What is Bigha

In actual estate, soil is measured using various units of measurement. Normally, land can be measure in acre or square foot or square kilometers. In India, regularly parcels the land space measured making use of the unit “Bigha”. Read on to uncover out more about this measure unit.

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1 Acre and also Bigha room Commonlyused floor Measurement terms. Measure of Bigha is various for various states favor UP,Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Jharkhand, among others. 1 acre = bigha, is a frequently asked question. 1 acre=4.8 bigha in states choose Punjab and Haryana. Or you deserve to alsosay the 1 bigha is same to0.4 acre approximately.

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The complying with states In India usage it to measure up land:Bigha is traditionally a unit that measurement because that a floor area, and also it is mostly used in Bangladesh, Nepal, and additionally in countless Indian states.

AssamBiharGujaratHaryanaHimachal PradeshJharkhandMadhya PradeshPunjabRajasthanUttarakhandUttar PradeshWest Bengal

It is not in usage in the claims of the southern component of India. Now, the exciting fact is that, a bigha has no traditional size. The size of 1 bigha varies in each place where itis in use, that is, it will be different depending on the state.

A bigha deserve to be anything native 1500 come 6771 square meters, but in some smaller sized regions, it have the right to be as high as 12,400 square meters. The sub-unit the Bigha is Biswa or Katha in part regions. Biswa also has no typical size. One bigha may be equal to five to 200 biswa depending on the region.

What is Acre

An acre is additionally a unit of land area and also it is used frequently in the United says of America to measure up land. One acre is defined as the area the one chain X one furlong, which equals 10 square chains or 4, 047 square meters.

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Bigha come Acre Conversion

Bigha to Acre transform in a basic way, It provided to same on various states the India including Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh etc. It is equal to 1⁄640 the a square mile, 100 cent and 43,560 square feet. 1 Bigha is roughly equal come 0.40052356 acres. Use this virtual conversion calculator to convert Bigha ns to Acres.

Acre to Bigha Calculator

Acre to Bigha are the unit of measure up area that land. Usage this method convert Acre to Bigha and also calculate transform Acres to Bigha I. An acre is same to 1/640 that a square mile and 43,560 square feet.

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How much is 1 Bigha in Assam?

If you want to convert Acre come Bigha in Assam, climate one bigha is same to 0.330578512 acres. 1 Bigha is same to 14,400 square feet or 1340 square meters.

Bigha measure in Assam

1 Bigha in Assam = 0.3306 Acres2 Bigha in Assam = 0.6612 Acres3 Bigha in Assam = 0.9917 Acres4 Bigha in Assam = 1.322266667 Acres5 Bigha in Assam = 1.652816667 Acres6 Bigha in Assam = 1.983366667 Acres7 Bigha in Assam = 2.313916667 Acres8 Bigha in Assam = 2.644466667 Acres9 Bigha in Assam = 2.975016667 Acres10 Bigha in Assam = 3.305566667 Acres11 Bigha in Assam = 3.636116667 Acres12 Bigha in Assam = 3.966666667 Acres13 Bigha in Assam = 4.297216667 Acres14 Bigha in Assam = 4.627766667 Acres15 Bigha in Assam = 4.958316667 Acres16 Bigha in Assam = 5.288866667 Acres17 Bigha in Assam = 5.619416667 Acres18 Bigha in Assam = 5.949966667 Acres19 Bigha in Assam = 6.280516667 Acres20 Bigha in Assam = 6.611066667 Acres

Bigha in Other locations in India

Bigha has different sizes in other locations in India whereby it is used:

How plenty of Bigha in One Acre in Bihar?

If you desire to convert Acre to Bigha in Bihar, climate One acres is equal to = 3.025 Bigha. 1 Bigha is same to 27200 square feet or 1337.80 square meters.

1 acre bigha counter in Bihar is various for various regions. One bigha equals 20 katha close to Patna. 1 katha is equal to 1361 square feet. A katha can be sub-divided right into dhur, i beg your pardon is again sub-divided right into dhurki. Every dhurki is 3.403 square feet approximately.

Bigha measure up in Bihar

1 acres in Bihar = 3.025 Bigha2 acres in Bihar = 6.05 Bigha3 acres in Bihar = 9.075 Bigha4 acres in Bihar = 12.1 Bigha5 acres in Bihar = 15.125 Bigha10 acres in Bihar = 30.25 Bigha

How numerous Bigha in One Acre in Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal pradesh below is 5 bigha is same to 1 acre.

Bigha measurement in Himachal Pradesh

1 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 0.2 Acres2 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 0.4 Acres3 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 0.6 Acres4 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 0.8 Acres5 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 1 Acres6 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 1.2 Acres7 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 1.4 Acres8 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 1.6 Acres9 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 1.8 Acres10 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 2 Acres11 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 2.2 Acres12 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 2.4 Acres13 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 2.6 Acres14 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 2.8 Acres15 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 3 Acres16 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 3.2 Acres17 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 3.4 Acres18 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 3.6 Acres19 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 3.8 Acres20 Bigha in Himachal Pradesh = 4 Acres

How plenty of Bigha in One Acre in Karnataka

1 Bigha is equal to .62 acres in Karnataka region.

Bigha Measurment in Karnataka

1 Bigha in Karnataka= 0.62 Acre2 Bigha in Karnataka= 1.24 Acre3 Bigha in Karnataka= 1.85 Acre4 Bigha in Karnataka= 2.466666667 Acre5 Bigha in Karnataka= 3.081666667 Acre6 Bigha in Karnataka= 3.696666667 Acre7 Bigha in Karnataka= 4.311666667 Acre8 Bigha in Karnataka= 4.926666667 Acre9 Bigha in Karnataka= 5.541666667 Acre10 Bigha in Karnataka= 6.156666667 Acre11 Bigha in Karnataka= 6.771666667 Acre12 Bigha in Karnataka= 7.386666667 Acre13 Bigha in Karnataka= 8.001666667 Acre14 Bigha in Karnataka= 8.616666667 Acre15 Bigha in Karnataka= 9.231666667 Acre16 Bigha in Karnataka= 9.846666667 Acre17 Bigha in Karnataka= 10.46166667 Acre18 Bigha in Karnataka= 11.07666667 Acre19 Bigha in Karnataka= 11.69166667 Acre20 Bigha in Karnataka= 12.30666667 Acre

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How countless Bigha in One Acre in Punjab and also Haryana

1 acre is same to 4.8 bigha in Punjab and Haryana. One bigha is 4 kanaals. One kannal is same to 20 marlas. One marla is equal to 9 square karam. 1 square karam is 30.25 square feet. A karam is same to 5.5 feet.

Bigha measure up in Punjab and also Haryana

1 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 0.25Acres2 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 0.5Acres3 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 0.75Acres4 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 1Acres5 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 1.25Acres6 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 1.5Acres7 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 1.75Acres8 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 2Acres9 Bigha in Pujab & Haryana = 2.25Acres10 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 2.5Acres11 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 2.75Acres12 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 3Acres13 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 3.25Acres14 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 3.5Acres15 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 3.75Acres16 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 4Acres17 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 4.25Acres18 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 4.5Acres19 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 4.75Acres20 Bigha in Punjab & Haryana = 5Acres

How numerous Bigha in One Acre in central India

1 bigha is equal to 3025 square yards in main India.

Bigha measure in central India

1 Bigha in central India = 1.67325 Acres2 Bigha in central India = 3.3465 Acres3 Bigha in central India = 5.01975 Acres4 Bigha in main India = 6.693 Acres5 Bigha in central India = 8.36625 Acres6 Bigha in main India = 10.0395 Acres7 Bigha in central India = 11.71275 Acres8 Bigha in main India = 13.386 Acres9 Bigha in central India = 15.05925 Acres10 Bigha in central India = 16.7325 Acres11 Bigha in main India = 18.40575 Acres12 Bigha in main India = 20.079 Acres13 Bigha in central India = 21.75225 Acres14 Bigha in main India = 23.4255 Acres15 Bigha in main India = 25.09875 Acres16 Bigha in main India = 26.772 Acres17 Bigha in main India = 28.44525 Acres18 Bigha in main India = 30.1185 Acres19 Bigha in main India = 31.79175 Acres20 Bigha in central India = 33.465 Acres

How many Bigha in One Acre in Madhya Pradesh

1 katha equates to 600 square feet.

Bigha measurement in Madhya Pradesh

1 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.115 Acres2 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.223 Acres3 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.331 Acres4 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.439 Acres5 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.547 Acres6 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.655 Acres7 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.763 Acres8 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.871 Acres9 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 0.979 Acres10 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.087 Acres11 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.195 Acres12 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.303 Acres13 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.411 Acres14 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.519 Acres15 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.627 Acres16 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.735 Acres17 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.843 Acres18 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 1.951 Acres19 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 2.059 Acres20 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh = 2.167 Acres

How plenty of Bigha in One Acre in Rajasthan

If you desire to transform Acre to Bigha in Rajasthan, OnePuccaBigha= 27,225 sq ft andoneKacchaBighais equal to 1,618.7 square metres (17,424 sq ft).

Bigha measure inRajasthan

1 Bigha in Rajasthan = 1.6 Acres2 Bigha in Rajasthan = 3.2 Acres3 Bigha in Rajasthan = 4.8 Acres4 Bigha in Rajasthan = 6.4 Acres5 Bigha in Rajasthan = 8 Acres6 Bigha in Rajasthan = 9.6 Acres7 Bigha in Rajasthan = 11.2 Acres8 Bigha in Rajasthan = 12.8 Acres9 Bigha in Rajasthan = 14.4 Acres10 Bigha in Rajasthan = 16 Acres11 Bigha in Rajasthan = 17.6 Acres12 Bigha in Rajasthan = 19.2 Acres13 Bigha in Rajasthan = 20.8 Acres14 Bigha in Rajasthan = 22.4 Acres15 Bigha in Rajasthan = 24 Acres16 Bigha in Rajasthan = 25.6 Acres17 Bigha in Rajasthan = 27.2 Acres18 Bigha in Rajasthan = 28.8 Acres19 Bigha in Rajasthan = 30.4 Acres20 Bigha in Rajasthan = 32 Acres

How numerous Bigha in One Acre in up? (Uttar Pradesh)

If you desire to transform Acre come Bigha in UP, climate one bigha is same to = 0.2581 Acres. 1 Bigha is equal to 27000 square feet or 27,225 square meters. (Different areas in Uttar Pradesh have different measurements for 1 bigha.)

1 Acre is equal to How plenty of Bigha in increase (In west Up)

1 Acre = Bigha in up (One Acre = 5.87 Bigha = 4840 Square Yard (Guz) =43560 sq ft.)

5 Acre = Bigha in increase (Five Acre = 29.35? Bigha = 24,200? Square garden (Guz) =2,17,800 sq ft.)

How much Bigha in 1 Acre in up =1 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 0.2581 Acres

<1> 1 Bigha in the west UP districts,

…is indistinguishable to…

5 Biswas625 sq. M.6,750 sq. Ft.771.60 sq. Yd.

<2> 1 Bigha in east UP districts,

…is indistinguishable to…

20 Biswa Pakka3,025 sq. Yd.10 Biswa Kaccha504.17 sq. Ft.

<3> 1 Bigha in various other UP districts,

…is equivalent to…

20 Biswas2,500 sq. M.3,086.40 sq. Yd.26,909 sq. Ft.5 hectares

Bigha measure up in Uttar Pradesh1 acre come bigha in up2 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 0.5162 Acres3 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 0.7743 Acres4 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 1.0324 Acres5 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 1.2905 Acres6 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 1.5486 Acres7 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 1.8067 Acres8 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 2.0648 Acres9 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 2.3229 Acres10 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 2.581 Acres11 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 2.8391 Acres12 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 3.0972 Acres13 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 3.3553 Acres14 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 3.6134 Acres15 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 3.8715 Acres16 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 4.1296 Acres17 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 4.3877 Acres18 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 4.6458 Acres19 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 4.9039 Acres20 Bigha in Uttarpradesh = 5.162 Acres

How plenty of Bigha in One Acre in Uttarakhand

On 1 bigha is equal to 20 bissas/12 Nali. One bigha equates to 968 square yard.

Bigha measurement inUttarakhand

1 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.0809 Acres2 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.1619 Acres3 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.2428 Acres4 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.323766667 Acres5 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.404716667 Acres6 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.485666667 Acres7 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.566616667 Acres8 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.647566667 Acres9 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.728516667 Acres10 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.809466667 Acres11 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.890416667 Acres12 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 0.971366667 Acres13 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.052316667 Acres14 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.133266667 Acres15 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.214216667 Acres16 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.295166667 Acres17 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.376116667 Acres18 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.457066667 Acres19 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.538016667 Acres20 Bigha in Uttarakhand = 1.618966667 Acres

How countless Bigha in One Acre in West Bengal

The British standardized the bigha right here at 1600 square yards.

Bigha measurement in West Bangal

1 Bigha in west bangal = 0.1338 Acres2 Bigha in west bangal = 0.2676 Acres3 Bigha in west bangal = 0.4013 Acres4 Bigha in west bangal = 0.535066667 Acres5 Bigha in west bangal = 0.668816667 Acres6 Bigha in west bangal = 0.802566667 Acres7 Bigha in west bangal = 0.936316667 Acres8 Bigha in west bangal = 1.070066667 Acres9 Bigha in west bangal = 1.203816667 Acres10 Bigha in west bangal = 1.337566667 Acres11 Bigha in west bangal = 1.471316667 Acres12 Bigha in west bangal = 1.605066667 Acres13 Bigha in west bangal = 1.738816667 Acres14 Bigha in west bangal = 1.872566667 Acres15 Bigha in west bangal = 2.006316667 Acres16 Bigha in west bangal = 2.140066667 Acres17 Bigha in west bangal = 2.273816667 Acres18 Bigha in west bangal = 2.407566667 Acres19 Bigha in west bangal = 2.541316667 Acres20 Bigha in west bangal = 2.675066667 Acres

If you are buying land, and want come understand how much is 1bigha, you should refer come the measurement standards of that region to get an exact idea.

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Here room Some various Questions & Answer concerning bigha conversion right into other units

Q. How countless bigha is in one acre?

A. One acre is 1.62 bigha.

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Q. How numerous bigha in one hectare?

A. One hectare is 4 bigha and consequently 2 hectare is 8 bigha and five hectare is 20 bigha.