Similarily, 6 iodine atoms go from $-1$ come $0$, thus getting one electron. However, my textbook says that iodine has actually lost electrons. How?

It went from an adverse to positive, i.e. Indigenous $-1$ to $0$, just like chromium indigenous $0$ come $+3$.



The mistake below is expertise what wake up to the dichromate ion. Chromium has actually gone from the +6 to the +3 oxidation state. Its oxidation state has reduced by three thus it has gained three electrons in the process: $$ceCr2O7^2- + 14H+ + 6e- -> 2Cr^3+ + 7H2O$$

Iodine has actually gone indigenous the -1 come the 0 oxidation state. That oxidation state has actually increased by one, losing one electron in the process. $$ce2I- -> I2 + 2e-$$

Putting these two fifty percent equations together gives you the in its entirety equation which you began with. $$ceCr2O7^2- + 14H+ + 6I- -> 2Cr^3+ + 7H2O + 3I2$$

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Two points prior to we begin:

+ charge method deficiency in electrons.- charge way excess that electrons.

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Now lets involved the reaction you space talking about.

Two chromium atoms obtain 3 electrons each. They go from 0 come 3+

Moving indigenous neutral come +3 charge method it just lost 3 electrons. (Electrons have an unfavorable charge.)

Similarily, 6 iodine atoms walk from -1 to 0, thus acquiring one electron. Yet my textbook says that Iodine has lost electrons. How?

Your textbook is right and also you"re not correct here. Moving from -1 fee to 0 method that an atom simply lost one electron (in other words, it shed the excess negative charge it had and also now that is neutral).

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