Tell me if this provides sense. Most civilization buy a many one kind of bag (garbage bags) while concurrently throwing the end lots of an additional kind that bag (grocery bags.)

Despite our best efforts to take reusable towel bags and also backpacks with us to the grocery store, us still somehow manage to end up with way too many plastic grocery store bags 보다 we can possibly use.

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If this sounds prefer a difficulty you can be familiar with, climate this is the solution.


Now I’m certainly not the very first person come revolt versus this perverted plan concocted by huge Grocery Bag.


This is the wire bag holder indigenous Amazon the we provided in our critical place. The hangs any type of grocery bag, and also works well most of the time. Except that anything sort of mushy or drippy tends to leak, and also heavy stuff will certainly make the bag loss out. It’s a clever solution yet just not rather smart enough.

Of food at very first we make the efforts a typical 5 gallon bucket – however grocery bags are much smaller than 5 gallons, therefore they simply wilt into a sad plastic heap at the bottom.

I solved this difficulty by experimentation one the every shape and size that bucket we can get our hands on. The bucket that worked best is this 3.25 gallon square bucket.


I think square works much better because grocery bags aren’t round on the bottom, and its handles space on the opposite sides not all the way around.

The bag continues to be in very well, however I’m still considering just acquiring a huge rubber tape for the rim approximately the exterior of the bucket to hold the bag in really tight. You’d only require one to last through thousands of plastic bags!

We uncovered ours native a Safeway deli, initially holding frosting. Check out our complimentary bucket locator list for other areas to check. And if you’ve found another size and also shape of deserve to that works well v grocery bags allow us recognize in the comments.

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posted on September 9, 2013 by trevor

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TEL top top July 4, 2014 in ~ 11:00 pm said:

I usage a 3 gallon ring bucket v no trouble of the bag staying in. Ns can set it right on the counter and is simpler to placed trash in matches a enlarge one ~ above the floor. Also method less messing when tossing garbage in and fewer spots to clean up.

When the bag is full, ns tie shut, and also toss THAT into the bigger 13 gallon i beg your pardon is lined with a bag. This method I use just one 13 gallon a week instead of the dozen or an ext I supplied to use. Likewise helps save up v the excess grocery keep bags. If i am going come toss the grocery save bags anyways, they may too get tossed while complete of trash quite than empty.

I already had the 3 gallon bucket so going come buy or find one was no needed. I always shot to use stuff I currently have ~ above hand. Although ns usually keep an eye out for more buckets since there are constantly uses for more of them. They are easlily stored for future use.