Sam Shephard is an knowledgeable German Shepherd owner and also has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed's health and wellness.

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Wondering just how long her German Shepherd will live is the least of your issues when friend buy a puppy. It's likewise not something people like come think around before the inevitable happens. Having an idea of the average life expectations for this breed and how come make certain your dog stays healthy in old age can be helpful for owners.

Ten come thirteen years of period is the typical when German Shepherds die.

How long Do German Shepherds Live For?

The average life span of a German Shepherd is between 10 and 13 years. Some may live much shorter lives if they conference unusual wellness problems, when some can live past 13 year if they’re in good health. Together we deserve to see in the table below almost 50% the this dog each other dies in between the period of 10 and 13 years. If we would certainly calculate the average age of fatality for a German Shepherd dog it would certainly be about 12 years.

Some factors that impact a dog’s life expectancy are external of your control, such as genetics or injury. However, there are plenty of steps you deserve to take together an owner to enhance both the quality and length of her German Shepherd’s life.

At What period Do most German Shepherds Die?

Data based poll through over 150 respondents in this article. Inquiry was: at what age did your German Shepherd die.

Less than 9 years


9 years


10 years


11 years


12 years


13 years


14 years


Up indigenous 14 years


Purchase indigenous a Responsible Breeder

The very very first step you deserve to make come ensure the your German Shepherd stays as lengthy as possible is to acquisition from a responsible breeder. Make sure you execute your homework before committing come buying native any details breeder. Trusted breeders should have documentation native the American Kennel Club.

They should likewise be maybe to give you paperwork reflecting the health history of the puppy and its ancestors. Great breeders will likewise look clean and also healthy, it seems ~ caring because that all their dogs, and also won’t let friend take residence a puppy until it’s at the very least 8 main old.


Maintain a Schedule of continual Exercise

German Shepherds space bred come be energetic dogs, so they need plenty that exercise. Together an owner, you should setup on consisting of at least one hour of exercise for her dog every day. That can include walking, jogging, hiking, or playing v toys. Shepherds deserve to be great dogs because that accompanying runners or for use as working dogs. They need this regular activity to remain healthy.

Monitor share Health

One of the health troubles that German Shepherds run right into is joint issues. While castle can grow while performing work, it’s important to protect against harsh impacts and also heavy work-related until they’re in between one and two years old.

German Shepherds maturation slowly, therefore you need to avoid straining your joints while they’re still growing. You can check with her vet about when her dog is done emerging so you recognize it’s safe to incorporate every kinds the exercise.

Keep a healthy and balanced Weight

Extra weight increases your dog’s risk of injury and also genetic health problems. Make sure you regularly have conversations through your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is still in ~ a healthy and balanced weight. You might need to readjust the amount and also kind the food you use as your German Shepherd ages.


Prevent Bloat by Feeding Strategically

One of the health threats German Shepherds challenge is bloat, an frequently fatal problem caused by air in the stomach, which usually occurs after ~ eating. Bloat is just one of the main reasons of early fatality in German Shepherd dogs. To minimization the opportunities of bloat occurring, try splitting your dog’s food right into multiple smaller meals rather of one or two bigger ones.

You can likewise use a slow feeder key or toy to help your dog eat more slowly. While practice is important, shot to avoid encouraging her dog to exercise right after eating. That way, they’ll have time to digest.

Feed High-Quality Food

The finest food for your dog will rely on their age, activity level, possible allergies, and personal taste. Similar to humans, dogs just prefer some food over others! however no matter your dog’s taste, you deserve to make a positive impact on their health and wellness by picking food carefully.

High-quality food may expense more, but it will certainly be precious it in conserving money on long-term health and wellness issues, not to cite your dog’s enhanced quality the life.

When looking food brands, protect against those the list oil or fat within the very first four ingredients. Proteins, grains, and also vegetables space what your dog requirements most. You can also look for the expression “complete and also balanced” – this means the food should administer a full selection of vitamins and minerals.

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Some German Shepherds even select to feeding a raw or home-cooked diet. If you choose this route, make certain you consult v your veterinarian come ensure her dog is gaining all the nutrients it needs.