Whether you’re food preparation or baking, accuracy is crucial when measure ingredients. You need your dish or baked product to have a desirable taste.

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You have the right to use spoons or measuring cups to take your measurements. But then, what happens once you don’t have actually a measure cup. Does it median you need to forget cooking or baking? her hungry kids, spouse, or relatives won’t accept such one excuse.

In the absence of a measure up cup, you have to improvise. And also that’s what this short article focuses on.

After analysis from start to finish, you will do it understand exactly how to measure up ¾ cup in the lack of a measure up cup.

Anyway, let’s dive right into the question.

How deserve to you measure 3/4 cups without a measuring cup?

A simple method is by using a tablespoon. Precise measurement mirrors that 1 cup equals 16 tablespoons, and also so, 3/4 cup equates to 12 tablespoons.

Furthermore, you have the right to use a scale to gain a 3/4 cup measurement and also convert it to grams or milliliters.

The remainder of this post will expand your understanding of exactly how to prepare a cooking recipes without a measure up cup.

How To measure up Ingredients without Measuring Cup

Let’s go comprehensive on exactly how to measure your ingredients accurately, even if you don’t have actually a measure cup in her kitchen or food preparation space.

Estimate using size comparison:

You can get an estimate that compares to the actual size. Sometimes you deserve to visualize the estimate v objects. For instance,

A teaspoon is around the size of half a normal teaspoon. A tablespoon have the right to be approximated as the dimension of an ice cream cube. A cup is about the dimension of a baseball. fifty percent a cup is around the dimension of a tennis ball. The 4 minutes 1 of a cup is about the size of a big egg.

You can likewise use a transparent container such together glass. Such that once you look in ~ the container, you’ll get acquainted with the volume or size.

Use a kitchen scale:

You can use a kitchen scale to measure up both solid and liquid ingredients. To take the measurement, first, sweet the container. Then press zero or tare top top the scale so the the weight of the container will appear as zero.

Next, to water in the liquid and stop once you view the volume friend want. That way, you’ll have the ability to know the precise measurement because that the liquid.

If your kitchen scale has the option for miscellaneous liquids, then change the setup for every of them.

For volume measurements,

One teaspoon equals 5 milliliters. One tablespoon is the exact same as 15 milliliters or three teaspoons. 1/4 cup is identical to 59 milliliters or 4 tablespoons. 1/2 cup is indistinguishable to 118 milliliters or eight tablespoons. One cup is the same as 237 milliliters or 16 tablespoons. One pint equals 473 milliliters or 2 cups. One quart amounts to 946 milliliters (almost a liter) or 2 pints. One gallon equals 3,785 milliliters or 4 quarts.

For recipes that require the ingredient to it is in in grams, 1 ounce amounts to 28.35 grams.

Use tablespoon and teaspoons:

When making use of a tablespoon and teaspoon in location of a cup, be afflicted with in mind that a cup is identical to 16 tablespoons. Through this, friend can conveniently use eight tablespoons to measure up a fifty percent cup of any type of liquid.

It will assist if girlfriend remember the one teaspoon is around 4.7ml (1/6 that a liquid ounce) for an ext specific measurements. It’s ideal to pour the liquid slowly, holding your tablespoon or teaspoon end a container to avoid making a mess.

Also, you deserve to mark the container when you pour in the fluid for future measurements.

Use your hands:

It’s a common way to measure dry food ingredients once there is no accessible cup. It’s safer to use a cup and teaspoon when you’re a newbie or still occurring your cooking skills. However, consistent practice can aid you usage your hands as a means of measurement.

You can quickly measure the same quantity of sugar, flour, and also rice that you’ve cooked practically every day. That’s because you’ve supplied that same quantity continuously that you can quickly detect once it’s less, simply right, or also much.

You can also you this estimated measurement,

A pinch making use of your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger equates to 1/8 teaspoon. two pinches making use of your thumb, forefinger, and also middle finger equals 1/4 teaspoon.

Use a cloth:

If you’re no sure around measuring with your hands, you deserve to use a cloth. Spread out a fabric on her countertop or table. Then to water a cup, fifty percent cup, and also other amounts of the ingredients on it one after ~ the other.

The strategy is to take a mental note the the sizes for future use. The way, you have the right to use the cloth to measure various ingredients at any time.

Use a bowl:

You can use a bowl, similar to with the cloth. Measure a cup the the ingredient and also pour it into the bowl. Then use your discretion to take it the exact same measurement there is no a cup, but with just the bowl.

Types Of measure Cups

There space two varieties of measure up cups, liquid (wet) and dry. It’s a mistake to use one of them to measure up both dry and also fluid ingredients. It may readjust the an outcome of the recipe, especially when you baking. Such a recipe requires precise measurements to produce the ideal results.

However, part measuring cups have the right to measure both liquid and dry ingredients. Together cups have calibrations because that each use on opposite political parties of the cup.

Liquid measure up cup:

It usually consists of one to four-cup measurements. It’s made of a clear material that you can see through (such as clear plastic or glass). It permits you come take keep in mind of the specific level the the liquid. Also, it has a spout that helps girlfriend pour the end the liquids.

Some varieties have an oval ring inside that is slanted in ~ the political parties of the cup. It permits you to view the fluid level native the height without leaning to see at eye level. Example of fluid ingredients has milk, water, syrup, and honey.

Dry measure up cup:

Unlike the liquid measuring cup, it typically comes in sets. It come in various cup size such as quarter, half, and also a cup. Also, they’re generally glass, plastic, or metal. The peak of the cup is even, and it has a handle.

To accurately measure through a dry measuring cup, you have to level the ingredient at the top. Examples of together ingredients are flour, nuts, sugar, and cheese.

Tips because that Measuring Accurately

Use dry and also liquid measuring cups:

Even despite you have the right to use estimates and also replacements for her measuring cups, it’s ideal to have them. Also, acquire the details cup because that each form of measurement.

Furthermore, make sure your scoops are level because that dry ingredients. Also, don’t scoop powdery ingredient such together flour. Instead, usage spoons to fill the measuring cups. But you deserve to scoop directly for heavier ingredients choose salt.

For liquid measurements, the lower meniscus the the liquid should touch your exact mark for accuracy. A meniscus is the shape of the surface ar of a fluid within a container. Also, the form is not level at the edges of the container however looks together though that climbs up in ~ the edges.

Avoid wait pockets:

When making use of ingredients, make sure there space no wait pockets during measurements. Because that ingredients like brown sugar that’s greatly moist, don’t just scoop. Instead, make certain you load it down to protect against air pockets.

You deserve to pat it with the ago of a spoon till the reaches the top. Then level that out. If you pack it properly, the brown sugar will certainly look choose the form of the cup when you eliminate it.

Use a scale:

A scale is a an excellent source of exact measurements, and also it’s simple to use. Also, it offers you the capability to measure up in grams, milliliters, ounces, or fluid ounces. The a good option if you bake a lot. You’ll likely get an ext consistent results when you measure your ingredients with it.

Manage difficult ingredients:

Sticky ingredient (like peanut butter and also honey) can acquire messy once you measure up them. It’s finest to prepare her measuring cups or spoons by dipping them in warm water or vegetables oil. Then measure up the ingredients without dry them.

You can likewise use cooking spray. Use it come coat her measuring cup prior to measuring. The way, you’ll gain accurate measurements, and also the ingredients will come off easily.

Other way You have the right to Measure her Ingredients

Some recipes use amounts that are not standard means of measuring ingredients. It can not be an extremely clear to get the exact quantities because that them. They encompass pinch, scant, jigger, dash, and heaping.


It’s provided for dry ingredients. It is composed of the amount of the ingredient the you deserve to pinch v your thumb and forefinger. Also, it’s around 1/16 the a teaspoon.


It’s used for both liquid and also dry ingredients. The the very same as three drops in liquids. Yet in dried ingredients, it’s much less than 1/8 the a teaspoon, but an ext than 1/16.


It describes a slightly less amount than the actual measurement. For instance, a tablespoon scant actions the ingredient such that it’s a little bit lower 보다 a regular teaspoon.


It’s around three tablespoons of an ingredient.


It’s provided for dried ingredients. It refers to a amount that heaps end the height of the measure spoon or cup.


Having a measure cup in your kitchen or cooking space will make cooking faster, but that doesn’t typical you can’t carry out without it. You can measure ingredients there is no a measure up cup. However if you have the means to get a measure cup, don’t hesitate.

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For baking, having actually a measure up cup is crucial. Baking needs precision, i beg your pardon measuring cup guarantees. Girlfriend should also invest in a range to make your recipe prepare a breeze.