Common Names: Blue and Gold Macaw, Blue and also Yellow MacawScientific Name: Ara araraunaOrigin: southern America (Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and also Paraguay)Relative Size: 34 inchesWeight: 900-1500 gramsAverage Lifespan: 50-60 yearsEgg Clutch: 2-3 white eggsIncubation: days: 28 daysTalking Ability: Moderate



Blue and also Gold Macaws space stunning specimens come look at. Both male and also female look identical in color and also size. Your bodies are literally bathed in gold and also blue, for this reason they are provided their name the Blue and also Gold Macaw. These striking birds have long tails the extend around 2 feet out and also are comprised of 12 huge feathers. Once the bird is perched, blue is the key color. The nape area of this macaw is a forest green.

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Like all macaws, these birds have bare faces with white skin. In the instance of a Blue and Gold Macaw, black color feathers grow in stripes ~ above the white skin providing these birds a zebra prefer appearance.

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Their eyes are a vivid florescent yellow with black pupils. As soon as these birds are excited, the pupil constricts to a small dot. The beak and feet space charcoal black. Underneath the beak, a black color coat of feathers gives this bird the figure of a beard.

Juvenile macaws have black eyes that will start to lighten when the bird is roughly 5 months of age. As the bird matures, the eye will end up being lighter. Part Blue and Gold Macaws can take as lengthy is 2 years to gain their full eye color.

Blue and also Gold Macaws In the Wild

These Macaws are aboriginal to southern America and live mainly in the center of south America. In fact, some deserve to be found in main America together well. These birds have the right to be spotted in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and also Peru.

In the wild, these birds type close-knit groups. This gregarious parrots will spend time through their i cry mates playing, bathing, and also searching because that ripe fruits throughout the rain forests. Most of their diet is comprised of palm nuts, seeds, and fruits.

When food is scarce the bird are forced to eat fruit that is no ripe, or toxic plants, that may upset your stomachs. To combat any illness or helminth infections, the birds consume clay by flow beds. In fact, the clay is also thought to provide the birds v minerals that cannot be obtained from fruits and seeds. Nevertheless, these birds often flock with various other parrots while spend clay.

Like any type of typical macaw, Blue and also Gold Macaws execute enjoy the agency of their flock mates; however, the birds perform branch off throughout the reproduction season whereby they raise their young. The mommy will look because that a hollow tree, normally a for sure guarded nesting site, or damaged palm tree, the she’ll hollow out and clean prior to she deposits 2 or 3 white eggs.

Once the babies hatch, the mother and father will certainly both feed the babies until they fledge. The mommy will stay with the babies within the nesting cavity until the young birds begin to feather out and also the food need increases. As soon as the babies fledge, at approximately three months, they will continue to be with their parents for a few extra months before they undertaking off on their own.

Blue and Gold Macaws In Captivity


Relatively speaking, Blue and also Gold Macaws space not intimidated in the wild and are abundant in captivity. These birds have actually a marvelous personality and also make good pets for those who enjoy much more experienced creatures. In fact, of every the larger macaw species available on the market, the Blue and Gold Macaw is maybe the many popular as result of their easy reproduction habits and also pricing.

These birds are typical in bird mirrors or wild pet parks that showcase large aviaries. Because of your striking colors and also boisterous personalities, castle are absolutely crowd drawers.

If who is feather to acquisition such a specimen, their ideal chances would certainly be come look digital for a breeder, pet shelters, or talk to breeders at bird shows. Finding these parrots is not daunting and numerous can also be adopted from bird rescue sanctuaries.

Pet Aspect

Similar come humans, each bird has actually its very own distinctive personality and characteristics and those the are common to that is species. Thus, a macaw’s mood and also behavior will change according come its emotions, mental state, surroundings, and health conditions. However, because of their high intelligence, friendliness, curiosity, gentle temper, and also playfulness, these macaws are basic to socialize and train, particularly if lock are an extremely young birds. This socialization and training helps the bird set its boundaries and also develop the vital confidence, social skills and a deep feeling of security. Nevertheless, this macaws may become aggressive, rebellious, and also territorial on some occasions, in spite of being affectionate birds.

People that are exceptionally busy, away from house frequently, or intolerant of according to noises should think about getting a various pet. Blue and also Gold Macaws become very agitated if offered too much solitude. Famous for being an extremely vocal, they generally utter raucous calls and loud screams, especially about dusk or once excited. Therefore, macaw owners have to take into factor to consider how castle will save their birds’ incessant noises from disturbing the owner, any type of neighbors or other household members.

Out that the 17 subspecies of macaws, the Blue and also Gold specie has actually the best ability to mimic person speech. Yet, even they have very minimal abilities. However, v adequate human being interaction, these macaws may learn exactly how to usage some words and also phrases. Still, some birds may choose not come use person speech or might be less qualified of it. Nevertheless, every Blue and Gold Macaws are an extremely expressive communicators via verbal and non-verbal languages.

Unfortunately, many owners are often misled as young macaws tend to it is in shy and also reserved and are somewhat quiet. Only when the bird starts to mature and explore perform they establish the scope and also volume of such a call. Quite frankly, at times your calls have the right to be deafening. This must really it is in taken into consideration as all too frequently these birds space re-homed time and also time again due to owners not expecting such according to vocalizations.

When treated together a dearly love member that the owner’s family, Blue and also Gold Macaws administer a lifetime’s precious of devoted affection, entertainment and also companionship. Consequently, macaw owners have to remain emotionally, financially, and physically committed to the relationship for 30-50 years, if not longer. They must likewise ensure the macaw will certainly be well cared for in instance the owner dies prior to the bird does.

Similar come humans, macaws bore easily and also are unhappy if they lack adequate mental stimulation, physical activity and society interaction. When connecting with their owners, Blue and also Gold Macaws reap a wide selection of tasks such as eating with their owner, going come parks and playgrounds, hiking, learning and performing tricks, play games, fixing puzzles and also problems, city hall TV and movies, and also listening to the radio.

The many mentally happy and healthy macaw is one that is incorporated into its household like a family member.

Also, making use of clipped wings, bird leashes and also bird car seats provides it safer and easier to take it pet macaws out in the public. Nonetheless, most experts recommend that owners deny your birds the permission come ride top top anyone’s shoulder as result of the opportunity of severe damage to the person’s face. This is as result of the tendency that birds deserve to bite as soon as they end up being agitated or startled, and also all bird are quickly startled.

Because this birds have such large beaks, and also can in ~ times become overexcited, the is way for the owner to start a positive reinforcement program together with proper socialization early on on. All an unfavorable behaviors must be totally ignored when desiring habits rewarded.



Blue and also Gold Macaws space not sexually dimorphic, definition that there space no apparent differences between the males and females. Identify a male from a woman is virtually impossible for a human. For this reason, DNA trial and error is the only reliable method to recognize the parrot’s sex. When this has actually been properly achieved, pairing the birds have the right to be tried, and if all goes well, then reproduction can commence.

It must be provided that this birds deserve to sometimes it is in finicky when it pertains to picking your mates. In most cases, breeders will efficiently pair bird by just placing a male and also female together. There space times when this tactic is no successful and the just option is because that the bird to select its very own mate.

Once a mate is selected, the bonding procedure will begin. This takes numerous weeks and the birds will certainly preen, fly, and also eat together. These bonding activities over time combine the macaws’s bond, so lot so, that these birds will remain together because that life. Various other bonding tasks include the male regurgitating to the female, preening, and loud vocalizations to every other.

If she thinking around breeding this birds in residential areas, think again! this birds are really loud throughout breeding and sometimes the birds will have to be removed as result of disgruntled neighbors. The being said, you should inspect with your neighbors prior to such a manufacturing is collection up.

These birds are not picky once it comes to choosing nesting cavities. In the wild, these birds look for cavities high in the forest canopy. For this reason, breeders should location nesting boxes greater up, yet in such a position that the birds have the right to be observed.

The nesting boxes offered for these birds are usually large wooden crates, logs, old wine barrels, or plastic bins. It is finest the nesting box be suspended exterior the aviary as sometimes these parrots will certainly chew castle up. Having extra support at the bottom that the nesting crate is likewise advised too. As soon as the female is all set to lay her eggs, she will spend hours cleaning package out and also removing every debris indigenous the bottom of the box. When a devoted female macaw walk this, it’s constantly wise to add a few handfuls of lumber shaving earlier into the nest to ensure the eggs have padding.

Once the nesting site has actually been selected and also properly prepared by the female, the birds will mate several times side by side. This will continue frequently, until 3 eggs space laid. Sometimes, these birds can create four; however, this seems to it is in rare. The eggs have the right to be laid several days apart and also incubation normally starts once the second egg is laid. Incubation of the eggs is approximately 28 days, occasionally a few days over.

When the babies hatch, the mother will treatment for them countless months after lock fledge.


Blue and Gold Macaws require large cages, preferably resilient suspended cages that space 5’x5’x8’ or larger. Each cage must administer opportunities for the macaw to climb, perch, play, and also interact with toys and humans. Therefore, the cage must allow room because that the full expansion of the bird’s wings. A female typically has a 3’ wingspan and also a male generally has a 3 ½’ wingspan.

The cage has to be make of 10-gauge come 12-gauge welded cable or chain link. The bars must not be any further apart 보다 1 inch. Furthermore, instead of the cage latches with locks and escape-proof latches might be advisable, due to the fact that many Blue and Gold Macaws are really adept at opened latches.

Whenever possible, owner should carry out both, one indoor and also outdoor cage for the macaw. Birds need lots of sunshine, exercise and also a place to bathe frequently, since bathing is crucial to your health. Bathing the bird and also letting it dry turn off in sunlight is much much easier to do in an out cage than in an indoor cage.All birds additionally need adequate quantities of sleep the is uninterrupted by noises and bright lights. Therefore, put the cage in a quiet component of the house throughout the night is advisable. Avoid placing the cage near air conditioners, air vents, and also other drafty places.

Moreover, owners must permit their macaws out of their cages because that at least a couple of hours each day, even if it is indoors or outdoors. Due to the fact that the birds can injury themselves or an individual property, the owner need to provide constant supervision if the macaws are cost-free of their cages. Comparable to childproofing, the whole home have to be bird-proofed. This method keeping all electric cords, jewelry, shining objects, toxicity chemicals, harmful food items, and little items out of reach of the inquisitive macaw. It also way ensuring the macaw does no chew on wood furniture, home window frames or snapshot frames.

Playtime Toys

Placing a selection of playthings inside and outside that the cage is essential to the macaw’s mental health. Switching and adding new toys commonly will avert boredom. The playthings should encompass chew toys, puzzle toys, a pat set, and foraging playthings that hide food treats and other toys. Macaws love come chew, so wooden blocks and branches make from non-toxic lumber is a actual treat because that the macaw. Blue and Gold Macaws additionally enjoy dragging your favorite toy roughly the house. However, castle will additionally put away your toys as soon as done playing v them, if properly trained to perform so.

Feeding pets Macaws


Very young birds call for a high-fat diet with additional protein, so this will need purchasing a advertisement diet specializing in hand feeding formula for farming macaw chicks. Together the birds mature, they will need a varied diet. They require fresh fruits and also vegetables, and some fat acids, nuts, and whole grains and also protein. Adult macaws require being fed roughly a 1/4-cup of recipe pellets supplemented by a fifty percent cup of fruits and also vegetables when a day, and also 1/4 cup of her bird’s favorite nut mix. Additionally, offering fresh, pure water day-to-day is essential, together they frequently dunk your food in water.

Blue and also Gold Macaws like eating most species of fruits and also vegetables. Nonetheless, some foods items should just be fed in limited amounts, especially those in the high acid and also high-sugar food groups. Macaws will also eat alfalfa leaf, basil, and also other varieties of greens and herbs. Moreover, removal of all the seeds and pits is essential, as part are rather toxic come birds.

People who plan to feed their Blue and Gold Macaws a strict diet of just birdseed or just formulated pellets should think about getting a various pet. These birds cannot make it through without having actually a differed diet the is natural and also organic. Most macaw owners discover themselves prepare meals transparent the week to ensure these birds are fed well. Not only is a differed diet a should for optimal health, however these bird need different textures, tastes, and colors to continue to be happy.

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Foods to it is in Avoided

Macaws should avoid details foods and also beverages. They have to avoid avocados, onions, raw beans, royal tree leaves, eggplants, potatoes, and also nutmeg. Macaws must also avoid any kind of lactose product (i.e. Milk) together they can not digest any dairy product. Additionally, they need to avoid alcohol addict beverages, tobacco products, salted products, and also caffeine (i.e. In chocolate, coffee, tea, sodas).