Most of us recognize that vinegar is exceptional — we deserve to use that for everything from clean our windshields to unclogging a drain. However did you know that there are specific things you have to never usage vinegar for? after ~ all, vinegar is acidic, for this reason it can corrode metals, rubber and also other surfaces.

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Though countless think the vinegar as a universal cleaning solution, there space a few things the it actually shouldn’t be offered on. Here are 6 times you need to opt to leaving the vinegar under the sink and also out of reach.

1. Never Use Vinegar on Your computer Monitor Or Smartphone

Your computer or smartphone screen may start to look blurry from fingerprints, yet that doesn’t typical you must clean it with vinegar. If friend do, it could eliminate the oleophobic (a sophisticated word because that oil-resistant) coating top top the screen, which will create a larger problem. If you usage vinegar top top a touch screen, it can even make it less responsive.

Instead, usage a microfiber cloth to gently wipe smudges from her screens. There’s additionally a wide range of display cleaning wipes ~ above the industry that room specially designed come safely clean display screens without harsh abrasives or materials.


Here space the four things you’ll need:

1. Orange Peels

Feel cost-free to litter in lemon or lime peels, too. It’s completely up come you.

2. White Distilled Vinegar

You’ll need enough to to fill up a mason jug or two, so we recommend security the extra $1 to obtain a huge jug.

3. Mason Jars

You can generally find new ones for approximately $1 at dollar shop or places like Michael’s, or you might have the ability to pick part up in ~ your local thrift store.

4. An empty Spray Bottle

Pick increase a brand-new spray party at your regional grocery keep or a dollar store, or reuse an north one at home.

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You will also need a fine mesh sieve and also a huge bowl to strain the peels the end at the end of the process. Gain the full DIY instructions here.