Orlando and Miami room the two most famous and also highly checked out cities in Florida. Your incredible differences (one boasts theme parks, the other has actually sandy beaches) entice visitors come travel in between the two in stimulate to acquire a complete Florida experience.

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Landlocked Orlando lies 235 miles north that Miami, a distance conveniently covered through car. If the web traffic gods room smiling ~ above you, the journey will certainly take just over three and also a fifty percent hours. If you pick to walk by bus, you’ll have to tack on about an hour to your trip, or you can hop ~ above a plane and arrive in much less than one hour and also a half.

Other travel choices include a transfer tour, work tour, or train trip. To decision which technique is ideal for you, use our perform of the ideal ways to obtain from Orlando to Miami.

Note: some businesses might be temporarily closed as result of recent an international health and safety issues.

1. Indigenous Orlando come Miami by Car

Driving come downtown Miami

Driving is the easiest and 2nd cheapest way to obtain from Orlando come Miami. With over 235 miles to cover, you’ll likely only need to fill up when along her journey. If you’re lucky enough to stop traffic, suppose a three-hour-and-40-minute journey. If not, you might be sit on the interstate because that over five hours. We suggest staying clear of rush hour and also holidays to rate up your trip.

The easiest, straightest route entails following the Florida Turnpike. It is in warned, this is a toll fee road, for this reason you’ll be looking in ~ fees that climb even greater without a SunPass. If you’re renting a car, check with the rental company to watch their plan on toll roads. You can be slapped through an extra fee in addition to the toll fee. It might be cheaper come buy your own pass.

Another alternative is the I-95 South. It, too, can rack up her fees, so it is in forewarned. The I-95 has specialized toll lanes in particular sections. This SunPass lanes look specifically like every other lane other than for the double dashes that separate them. Lock are comparable to the carpool lane as well, so be extra vigilant when reading the signs. That is feasible to travel on the I-95 without using the toll fee lanes, simply stick to the ideal side.

US441 (a.k.a. S State roadway 7 and NW 7th Avenue) is a much slower route including multiple website traffic lights. You can take this component of the way to Miami to protect against tolls.

2. Indigenous Orlando come Miami by Bus

Miami Beach

The cheapest way to gain to Miami is through bus. Thankfully, it’s no the slowest.

Greyhound runs from the Greyhound station at N man Young Parkway come the main Miami Bus terminal at Miami global Airport. The median time is 4 hours and also 40 minutes, and tickets are fairly priced, especially during the turn off season.

Megabus runs from Orlando’s Orange Blossom facility to the Miami Intermodal center near the airport. There’s totally free Wi-Fi onboard, i beg your pardon is a plus.

Economy, business, and very first class are offered on Red Coach buses. Travelers can sit back, relax, and let someone else guide them to their destination. Select the first class alternative if you"re looking for more leg room, your own charging port, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a seat the reclines 140 degrees.

The expedition will take around four and also a half hours, depending upon traffic. Orlando boasts 2 Red Coach stations, the headquarters in ~ 1777 McCoy Road, and another ~ above the college of main Florida campus.

Regardless of which firm you choose, you’ll have to uncover another way to reach your final destination from the airport. Rental a car; usage a vehicle service; or hop top top the Miami coast Airport Express, a bus that runs indigenous the Miami worldwide Airport Metrorail Station follow me Collins and also Washington Avenues, preventing at miscellaneous points on Mid Beach and also South Beach.

3. Native Orlando come Miami by Plane

Aerial view of south Beach

Just can’t wait to acquire to south Beach? Head come the Orlando worldwide Airport (MCO) and also hop top top a flight to Miami global Airport (MIA). A selection of airlines fly in between the 2 cities, consisting of Frontier airline (the cheapest), American Airlines, and also United. This is the many expensive take trip option in between Orlando and Miami, but at an hour and 12 minutes direct, it’s additionally the fastest way to take trip to Miami.

Looking to fly in style? book a expedition with direct Air. This private air charter agency offers guests an choice to paris privately in every little thing from a small, four-seater aircraft to a large, 15-seater jet. The price can set you ago anywhere between four and five figures, depending even if it is you opt for a small air taxi or a large private jet. Fill the plane with her friends and family to lower your an individual cost.

4. Indigenous Orlando to Miami by a carry Tour

Palm trees and also high-rise structures in Miami

Booking a deliver tour indigenous Orlando to Miami helps take the pressure out of planning your vacation. Perfect because that those who anxiety over renting cars and driving them v unfamiliar cities, these tours infuse some aah into your holiday.

Why worry around fighting traffic on the I95 or finding your means through busy streets as soon as you have the right to leave the control to who else? Each spaceship bus departs from global Drive and drops its passengers at among multiple stops in Miami consisting of the airport and Bayside Marketplace downtown.

The journey is about four hours, depending on traffic, and also guests can carry two pieces of luggage.

5. From Orlando come Miami by work Tour

Lifeguard tower in Miami

Booking a Miami Day tourism is a hassle-free way to reap Florida’s most well-known city without having to fork out the cash because that a hotel room. See the city’s most exciting sights, prefer Bayside Marketplace; the art Deco district; and South Beach, one of the ideal beaches in Miami.

The tour picks up and also returns travelers to miscellaneous hotels in the Orlando area. Lasting about 16 hours, this is the longest means to obtain to Miami, however it’s additionally the best method to see Miami on a day trip.

Breakfast is consisted of with her ticket, however you’ll need to pay because that your own lunch and snacks follow me the way. For second fee, guests deserve to sail approximately Biscayne bay to view the opulent mansions from the water.

Amtrak offers service native Orlando to Miami in five hours and also 35 minutes. Ticket are fairly reasonable, particularly if you travel off-season. The price goes increase if you decide to splurge ~ above a room. Each room comes complete with beds, towels, a personal restroom and also shower and complimentary meals.

Take a taxi come the historical Orlando Amtrak Station in ~ 1400 Sligh Blvd to catch your train. Developed in 1926, this station solutions Amtrak’s Silver Meteor and Silver Star runs, which take trip from new York to Miami in almost 28 hours including many stops along the way.

You’ll arrive at the Miami Amtrak Station in ~ 8303 NW 37th Avenue, i beg your pardon lies simply north of Miami in Hialeah, a bit much from the main drag. You’ll must hail a cab or walk come the adjacent Tri-Rail and also Metrorail Stations to board a regional train farther into the city. Examine with your hotel before you go, as part offer free shuttle rides to and also from the train station.

Another option is come disembark in ~ Hollywood Station and purchase a ticket for the Tri-Rail train come Miami Airport. If her hotel uses a free shuttle bus come the airport, which countless do, you might then board the spaceship for a free transfer come the hotel.

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