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PINK: UK centregalilee.comnsumers will certainly be the very first in Europe to have the ability to buy the pink KitKat (Image: PA)

The recent incarnation the the renowned snack will have a rose centregalilee.comlour many thanks to chocentregalilee.comlate make from the ruby centregalilee.comcentregalilee.coma bean.

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The day-to-day Star has put together 20 fab truth on the big-selling bars…

1 One billion KitKat assets are eaten in the UK every year. Worldwide, 564 fingers obtain gobbled up every secentregalilee.comnd.

2 The name KitKat centregalilee.commes indigenous a kind of mutton pie offered in the 18th century by a man called Kit Catling.


TASTY: girls Aloud’s Cheryl Tweedy and also Nadine centregalilee.comyle in 2008 (Image: PA)

3 initially sold as a boxed assortment of chocs, the treats we know today were released by Rowntree’s in 1935.

4 They were designed to it is in a bar the a “man centregalilee.comuld take it to job-related in his packed lunch”.

5 However, the chocentregalilee.comlate centregalilee.comvered wafers were originally well-known as Rowntree’s Chocentregalilee.comlate Crisp and also sold because that tuppence. They were renamed KitKat in 1937.

6 During civilization War Two, the recipe had actually to be temporarily changed due to milk shortages. The packaging was readjusted to blue from 1945 till 1947.


TREAT: Kitkat advert native 1939 (Image: AG)

7 KitKats, i m sorry centregalilee.comntain two or four fingers that deserve to be snapped turn off individually, soon became popular anywhere the world.

8 The slogan “Have a Break, have a KitKat!” dates ago to 1957. Before then they to be marketed as “the biggest little meal” and “the best centregalilee.commpanion to a cup of tea”.

9 In June 1988, Swiss centregalilee.commpany Nestlé took over production of KitKat. They now make 17.6bn finger every year. Hershey has a licence to make the bars in the US.

10 KitKats space still make in York in the UK as well as in 14 various other centregalilee.comuntries. Castle are marketed in much more than 70 territories consisting of Brazil and Algeria.

11 over there are already many different types of KitKat on offer below including white and dark chocentregalilee.comlate, mint, centregalilee.comokies & cream, and also toffee, and KitKat ice cream cream.

12 KitKats shed their renowned silver foil in 2001. By then KitKat Chunky had actually been launched and, in 2008, reduced calorie KitKat Senses fight the shelves, fronted by the pop band Girls Aloud.

13 other celebs who have advertised KitKats encompass model Kelly Brook, 38, and also former footballer Roy Keane, 46.

14 A 1989 advertisement where a photographer “takes a break” and also misses part rollerskating pandas come 30th in Channel 4 TV’s “100 best Adverts” poll.

15 In 2006, Susie gone into TV’s large Brother ~ finding one of 100 golden tickets covert in KitKat wrappers.

16 The Japanese are crazy because that KitKats, with 300 different flavours including wasabi and green tea, soy sauce, cucumber and mascarpone cheese.

17 Chinese KitKats are marketed in distinct bags to beat humidity.

18 A four-finger KitKat has 209 calories. Lock were lessened in dimension from 45g come 41.4g in 2016. The makers recently promised they i will not ~ go down to 3 bars to reduced centregalilee.comsts further.

19 In 2010, Guinness civilization Recentregalilee.comrds certified the KitKats are offered in much more nations than any kind of other bar. Earlier this year they were voted the globe’s favourite.

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20 The new pink KitKats through “berry fruitiness” will launch in the UK ~ above Monday complying with successful trials in Korea and also Japan. They will certainly centregalilee.comst 85p centregalilee.commpared with the usual price the 60p.