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Leadless pacemaker implantation under direct visualization have the right to be excellent safely during valve surgery. Further study is necessary to determine who benefits from the technique.

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The research addresses the feasibility of straight inserting a leadless pacemaker during isolated or concomitant tricuspid valve operation. The authors have actually done a an excellent job explicate the technological considerations about an equipment insertion. Utilizing their technique, all leadless pacemakers were successfully inserted in less than 5 minutes. The procedure seems reasonably straightforward.
reported the first case of effective intraoperative implantation of a leadless pacemaker during valve surgery. Shivamurthy and also colleagues
have actually now included 15 much more cases come the literature. In every patients, there have been no reported procedural complications, and it seems that speed impedance, sensing amplitudes, and pacemaker function have to be normal throughout short-term follow-up (151 ± 119 days). The literature corroborates a high price of success implantation and also low price of acute complications.
Comparison in between leadless and transvenous single-chamber pacemaker treatment in a referral centre because that lead extraction.
In mine opinion, the concern is not if pacemaker insertion have the right to be done. The authors have demonstrated such. The main problem is whether pacemaker insertion need to be done? This is where it becomes quite complex, which may explain why this study had 14 authors.
I keep in mind in this study (see their figure 5) that 73% of the patients had actually a postoperative pacing burden of 0% to 10%. This raises the question: walk those patients also need a pacemaker? Or to be the pacemaker simply an expensive contingency? The authors identify the controversy. In the discussion section, they execute not support for regimen implantation that the leadless pacemaker at the time of cardiac surgical treatment in patients there is no a pre-existing indication for pacing.
I"m supportive of this an approach in patients v a clear preoperative indication because that pacemaker therapy such together atrial fibrillation with finish heart block. However, this form of patient was a rarity (7%) contrasted with the larger team of patients that might, yet didn"t, need pacing ~ valve surgery. That comes under to risk and also benefit. And also I would certainly include price in the risk-side of the analysis. Leadless pacemaker modern technology is expensive. A superfluous leadless pacemaker doesn"t do financial sense, also if that obviates the require for temporary pacemaker wire implantation and also early discharge.
Yes, you can safely and easily carry out leadless pacemaker implantation under direct visualization throughout valve surgery. Moving forward, the concern is, need to you execute it? This describes my use of the light bulb metaphor in the title. Screwing in the light pear is easy. Properly deciding to change the lightbulb is wherein the apparent difficult lies. Additional study is warranted.
Comparison between leadless and also transvenous single-chamber pacemaker treatment in a referral centre because that lead extraction.

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