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Please choose a food preparation ingredient. A density is compelled for converting between cups and also dry ounces (a cup of street weighs much less than a cup the water). If her ingredient is no on the list, click 'add own'.

Cooking Ingredients:-- perform of ingredients --Water (pure)All purpose flourAlmond flourBread flourCake flourPastry flourWhote wheat flourBaking powderBaking soda (bicarb)Brown sugar (packed)Granulated sugarPowdered street (unsift)Raw cane sugarHoneyMaple syrupSteviaButterLardMargarineCoconut oilOlive oilPalm oilRapeseed oilSunflower oilMilkMilk (condensed)Milk (evaporated)Light creamHeavy creamWhipped creamYogurt (Greek)AlmondsCashew nutsPeanuts, not shelledPeanuts, shelledPecan nutsSunflower seedsWalnutsApplesAvocado (cubes)Avocado (pureed)Corn, gritsCorn, top top the cobCorn, shelledPotatoes (white)Alcohol, pure (ethanol)BranBreadcrumbsChocolate (grated)Chocolate chipsCinnamonCocoa powderCoconut, shreddedCoffee (ground)Cumin (powdered)Currants (dried)Dried fruitsFruit juiceJamMascarponeMayonnaiseOatsOats, rolledPeanut butterRice (hulled)Rice (rough)Ricotta cheeseRyeSalt, fineTurmericYeastYogurt (plain)add own
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usage this calculator tool to convert between cups and also ounces (dry or fluid). If convert cups and also dry ounces (oz), girlfriend will need to pick an ingredient or go into a thickness figure.

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How plenty of ounces space in a cup?

In the united States, one cup holds 8 fluid ounces. In the UK, one cup stop 10 UK fluid ounces.

Cups to ounces (US recipes)

1 united state cup (236.6mL) = 8 US liquid ounces 1 us cup (236.6mL) = 8.327 UK liquid ounces

Cups come ounces (UK recipes)

1 UK cup (284.1mL) = 10 UK liquid ounces 1 UK cup (284.1mL) = 9.607 US fluid ounces

Rest of world recipes

1 metric cup (250mL) = 8.454 US liquid ounces 1 metric cup (250mL) = 8.799 UK fluid ounces

The recommendation charts listed below feature conversions between cups and also fluid ounces (fl oz). If you're wanting weight conversions because that dry ounces instead, you'll discover a chart and also information further down the page.

US cups to ounces chart

cup (US)Ounces (fluid)Tablespoons (US)
1 cup 8 fl oz 16 tbsp
3/4 cup 6 fl oz 12 tbsp
2/3 cup 5.3 fl oz 10.6 tbsp
1/2 cup 4 fl oz 8 tbsp
1/3 cup 2.7 fl oz 5.3 tbsp
1/4 cup 2 fl oz 4 tbsp

cup (Imperial)Ounces (fluid)Tablespoons (UK)
1 cup 10 fl oz 16 tbsp
3/4 cup 7.5 fl oz 12 tbsp
2/3 cup 6.7 fl oz 10.6 tbsp
1/2 cup 5 fl oz 8 tbsp
1/3 cup 3.3 fl oz 5.3 tbsp
1/4 cup 2.5 fl oz 4 tbsp

Cups to ounces infographic

The infographic listed below shows dimensions for us cups to ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons and also milliliters. Note that all numbers are rounded come the nearest whole number.



Cups to dry ounces (oz)

If you desire to convert in between cups and dry ounces (oz), it's vital to keep in mind that the cup is a unit the volume and also the dry oz (oz) is a unit of weight. This way that do a conversion needs an extra variable - a substance thickness figure. Together a really crude example, a cup full of sugar will weigh less than a cup complete of olive oil since olive oil is a denser substance.

I've given a list of ingredient to select from. However, you re welcome be mindful that these space approximations - different brands of ingredient will vary to a small extent. This method that the results you receive will be estimations. The ingredient densities to be sourced indigenous the Food and agricultural Organisation that the unified Nations and also other sources. A full list of this is easily accessible on the baking ingredient counter page.

Ingredient 1 Cup(US)1/2 Cup(US)1/3 Cup(US)
Flour (plain)(529g/L) 4.41 oz 2.21 oz 1.47 oz
Flour (self-raising)(529g/L) 4.41 oz 2.21 oz 1.47 oz
Flour (bread)(550g/L) 4.48 oz 2.24 oz 2.21 oz
Butter(959g/L) 8 oz 4 oz 2.67 oz
Honey(1420g/L) 11.85 oz 5.93 oz 3.95 oz
Margarine(973g/L) 8.1 oz 4.05 oz 2.7 oz
Milk(1035g/L) 8.64 oz 4.32 oz 2.88 oz
Oats(432g/L) 3.6 oz 1.8 oz 1.2 oz
Sugar (granulated)(849g/L) 7.09 oz 3.55 oz 2.36 oz
Sugar (brown)(850g/L) 7.05 oz 3.53 oz 2.35 oz
Sugar (caster)(801g/L) 6.68 oz 3.34 oz 2.23 oz
Sugar (icing)(561g/L) 4.68 oz 2.34 oz 1.56 oz

Converting in between other cooking units

to convert in between other food preparation units such together grams, pounds, quarts, tablespoons, teaspoons, litres and also more, provide the cooking converter a try. You can also convert directly between cups and grams, cups and also mL and ounces and mL.

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