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Currently there room two predominant varieties of chlorine tablets discovered on the market:

Calcium hypo-chloride and also chlorinated isocyanates.

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Calcium Hypochlorite (septic disinfectant tablets)

These tablets, such together Norweco’s Blue Crystal tablet computers (white tub, blue top), are the only readily available tablet computer product labeled and approved because that wastewater disinfection. They are very reactive and quickly kill bacteria existing in wastewater (99% of the bacteria eliminated takes place in the first 10 minutes complying with contact). Just as important, the chlorine residual that is current in the water after disinfection will certainly dissipate rapidly, so the it does not damage the receiving environment.All chlorine products are hazardous and must be tackled with care and stored properly (read warning label and follow instructions). That is versus the law and also extremely dangerous to repack the tablets into a smaller sized container or a plastic bag. These tablets are obtainable through huge Papa Joe’s Wastewater Systems, LLC, as well as most home development stores (these room normally discovered in the pipes department). The 10 lb. Bucket holds around 32 tablets.

Guideline because that Use:

The tablets have to be placed in the chlorination tube at the price of 1 come 2 tablets per human being per week, with no more than 4 or 5 tablet computers being inserted at one time.

The tube, which deserve to hold 12 come 15 tablets, must never it is in filled through this plenty of tablets, because the tablets are soft and also humidity in the system can:

Make the entire column of tablets swell up and stick in the tank therefore the people on peak do not autumn to the bottom the the chlorination tube. Together the bottom tablet computers dissolve and also the effluent operation under the tablet computers without being disinfected, orCause every one of the tablet computers to dissolve at one time and also turn come a gooey mess

Not every family members will fall into the 1 come 2 tablet computers per human per mainly guideline. Periodically you may use much more tablets, periodically you may use less. For example, is anyone is in the house throughout the day or execute you all leave the residence for work and school, perform you take trip a lot, execute you have actually a most guests, execute you have the brand-new low-water use laundry systems, execute you have actually a garden bath tub you to fill on a daily basis?

Do Not depend On your Maintenance/Monitoring firm for your Disinfection!

Most maintenance/monitoring contracts administer for access time every 4 come 3 months. Although there space some permitting organ or situations that may require visits more frequently. Generally, if much more than one human being is life in your home, the is not possible for a monitoring agency to insert enough disinfectant tablet computers in her chlorination pipe to critical the family members for 4 months. If the tip of 1 to 2 tablets per human per week, with no much more than 4 Or 5 tablet computers being inserted at once is adhered to. If yours is a one-person household, it might be possible for a maintain provider agency to install enough tablets to critical you 4 months. However, if her maintenance company is placing tablets in for you, perform the math! If the provider is installing tablet computers for you as soon as every 4 months and there are:

2 in the family members x 1 to 2 tablet computers per mainly x 4 weeks – you will certainly be making use of to 16 come 32 tablets in 4 months3 in the family members x 2 to 3 tablet computers per main x 4 month – you will certainly be using 32 to 48 tablet computers in 4 months4 and also up in the household x 3 come 5 tablet computers per main x 4 months – you will be utilizing 32 come 80 tablets in 4 months

Installing the chlorine tablets yourself, and monitoring your very own chlorine use, is constantly the best and smartest choice. Since the tablets will dissolve according to the lot of water your household uses, you room the just one who has a handle on your water use. Even if sufficient tablets could be mounted in the tube to disinfect the water for 4 months, the monitoring company does not have a clue regarding how lot water you use. Remember, it is your family that is in risk from the fecal bacteria in your wastewater therapy plant if the water is no disinfected, not your service provider. Chlorinated Isocyanates, aka Tri-Chlor (swimming swimming pool tablets)


These tablet computers (usually white tub with a yellow or orange top) have the right to be purchased native swimming pool supply stores, discount sleeve stores and also mail-order outlets. Due to their prevalent availability, Tri-Chlor tablets regularly make their way into wastewater treatment systems, despite their usage in the systems is both dangerous and illegal.

Tri-Chlor tablets dissolve more slowly than calcium hypochlorite and also create a residual the does not easily dissipate. This tablets work well in swim pools, wherein clean water is continually recirculated, and slow dissipation the residual is desired, but they room unsatisfactory because that wastewater treatment. Tri-Chlor tablet computers will not completely disinfect the effluent, and also the chlorine residual continues to be for long periods of time to damage the receiving environment. The chlorine gas created from the Tri-Chlor tablets deserve to damage and also rust the wiring in a wastewater treatment system from the effluent tank to the manage box, making for a possibly expensive repair.

An additional danger have the right to arise because of an accumulation of moisture in ~ the Tri-Chlor tablet. Designed come be entirely immersed in water, Tri-Chlor tablets that are exposed to periodic flows of liquid begin to decompose and release one explosive gas dubbed “nitrogen trichloride”. If a enough concentration of nitrogen trichloride builds in ~ the wastewater system, it might be ignited as soon as exposed come an open up flame, electric spark or organic contaminates. These explosions can be devastating, causing comprehensive property damage and also potentially major injuries.


The affordable solution to disinfecting her effluent – 6% salt Hypochlorite (Liquid family members bleach) The liquid Bleach Chlorinator (LBC) dispenser we market and install because that our customers has been patented because that over a decade by the manufacturer that realized a need for a much more reliable disinfection method for homeowners 보다 what was currently on the market. This LBC dispenser was designed and constructed to stand up to the harsh effects of bleach and carry out years of trouble-free use. You have the right to have a liquid bleach chlorinator (LBC) mounted on any type of aerobic system.

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The LBC will be install underground by the pump tank through a 4″ cap above ground. The LBC has actually a hose that runs right into the pump tank and is bound in come the effluent pump through a venturi valve. Every time the effluent pump comes on, the LBC will certainly doses the pump tank with bleach. This device will organize up to three gallons the disinfecting bleach. This is a proven disinfection an equipment that meets the applicable needs of NSF traditional 46 for chlorine dispensers. Certification calls for the device to be provided with 6% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach). The residential dispenser holds around 3-4 gallons of bleach. Because that a family members of 4 that has actually average water consumption, the automatic bleach dispenser will certainly use around 2-3 gallon that bleach a month. We can likewise accommodate ours commercial customers with a advertising model. This way you will only need to fill the LBC as soon as a month.

The fluid Bleach Chlorinator will also save you hundreds of dollars every year in chlorine and never have actually to resolve the tablets again. If you choose to go with a LBC, do NOT use “No Splash” or “Gel” based liquid bleach. These products clog the hose and will not enable your LBC to traction the bleach and also your disinfection machine will end up being inoperable.