In reloading because that center-fire ammo, i recall that 1 pound of smokeless powder equals 7000 grains. Walk the same organize true for black color powder as well?? ns was trying to gauge the variety of shots to mean per lb of black color powder, without the time and effort that dumping and measuring a have the right to of FFg.thanks

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One pound (16 ounces) avoirdupois dry weight amounts to 7000 grains equates to 453.59 grams in the U. S Customary system..
Isn"t the 7000 seed by weight , no the usual blackpowder units by volume???A 70 gr black color powder charge by volume may not weight 70 grains by weight... Ns think????Smokeless charges are grains by weight, not by you might measure a details charge by volume,weigh that in seed on your smokeless reloading scale, then carry out the mathematics for 7000 seed by weight...Someone gain me straight on this if i"m wrongrayb

A 70 gr black powder fee by volume may not load 70 seed by weight... I think????Smokeless charges room grains through weight, no by you could measure a details charge by volume,weigh that in grains on your smokeless reloading scale, then do the mathematics for 7000 grains by weight...rayb

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I"m certain to be repair if I"m wrong, however speaking around Black Powder being measured by volume, your absolutly right. That is the way we measure our charges.There is actually a straight relationship here.If you to fill a 70 serial powder measure up with real FFg black color powder and then sweet it, it will certainly be really close to 70 seed weight.If you use FFFg, it will be slightly more.In other words, if her measuring real FFg black color Powder the weight and also volume walk hand in hand.If everyone shot FFg black color Powder, we wouldn"t need to answer a lot of posts about this volume/weight relationship.The trouble comes v powders prefer Pyrodex, 777, etc. This powders room meant to it is in measured and used making use of the black color Powder Volume an approach but every cubic inch, lock don"t weigh the very same amount as black color Powder.This causes some folks to pour things choose Pyrodex right into a 70 grain flour measure and also then they weigh it.They obtain answers prefer 47 grains. Then they obtain to thinking their measuer is the not correct size.What"s happening right here is that Pyrodex just weighs 2/3 the the weight of FFg black color Powder per cubic inch volume.Pyrodex even makes the case that you obtain 30% more shots per lb of powder 보다 if you use black powder.The reason for this is 47 grains of Pyrodex no only has the exact same volume together 70 grains of black Powder, it also has the same amount of strength as 70 seed of FFg, therefore if her loading among the synthetic powders, just go through the old black Powder Volume method and you"ll it is in fine.