Gentlemen, you space good, honest, hard-working men. I know you, I know your values, and also I recognize the truths you carry. I additionally know this decision is a daunting one— back it should not be— however, I take place to recognize that you, together, will come to the right conclusion.

Gentlemen, you spend your job in sweat and solitude, working the fields, functioning the stores, working. Her days room long, monotonous, and also tiring. The Depression is hitting us difficult now. I have no doubt that every single man in Maycomb County, Alabama, no matter who he may be or what he might look like, has carried the burden of the Depression top top his shoulders due to the fact that it began. You’ve carried it, and just like you, Tom Robinson— a good, honest, hard-working man— has brought it. The only difference in between you and also Tom Robinson is the difference in between the colour of her skin.

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You all have families— youngsters who run through excitement as soon as you come house from working, wives who support you in every facet of being, mothers who elevated you, and also fathers who taught friend what it method to be a man. Imagine how they would certainly feel if girlfriend were wrongly charged for a crime you did no commit. Imagine exactly how wrecked that residence would feel without her presence, imagine the tears your youngsters would cry, imagine exactly how empty daily life would certainly feel without you in it.

Tom Robinson has a household too. He has a wife, Helen, three children, a mother, and a father, Spence. Tom Robinson’s family would be heartbroken to see him incarcerated because that a crime he did not and could not commit. If you do the not correct decision, gentlemen, the house of Tom Robinson will certainly be wrecked. His youngsters will shed those tears, his wife will be devastated, his parents would certainly be crippled end the unfair result of your son’s life. Ns remind you: the just difference between you and Tom Robinson is the difference in between the colour of your skin.

At the finish of the day, every piece of “evidence” — and also I say it choose this since “the state has actually not detailed one iota of medical evidence” throughout this trial— points to a man whose power lies in his left hand (TKAM 1:32:05-1:32:15). This guy is not Tom Robinson. Now, Mayella Ewell to be beaten, win brutally in ~ that. Her assailant simply simply can not have been Tom Robinson, not with the many concrete piece of evidence presented in this instance pointing to who else. The is clearly impossible for Tom to have committed this crime.

Not only is the physically impossible for Tom to have actually committed this crime, yet it is likewise morally impossible. Favor you and I, Tom Robinson is a man of God. He has actually proven self to it is in nothing but sound of mind and also sound of heart. The still had actually the decency to “feel right sorry” because that a young white woman, also though she had so much an ext than he can ever dream around (TKAM 1:30:59-1:31:04). The still had the decency to do her chores for complimentary after a long day of difficult work. Why would such a noble man, such a God-fearing man, have actually the motive to commit such a ghastly crime? The price is simple: there was no motive, as this was not his crime.

Please, gentlemen, ns implore you. Put away these notions of black and white for just one day and vote in favor of what this good nation truly stands for: unadulterated justice. As guys of God, discover it in ~ yourselves to make the choice that you understand is the appropriate one. Totally free Tom Robinson and his family from a life time of ill-deserved misery.

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