El Clasico, once Spain"s totemic clubs genuine Madrid and Barcelona collide, is one of the many eagerly anticipated soccer derbies in the world.

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In Spain it is much more than simply a soccer match; it is a clash the cultures, a wrangling of ideologies and, that course, a showdown in between the ideal footballers in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo matches Lionel Messi had actually beenthe main occasion as the human being tunedin come decide that the supreme deity in the pantheon that the beautiful game was.

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However, that is no longer the situation following Ronaldo"s move to Juventus in the summer of 2018. Nevertheless, they held quite a joust for the guts of a decade.

Neither player will feature in the upcoming encounter in between the clubs, butcentregalilee.com takes a look in ~ the stats to check out who comes out on optimal in the Clasico.

Who has actually won the most Clasico games?

How numerous Clasico games has Messi won?

Games playedWonDrawnLost

When it pertains to Clasico success, Messi has been on the to win side an ext often than Ronaldo, winning 17 matches versus Real in every competitions.

The Argentine has played against Barca"s bitter rivals 38times in his career throughout a variety of competitions. Of those 38matches, Messi has tasted loss 12 times and also drawn on ripe occasions.

La Liga is Messi"s happiest searching ground for Clasico success, v 13 of the 17victories comes in that competition.

In the champion League, Messi has actually never shed to actual Madrid, with a win and a attract in the two games he appeared in.

Lionel Messi Barcelona real Madrid

How countless Clasico games has Ronaldo won?

Games playedWonDrawnLost

Ronaldo"s success in Clasico gamings pales in comparison come Messi"s, however it must be said that the Portugueseplayed in fewer encounters, having actually joined genuine in 2009 - a variety of seasons after Messi"s breakthrough at Barca.

The 33-year-old was on the win side just eight time in 30 Clasicos throughout his time at the Santiago Bernabeu, shedding 14 and drawing eight.

Even permitting for the truth that Messi has played in eight much more games, Ronaldo"s win percent of 26.7% is significantly lower than Messi"s 44.7%.

Who has scored the most Clasico centregalilee.coms?

Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Barcelona genuine Madrid

Again, Messi comes out on peak in terms of Clasico objectives scored, hitting the ago of the net 26 time in 38 games between the sides.

Most that those centregalilee.coms have actually come in La Liga, through 18strikes in 24appearances, six coming in 6 Supercopa games and two in the champions League.

The just competition in i beg your pardon Messi has not scored versus Madrid is the Copa del Rey, having been retained quiet in 6 matches.

PlayerClasico Gamescentregalilee.coms
Lionel Messi3826
Cristiano Ronaldo3018

Ronaldo is eight centregalilee.coms behind Messi in Clasico appearances with 18, but, again, the is worth noting the the reigning Ballon d"Or winner featured in eight fewer games than his rival.

Messi"s centregalilee.com-to-game proportion is marginally far better than Ronaldo"s (0.68 come 0.60), even though his Portuguese equivalent attempts more shots per game.

Who has the most assists?

Once again, Messi blows Ronaldo out of the water in terms of teeing increase team-mates in Clasico matches.

In enhancement to scoring 25 himself, the 30-year-old has collection up 14 purposes in his 37 Clasico appearances.

PlayerClasico GamesAssistsChances created
Lionel Messi381468
Cristiano Ronaldo30115

In 29 appearances against Barcelona for genuine Madrid, Ronaldo has actually supplied an help for only one centregalilee.com, i beg your pardon is damning when collection next come Messi"s contribution to Barca.

As well together that, the previous Manchester United guy is statistically much less creative, conjuring just 15 possibilities in comparison come Messi"s 68.

Ronaldo vs Messi: El Clasico overall

Lionel Messi Barcelona Tottenham UEFA Champions league 03102018 PlayerClasicos woncentregalilee.comsAssists
Lionel Messi172614
Cristiano Ronaldo8181

He may have come up second best come Ronaldo in regards to trophies and individual awards in the last couple of years, however Messi is the undisputed king that the Clasico.

The Argentine has scored much more centregalilee.coms, detailed more assists and found himself on the winning side more often once Barca and also Real face off.

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Messi has actually a much better centregalilee.com-to-game ratio and also the statistics plainly demonstrate that he contributes much more to the in its entirety team effort at Barca 보다 Ronaldo does because that Madrid.