Learn around barley, it’s health and wellness benefits, and products do from this grain grain!

This crop looks a lot favor wheat! that is also grown and also
harvested the same.

Barley has actually been discovered to be a an excellent source the protein, vitamins, and also dietary fiber. It even has been displayed to reduced cholesterol, improve blood sugar and also heart condition when the whole grain has actually been consumed as part of a healthy diet.

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The nationwide Barley foods Council1 claimed the most typical uses in the USA because that this cereal grain is:

to develop malt (an crucial ingredient in beer production) (44% of total USA production),animal feeding (15% of total USA production),for seeds (3% of total USA production), andfor person food commodities (2% of total USA production).

Barley Products:

Here are some examples of what 1 acre the barley can potentially produce and a few benefits for utilizing this crop:

Beef & Barley Soup174,180 servings that Beef and Barley Soup.Livestock Feed: Barley that doesn’t do the grade because that human consumption can it is in fed come a steer. In the 1950’s, the took nearly twice as lot feed to create a pound of beef. Now, we use much less feed, much less land, less water and produce less greenhouse gas and also manure2.

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Baby Breakfast Cereal – (1 cup floor barley flour feeds 4 infant meals3) One acre feeds 47,076 babies ¼ cup the barley breakfast cereal

Assumption: One acre is roughly the size of a football field without the goal posts. Yields mean 50 – 80 bushels every acre, approx. 14,300 seed per pound, 48 pounds every bushel4 = 3,840 lbs (1,742 kg or 8,709 cup raw pearled5) (11,769 cup of barley flour6) per acre. 1 cup pearled barley is 20 servings that soup x 8,709 cup = One acre of pearled barely makes 174,180 servings of Beef and also Barley Soup.

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