The automobile AC needs Freon or refrigerant to keep running smoothly. If that is giving you troubles or not running as smoothly as earlier, the usual reason is the it is running quick of Freon. So, the straightforward answer is just to add Freon and also get the going again. But, the problem here is the the refrigerant is quite dangerous and you constantly run the danger of overcharging or undercharging her AC. This can cause further hassle and also unnecessary damages that you could easily have actually avoided. This is why you need to be aware of just how much Freon is in reality needed.

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Warning: If you have actually never handled Freon or are brand-new to the human being of automobile DIY, us recommend the you see a car mechanic. 

How countless Cans that Refrigerant walk a car Need?


There’s actually no ideal answer come this question since every auto has its very own needs. However, a traditional AC unit needs around 3 pounds. We extremely recommend that you examine what the manufacturer suggests, though, and also not go thoughtlessly with this number. Some auto ACs might need more, and also some may need really less. Also, this renders sense only once you remove every the Freon and also recharge it from scratch. Much more often than not, you will only need to top it off and not drainpipe it entirely.

So, let’s talk around top-off now. This is usually compelled when there’s a leak. Obtain the leak fixed and add how much ever refrigerant is needed. Simple? Theoretically, yes. However practically, it have the right to be really hard since there’s no means to know how much Freon your AC lost. This means you do not know just how much to add! unless you room absolutely confident in your skill, that is ideal to leaving it come the mechanic. He will be may be to aid you and also avoid the problem of undercharging or overcharging. The course, that will price you a few more bucks, yet we space sure you prefer this come the risk of damaging her AC completely.

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DIY tips because that AC recharge and also top-off


In case you carry out not desire to walk to the mechanic, girlfriend will should remember the following:

Stop including the Freon once the tube the connects the evaporator to the compressor is very cold. This is a comfortable tip when you space topping off the Freon.

There friend go! we hope this short article helps you handle Freon carefully and do the needful for your car’s AC. Us would likewise like come warn friend again – if you space not confident, don’t perform it!

Do you have any type of other tips that might help our readers? allow us know through comments, and also we will include them here.