The Nintendo Wii U, the follow-up come the monstrously popular Nintendo Wii console, released in phibìc America ~ above November 18th 2012.

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So roughly 4 months ago, I wanted to usage my Wii U. Hadn"t used the gamepad in numerous months, and found the it to be not transforming on or charging in ~ all.

I went and ordered a new battery for it online. Even though I execute not usage my Wii U much, i figured I have to buy a new battery now prior to it goes out of stock, especially with the Switch out now. The new battery functioned fine, and also I play my Wii U a pair times the week.

Fast front to now and I am back to square one - gamepad is not switching on or holding charge. Go the battery simply die if you don"t use it often? even when the is brand new?It in reality won"t let me update the Wii U without the gamepad (despite having a agree controller), so mine Wii U is kinda borked if the gamepad doesn"t work.


I need to keep mine Wii U pad plugged in to usage it at this point. This doesn"t stroked nerves me much, however I can see how it would annoy some.



i preserved mine plugged in from the start and its held up reasonable well, but a battery instead of is a great idea right currently for the factor you mentioned. Who knows exactly how long the battery will stay in stock


cookiemonster: all batteries die while sitting unused. This is dubbed their self-discharge rate, and it"s normally very low. It"s the factor you see expiration dates on store bought batteries. Assorted rechargeables technologies have different self-discharge rates, but Li-ion battery as supposed to be great at that.

My assumption: v is Nintendo is keeping the gamepad in some kind of energetic standby, and they"re avoiding the charge once the cable is plugged in after ~ it filling up once. They do the latter since of standby power regs, and the former likely because they want to push notifications to the gamepad about eShop sales and stuff.

gundamguru: You have to admit, a brand brand-new battery to totally die after only a few months switched turn off is ridiculous? I have actually an initial nintendo DS native 2004 i m sorry is tho chargable and holds a charge.

Why would certainly they usage a various battery? It usually kills the lifetime of the console.Also, yeah I"m no going come buy an additional battery if it is fully broken. What a stupid console.

cookiemonster: Sorry, you misunderstood me. There"s naught wrong v their battery choice, Nintendo simply aren"t transforming the gamepad every the method off or immediately recharging after ~ the first charge. Mine walk this too, it"s dead ~ a month sitting roughly plugged-in. If girlfriend unplug-replug the cable periodically, it"ll restart the charge cycle. My 3DS walk this as well (stops charging once full even if quiet plugged in).

gundamguru: Ah, for this reason if I store plugging and unplugging it, it will at some point start functioning again? I"ll provide it a go, have actually not got much choice. Thanks.

cookiemonster: I have the right to attest to this as well. After I put it ~ above the charger or turns on and also charges choose normal.

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