Does jerky go bad or not? just how long go jerky critical for and is it for sure to eat after it has actually gone bad? here are every the answers you seek.


Jerky – whether it’s beef, turkey, or a an ext unusual meat – is a delicious snack, however one that is occasionally nice to reap in moderation.

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Therefore, specifically if friend bulk-buy jerky ~ above offer, it’s vital to understand how to keep your jerky, how to understand if it’s unable to do bad, and also how long your packet will last.

Fear not. Because you’ve involved the ideal place. Today, we’ll be running through all of the above, plus how different storage and also production methods impact your jerky.

What’s the lowdown? Jerky’s made in too many of different ways, so your best bet is to go by the brand on the packaging or the referrals on her recipe. However, the dominance is: unopened jerky have to go in the pantry and also opened jerky need to go in the refrigerator.

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How carry out I phone call If mine Jerky has actually Gone Bad?


If you have actually store-bought jerky, the an initial thing girlfriend should check is any type of damage come the seals the the packaging. Unsealed packaging will allow moisture and also bacteria inside, resulting in mold come grow.

Provided the seal no broken, you need to look for signs of degradation. Any kind of changes in color and texture, and also your jerky probably won’t be an especially nice, though it i will not ~ be unsafe to eat.

As for homemade jerky, friend should check for changes in appearance, smell, and taste, in the order.

How perform I store Jerky?


The means jerky is made way that it lasts for a lot much longer than typical meat products. The drying process involves salting the meat, which help to attract out overfill moisture and also preserve the beef. Then, the jerky is vacuum-sealed or nitrogen-flushed, staying clear of unwanted bacteria or humidity from obtaining in.

With unopened jerky, you must store the in a cool, dry place, prefer a cabinet or pantry.

Once you’ve opened your jerky, reseal the bag or move it come an airtight container. If the recipe has actually a most preservatives, it should be good to be stored in ~ room temperature so ago in her cupboard or pantry.

If it’s not loaded v preservatives, or you desire to it is in on the for sure side, store opened up jerky in the refrigerator.

The ideal bet below is to check the brand for exactly how you have to store your jerky, together it depends on flavorings, curing process, and also the particular recipe used.

For homemade jerky, if you’ve provided a vacuum-sealer or oxygen absorber, your jerky will save perfectly fine in the pantry. If girlfriend don’t have actually that sophisticated equipment, you should store her jerky in one airtight container in the refrigerator.

You might be wondering: can you freeze your jerky?

The answer is sort of. Freezing your jerky will virtually definitely adjust its taste and texture. Therefore, if your jerky is store-bought and also unopened, you must opt for the pantry over the freezer, because it will certainly last a long time at room temperature anyway.

If your jerky is open and you really desire it to last, then placed it in an airtight container to protect it native the cold freezer air, and place in the freezer. Alternatively, dual wrap through silver foil and also a freezer bag for a space-saving option.

Thaw her frozen jerky overnight in the refrigerator.

How long Does Jerky critical For?


Because that the different recipes and also methods used, various jerky brands last for different lengths that time, largely as result of the amount of preservatives used. Therefore, your finest bet is to inspect your jerky’s packaging because that storage periods. However, below are some rules that thumb.

Expect store-bought jerky to critical at least 12 month from purchase and around 1-2 month after that is best-by day if unopened. Some beef jerky with lots of preservatives can also last for as much as 2 years!

Once your store-bought beef jerky is open, it will certainly last 1-2 mainly in the pantry or 3-4 mainly in the refrigerator.

Made homemade jerky? Impressive!

If you’ve provided a vacuum-sealer or oxygen absorber on your jerky, then you have the right to safely keep it in the pantry because that 1-2 months. If girlfriend don’t have actually this equipment and also you’ve opted for an airtight container, you deserve to expect her jerky to critical 1-3 main in the refrigerator.

The Lowdown ~ above Jerky

How lengthy jerky lasts for and also how you have to store it fully depends on the approaches of production, ingredients list, and also preservatives used. Therefore, friend should constantly go by the labeling. However, below are some an easy rules of thumb to store you top top the best track:

For store-bought jerky, examine the seal because that damage. If you find it’s been broken, your jerky must be tossed.

You’ll never go too wrong save on computer unopened jerky in the pantry and also opened jerky in the refrigerator.

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Expect store-bought jerky to last at the very least a year in the pantry, as lengthy as that hasn’t to be opened. When it has, it will last 1-2 mainly in the same ar or 3-4 mainly in the refrigerator.