Vicks NyQuil is an over-the-counter (OTC) cold, flu, and also cough medicine. The relieves usual cold symptoms, consisting of nasal congestion, cough, and aches/pains. It additionally helps you autumn asleep. Nyquil comes in both pill and cough syrup forms. 


NyQuil SEVERE has actually acetaminophen and is a fever reducer. NyQuil is various from DayQuil, i m sorry is a non-drowsy cold and flu symptom reliever.

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NyQuil users have to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol improves the impacts of NyQuil’s active ingredients. This method when you take it NyQuil and drink alcohol simultaneously, the potency of the medication increases. This mix can likewise trigger other dangerous next effects, such as slowed love rate and breathing. 

Ingredients in NyQuil

NyQuil has actually several energetic ingredients. Castle include:


Acetaminophen is included to NyQuil to alleviate aches, pains, and also fevers. You have the right to buy the medicine on its very own (Tylenol) or buy one OTC cold medicine that consists of Acetaminophen.

Mixing acetaminophen and also alcohol is dangerous. The liver metabolizes alcohol and acetaminophen. Combine the two puts a the majority of stress on the liver. 

In many cases, people do not experience any type of serious wellness complications as soon as they by chance mix acetaminophen and alcoholic beverages. However, taking acetaminophen routinely with hefty alcohol use reasons severe liver damage. 

Dextromethorphan (DXM) HBr

DXM is another energetic ingredient in NyQuil. It functions as a cough suppressant. When used as directed, DXM is effective and safe and poses very couple of health risks. However, as soon as taken in higher doses, DXM triggers next effects similar to consuming too much alcohol. 

Some world who take high sheep of DXM suffer hallucinations. Mix alcohol and DXM considerably increases the drug’s side effects.

Dextromethorphan Statistics



Estimated variety of prescriptions for dextromethorphan in the united States.



Total drug price of dextromethorphan.

Doxylamine Succinate

Doxylamine succinate is an antihistamine. It is an ingredient in NyQuil the eases sleep congestion, sneezing, and also runny nose. This ingredient additionally causes drowsiness.

Mixing doxylamine succinate v alcohol root cause dangerous levels of sedation. This is because both building material act as depressants and produce sedative effects.

NyQuil Liquid has 10 percent alcohol, which helps dissolve the other ingredients in the medication. However, NyQuil LiquiCaps and also Alcohol-Free Nyquil Cold & Flu night Relief Liquid execute not contain alcohol. 

Some human being assume mixing NyQuil and also alcohol is dangerous due to the overconsumption of alcohol. Although partly true, the real peril is from combining alcohol through the drug’s energetic ingredients. Users consume around the exact same amount of alcohol native a continual dose the NyQuil as they would certainly from a sip that white wine.

Side impacts of mix Nyquil and Alcohol 

Mixing NyQuil with alcohol produces a selection of side effects. Some world who mix the 2 substances just loss asleep faster and experience depths sleep. However, if girlfriend consume a large amount the alcohol and take NyQuil, the effects can be very dangerous. 

Short-term side impacts of mix NyQuil and also alcohol include:

Increased sedation and also drowsinessCoordination issuesElevated heart rateDizzinessUpset stomach

Risks & dangers of Nyquil and also Alcohol Interaction

A solitary occurrence of mixing NyQuil and also alcohol is i can not qualify to cause severe next effects. Frequently mixing them can reason liver damage and also other serious medical issues. This is since the mixture that alcohol and acetaminophen puts tension on the liver.

Other Nyquil Interactions: medicines That save Acetaminophen 

In enhancement to staying clear of alcohol as soon as taking NyQuil, the also an essential to avoid other medications that contain acetaminophen. Noþeles that reasons you to exceed the everyday recommended sheep of acetaminophen is dangerous.

Many OTC drugs contain acetaminophen. So, if you are taking NyQuil, it’s vital to carefully read the ingredient list of any other medicine you space taking at the exact same time. 

Other generally used OTC drugs that can elevate the level of paracetamol in your mechanism include:


Prescription medications that contain paracetamol are likewise a concern. These include Percocet and also Vicodin.

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It’s crucial to evaluate various other pain reliever medicines if friend are additionally taking NyQuil. Ideally, anyone acquisition a temporary medication to alleviate a heat or mitigate flu symptoms must stay alcohol-free. 

If you are unsure if a medicine you use has acetaminophen, examine the ingredient list, call your doctor, or speak to a pharmacist.