How far is Orlando indigenous Jacksonville?Here"s the fast answer if you drive this reasonably short distance without making any stops.

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Nonstop drive: 141 miles or 227 km

Driving time: 2 hours, 4 minutes

Even despite you deserve to drive this distance straight through, it might be much more interesting to avoid along the way. You deserve to scroll down to calculation how numerous hours it would take if you drive v stops.

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Now let"s assume you have actually a personal jet and you have the right to fly in thefastest possible straight line in between Jacksonville, Florida andOrlando, Florida. Due to the fact that of the curvature of the Earth, theshortest distance is actually the "great circle" distance, or"as the crow flies" which is calculated making use of an iterativeVincenty formula.

Flight distance: 125 miles or 201 km

Flight time: 45 minutes

The directly line flight distance is 16 miles much less than control on roads, which way the driving distance is approximately 1.1x that the trip distance.

Your airplane flies much faster than a car, therefore the flight time is around 1/3th of the time it would take to drive.

This is a fairly short flight in a exclusive plane, but you can be plan to book a advertising flight. In the case, your travel time would certainly really need toinclude how countless minutes to acquire to your regional airport, waitfor security, board and also taxi ~ above the runway, land at the otherairport, and get to her destination. Scroll under to watch a more realistic calculation the takesinto account all these determinants to get a more accurate estimateof her actual trip time.

Let"s say you"re in reality planning a road expedition to Orlando, and you desire to avoid on the way to explore. If it"s a actual road trip, you could want to examine out amazing places follow me the way, or possibly eat at a good restaurant. That"s what is perfect for,helping you figure out travel plans in detail.

Road trip: 1 day of driving

With the full itinerary to plan out, we deserve to estimateyour complete travel time because that this trip.

Travel time: 3.5 hrs on the road


Start in Jacksonville.

Drive for about 47 minutes, then avoid in St Augustine and also stay for around 1 hour.Next, journey for another 1 hour then stop at Undercover Tourist and stay for 1 hour.Drive for 1.5 hours then avoid at universal Studios and stay because that 1 hour.Finally, drive for about 16 minutes and arrive in Orlando.

To view all the details top top this itinerary, includingrecommended restaurants, hotels, and things to do alongthe way, examine out the full road trip planner:
Road pilgrimage from Jacksonville come Orlando
In the quick calculation above, us assumed you had actually a privateplane and also just want to recognize the time in the air from city to city.But for many of us, we"re going to be paris on a advertisement airline(whether it"s an initial class or coach). So that way we yes, really needto account for all the extra take trip time gaining to the airport,waiting because that our flight, and making it come the destination.

To offer you a much better estimate the real-life travel, we"veput together a trip itinerary v actual airports. Eventuallyyou"ll have the ability to customize this plan, choosing your very own airportsand flights. Yet for now, here"s an example we"ve selected togive you an idea of how traveling could work in between airports.

Departure airport: Jacksonville worldwide Airport (JAX)

Arrival airport: Orlando global Airport (MCO)

With the airports selected, we can estimate the travel time to andfrom the airport, based on how far the airplane is from downtown.

Getting come the airport: 33 minutes

Getting to your destination: 26 minutes

Now finally, let"s look at an actual flight from JAX connecting through CVG and also arriving at SFB flying on Allegiant waiting LLC. We have the right to figureout how long the would take to fly including take-off and also landing, time totaxi ~ above the runways, and also an mean layover time of about 2 hours.

Initial flight time: 1 hour, 44 minutes

Connecting airport: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky international Airport (CVG)

Connection flight time: 1 hour, 58 minutes

So currently we can finally get one idea of the complete travel time fromJacksonville come Orlando consisting of time spent acquiring to and from theairports, around 2 hours at the exit airport for TSA protection linesand waiting at the gate, plus the connecting flight with a 2-hour layover.

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Total take trip time: 9 hours

To see the details top top this flight plan, includingrecommended airports, airline, and route, inspect outthe trip planner:
Jacksonville come Orlando trip time has a ton of information that can assist you plan your expedition to Orlando, Florida. Start by reading the page on wherein to stay in Orlando. If you"re in search of a ar to stay, you might want to check out Universal"s Cabana Bay coast Resort. A great place to eat might be coffee shop Tu Tu Tango. members deserve to suggest points to carry out in Orlando like The Wizarding human being Of harry Potter. Inspect out few of the questions world have asked about Orlando favor How countless days because that Disney + universal?. Click the button below to check out Orlando in detail.