I moved to England and also the imperial measurement units and different temperature scales space a large problem in daily life. Temperatures because that baking or food preparation are mostly stated as Fahrenheit, but the temperature top top the stove is stated as Celsius.

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The conversion is not straightforward because both temperature scales use different fixed points and scale widths. Because of this a Celsius Fahrenheit Converter is a valuable tool.

How to transform Celsius to Fahrenheit there is no the usage of a calculator? There room some mnemonics and rules of ignorance to give an approximate estimate about temperature conversion. Those who want to transform baking temperatures are lucky. The temperature can be quickly doubled or divided by half. The complying with Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion Table shows the temperature between 200 and also 500 levels Fahrenheit and also their approximated levels Celsius equivalent, and the error of the almost right conversion.

TF <°F> TC,estimated<°C> TC,calculated <°C> Error <°C>
200 100 93 7
220 110 104 6
240 120 116 4
260 130 127 3
280 140 138 2
300 150 149 1
320 160 160 0
340 170 171 -1
360 180 182 -2
380 190 193 -3
400 200 204 -4
420 210 216 -6
440 220 227 -7
460 230 238 -8
480 240 249 -9
500 250 260 -10

If you think about that baking temperatures are mostly in between 150°C and 220°C, climate the best error would just be 7 degrees centigrade. A an ext accurate conversion is not always necessary. For example 350 Fahrenheit amounts to 176.67 Celsius. If friend would usage the dominance of ignorance the error would certainly be 1.67 levels centigrade. This error is negligible in many circumstances.

Be aware that this dominance of thumb only works v baking temperatures and does not occupational with reduced temperatures favor the ones seen on the weather forecast. Must the weather estimate predict a clear day of 32 levels Fahrenheit, and you expect 16 level Celsius utilizing this rule of thumb; climate you will certainly most certainly be freezing. This is due to the fact that 32 level Fahrenheit amounts to 0 levels Celsius. However, don"t be afraid as this instance shows you an additional mnemonic. As I said, 0 level Celsius equals 32 levels Fahrenheit. Furthermore, 16 and 61 is a great number because that the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius. Since 16 degree Celsius equals roughly 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, come convertCelsius to Fahrenheit the is not constantly necessary come use challenging mathematics. But, if you need an accurate conversion climate you have the right to use the Celsius Fahrenheit Converter above. Simply fill in your values in one of the boxes and also click external of the boxes come convert.

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In addition, girlfriend can find the Fahrenheit Celsius switch Equations and historical details on the breakthrough of the Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale.


This is a inspect card sized conversion table for cooking and baking temperatures. You have the right to print it and also pin it on her fridge.Download Printable switch Table

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