding :lol:
Yeap, it"s therefore fast and also battery last for so long. PS3 controllers room awesome. How long walk the batter critical in DS3 controllers? ns only have actually sixaxis.

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Yeap, it"s therefore fast and also battery last because that so long. PS3 controllers are awesome. Exactly how long does the batter last in DS3 controllers? i only have sixaxis.It varies by the quantity of rumble used.No rumble - around 30-40hrs (Non-rumble games)Moderate Rumble - around 20hrs (LittleBigPlanet)Very high rumble - 10hrs (MotorStorm 2 is around 10hrs)To the OP - i haven"t timed mine, but it"s certainly less than 1hr. Currently a days, I simply plug it right into my DVR"s USB port due to the fact that it"s constantly on, every couple of game sessions or therefore (when I notice it drop come 2 the 3 bars.)I"ve only had actually it run out the juice top top me once. Ns hadn"t charged it in a week and also had played around 30hrs - mixture of Non-rumble and moderate rumble games.I did an alert that MotorStorm 2, would certainly drop to low strength after about 10hrs that play. Burnout Paradise ns got around 20hrs on it.TAZ427