It"s a typical fact the buying in bulk saves money long-term. As soon as buying dog food, though, determining exactly how long a bag of food will certainly last can be a challenge. If you acquisition too much food, the kibble might go rancid before your dog is able come eat it. If girlfriend buy too little of a bag, her pup might need food much more frequently than you"d prefer to to buy it. Take into consideration factors such together your dog"s size, the top quality of the ingredients and your dog"s metabolism as soon as trying come decide just how long a bag the food might last her four-legged friend.

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While this may seem obvious, the bag"s size definitely matters when it comes to how long the dog food will certainly last for your dog. However, larger isn"t constantly better. The much longer it takes your dog come go with the bag the food, the more likely that is the the food will certainly go poor before her pup is able to enjoy it. Dog food is purchase by weight, and also common weights the bags variety from 5 come 30 or 40 pounds. You should select the size of bag the your dog can eat in a month.


Bigger dogs have tendency to eat an ext than smaller sized dogs. When attempting come determine exactly how long a bag that food will last for your dog, constantly work with an accurate weight. Always check the earlier of the bag because that feeding guidelines and recommendations, yet generally, the larger the dog, the an ext dog food you"re going come need.

On the back of every bag that dog food there"s a graph that offers recommendations on exactly how much food her dog will have to eat. When you uncover the group corresponding with your dog"s weight and also age, you"ll uncover a range, such as 1 to 3 cups of food per dog every day. Every dog is one individual and also will require differing quantities of food to preserve his weight. The much more physical task your dog participates in or the higher metabolism her dog has, the much more food her pup will need.

The an ext nutritional punch a kibble packs, the much less you"ll have to feed come ensure suitable growth, health and weight maintenance. For example, if you"re feeding a kibble full of fillers and also meat byproducts, you may need to feed her 50-pound dog 4 cup a day. If feeding a kibble v meat together the very first three ingredients, followed by eggs, then by single-source grain, you might only must feed the exact same dog 2 cups of food a day. The fewer cup a work you have to feed her dog, the longer a bag of food will last.

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According come the Dog Food Project, many brands the kibble save on computer 4 to 5 cup of food per pound. If you have a 65-pound dog v an mean level of task and metabolism, her dog may eat 4.5 cup of a generic brand and also 2.5 cup of a high-quality brand a day. If feeding a share brand, you"ll walk through approximately a lb of food a day, thereby needing a 30- come 40-pound bag the food a month. If feeding a high-quality brand, you"ll go with roughly fifty percent a pound of food a day, thereby needing a 15-pound bag for a month. To perform the math for yourself, merely multiply the weight of the bag time 4 cups, to it is in conservative, and then division the complete by the feeding reference on the ago of the bag for her dog"s weight.

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