In order to figure out the appropriate doses of numerous chemicals for her pool, you regularly need to determine around how numerous gallons the water it holds. Also when adding a swimming pool Heater, warmth Pump or Solar Heater to your pool, friend will additionally need to know how numerous gallons you space dealing with.

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To execute that, you must use a ruler to measure your swimming pool to uncover out this four different numbers; Length, Width, Diameter (for round Pools), median Depth and then use a addressed Volume Multiplier to identify the approximate variety of gallons the swimming pool holds.

If you have actually never excellent this before, don"t worry. We will walk you v the detailed steps below.

I understand What I"m Doing. Simply Tell Me The Formulas.

If you don"t require a in-depth tutorial, and you currently know your measurements, and how to calculate average depth, right here are the rapid formulas for you to use on your own calculator.

Formula For median Gallons In Rectangle, Square Or Freeform Pools:

Length x broad x median Depth x 7.5 = full gallons

Formula For median Gallons In circular Pools:

Diameter x Diameter x average Depth x 5.9 = complete gallons

Formula For mean Gallons In Oval Pools:

Length x broad x typical Depth x 5.9 = total gallonsFormula For mean Depth the Pools through Slopes:Shallow finish Depth + Deep end Depth split by 2 = average DepthWell, I have actually The simple Measurements, So deserve to You Just number It the end For Me?Absolutely. You deserve to use the E-Z pool Water Calculator listed below to obtain the approximate number of gallons in your pool.Tips:1- Length and Width space for rectangle, squares or ovals. It is best to use whole numbers, rounded up. For example, if the swimming pool is 16 1/2 feet wide, usage 17 feet together the width.2- put the Diameter in the Length and Width fields for one pools. It is finest to use totality numbers, rounded up. For example, if the pool is 21 1/2 feet in diameter, use 22 feet as the diameter.3- because that the typical Depth, the is best to use totality numbers, rounded up. Because that example, if the typical Depth is 5 1/2 feet, use 6 feet as the median Depth.3- usage the Gallon Multiplier the 8 for rectangles or squares for ideal results.4- usage the Gallon Multiplier the 6 because that Circular or Ovals for ideal results.
E-Z swimming pool Water Calculator because that The Approximate number of Gallons of Water In her Swimming Pool

One an ext Time - - - - rapid Tips To acquire A general Idea making use of The Calculator Below:

Average Depth that a "typical" inground swimming pool is 5Average Depth that a "typical" above ground swimming pool is 4Gallon Multiplier for rectangle or square pools is 8Gallon Multiplier because that circular or oval pools is 6


For a 16x32 rectangle inground pool you would use 16 x 32 x 5 x 8 = 20,480 GallonsFor a 24 round above ground swimming pool you would use 24 x 24 x 4 x 6 = 13,824 Gallons

Give it A try For yourself !
length = X width = X typical Depth = X Gallon Multiplier =

The approximate Gallons that Water In Your swimming pool Is =

I know Nothing. You re welcome Walk Me through The totality Process.

If you recognize nothing, don"t worry! Most world have never ever done this before. So we will present you the easiest and best way to measure your Pool.

Remember, no one Expects girlfriend To be 100% Exact. Simply Do The best You Can.

Please realize the you are never ever going to be 100% accurate because of calculated swimming pool water gallons (volume) room an approximate value due to the sports in the sizes, distances and angles the the various pool shapes and also slopes.

Also a pool can be to fill "to the top" and also can additionally only be filled only "X" lot of inches from the top. Because that example, a large rain storm deserve to raise the water level in a pool by a few inches end night, as many people have viewed all as well often. And also a few inches (up or down) will readjust the "exact" variety of gallons in any type of pool possibly hundreds or thousands of gallons, depending upon the as whole size that the pool.

So don"t worry. And also don"t gain too hung up on being overly exact, simply do the finest you deserve to with her measurements.

What execute I need to Measure, and How?

You can easily measure the Length, Width and also Diameter (if Round) of any kind of swimming pool v a typical ruler. Write down those measurement, normally to the nearest foot will be an excellent enough.


Now You"re Gonna need To get The average Depth the the Pool

If you are lucky sufficient to have an above Ground Pool, or part Inground Pools where the whole bottom is one Depth, the is really easy to number out the median Depth. The is simply the Depth the the water. Measure up it and write down that number.

However, most Inground Pools, and many newer over Ground Pools have varying Depths, usually v angled Slopes going native level to level. This makes getting an median Depth a bit an ext difficult.


How to determine the average Depth the a swim Pool wherein the bottom slopes:

Below is a side-shot of the "typical" inground pool that has a shallow end (see "D"), climate a slope the leads into the deep finish (deep end is "C").

If you have a lengthy firm ruler, usage that to take it your dimensions for the Depths. If you have actually a ruler, yet it isn"t really firm, or long enough, just use your vacuum pole to note the depth of the pool with a straightforward piece of tape (or magic marker) on the pole. Then simply take your dimensions off the vacuum poll through your ruler. Again, you simply really need the gist, don"t obtain too hung increase on an customs or 2 either way. Usually dimensions like 3", 4", 6, 8", etc. Are an excellent enough.First measure the depth of "D", the shallow end (usually all over from 3" come 5"), and also then measure the depth the "C", the deep end (usually anywhere in between 6" and 12"). Then, add them together and also divide by 2. This is the mean Depth of your pool. Because that example, if her shallow end "D" is 4", and also your deep end "C" is 8", this would be your formula for the mean Depth:Formula For mean Depth the Pools through Slopes:Shallow finish Depth + Deep finish Depth divided by 2 = typical DepthExample:Shallow finish = 4" + Deep end = 8", because that A complete Of = 12"12" separated by 2 = 6"Therefore, in this example, your typical Depth would be 6 feet.So right here are the actual recipe to number out just how much water is in your swimming pool

These formulas organize true for both Inground pools also as above ground pools.

Rectangular, Square or Free form Pools:


Formula For mean Gallons In Rectangle, Square Or Freeform Pools:

Length x broad x median Depth x 7.5 = complete gallons

For example: 16" x 32" x 4.5" x 7.5 = 17,280 Gallons

Circular Pools:


Formula For average Gallons In one Pools:

Diameter x Diameter x typical Depth x 5.9 = total gallons

For example: 18" x 18" x 4" x 5.9 = 7,646 Gallons

Oval Pools:


Formula For typical Gallons In Oval Pools:

Length x width x average Depth x 5.9 = complete gallonsFor example: 15" x 30" x 4" x 5.9 = 10,620 GallonsSo Now, Scroll ago Up ~ above This page To The E-Z swimming pool Water Calculator and Give it A Try!Just take her newly uncovered measurements because that Length, Width, (Diameter if Round), and Average Depth - and also plug those numbers into the E-Z swimming pool Water Calculator and also see how much water is in your pool. It"s that easy!Blah, Blah, Blah. I Really Don"t have Time For all of This. Deserve to You Just cut To The Chase?If you simply don"t care that much about knowing the "exact" lot of water in your pool, you are in luck! us have created some comfortable charts of the most renowned sized Pools, and also their typical Gallons of water. These charts are generally accurate enough for many residential uses.Most usual Sizes that Inground rectangle-shaped Pools and How many Average Gallons they Contain


12" X 24"8,64010,80012,960
14" X 28" 11,76014,70017,640
15" X 30"13,50019,90020,250
16" X 32"15,40019,20023,040
18" X 36"19,40024,30029,160
20" X 40"24,00030,00036,000
25" X 45"33,75042,18750,625
25" X 50"37,50046,90056,250
30" X 50"45,00056,25067,500

Most usual Sizes Of over Ground Pools and also How many Average Gallons they Contain


SIZEGALLONS that WATER12" Round3,39815" Round5,31018" Round7,64621" Round10,40724" Round13,59327" Round17,20428" Round18,50230" round 21,24033" Round25,70015" x 30" Oval10,620


12" Round3,823
15" Round5,973
18" round 8,602
21" Round11,708
24" Round15,292
27" Round19,354
28" Round20,815
30" Round23,895
33" Round28,912
15" x 30" Oval 11,947

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