a 15 amp . 120V . Circuit offered by a 14/2 conductor that is rated at 80 % , load , will permit me 12 amp . Prior to I over load the circuirt . Therefore , my concern is based upon an imaginary scenario. I have actually , 20, 65 W. Bulbs for my lighting circuit (obviously this is a devoted circuit ) ,which will requiere 1,300 watts to run . Mine circuit is enabling me 1,400 watts total for distribution. Because I have actually 1,300 watts need this will leave me with an additional 100 watt . But since I desire to recognize the resistance the of mine bulb i go come R = E square / p wich in return I acquire = 221.61 . By rounding the number I gain = 222 ohms every fixture . Currently , I"m curious around the amps that each will be spend so ns go to I= P/R and also my result is = 0.541 amps. Or by round off it I obtain 0.5 amps. Per pear . If I use I= P/E p =1,300 split by E = 120 V. = 10.83 Amps if ns multiply the 222 ohms X 20 fixtures I gain 4,400 full . Yet I again to be curious about my present flow and also ther fore i go to ns = E square / R and find the result is = 10.28 wich is not exactly the 10.83 that I acquired from my first attemp. Possibly you guys have actually some input on the topic .Backin the 1996 us were not allowed to connect much more than 10 recessed cans in one offered circuit . But back then circuits where tighter to work with , not choose today that the rules have opened up however if any kind of of you understand where ns can discover this changes I will certainly appreciate the or if any type of explanation possible . thank you .

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Thisw is simple enough. The NEC needs that the maximum wattage allowed by the fixture and also trim combination (which means a trim swap could cause issues) need to be used.In various other words, if this fixtures can accept 75-watt bulbs, that"s the number you have to use. 20 x 75 = 1500 watts. Since 12 x 120 = 1440 watts, friend would be over the limit.

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First together these room recessed lights the NEC requires you figure the circuit using the rating the the fixture, no the rating of the lamp.20 - 150 watt rated fixtures through 65 watt lamps would be 3000 watts, no 1,300 watts.Also a 15 amp circuit can administer 15 amps 1800 watts non-continuous. In mine opinion couple of dwelling unit circuits are consistent loads.