I know that the Bible, consist of of the Old and new Testaments, is the most translated book in the world. It appears that offering the native of God to all the human being is considered part of the great Commission.

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Since the LDS church stop the publication of Mormon to be the word of God, similar to the Bible, what is the current total variety of languages right into which it has actually been translated. I would additionally be interested in statistics because that the Pearl of an excellent Price and the Doctrines and also Covenants.


Currently, 150 million+ duplicates in any kind of of 82 languages. (from the Mormon Newsroom)

Since that was very first published in English in 1830, the book of Mormon has actually been fully translated into 82 languages, and printed copies have totaled much more than 150 million.

I"ll add a keep in mind that I"ve watched at least a dozen incomplete translations ("Selections from the book of Mormon") into much more obscure languages. Interestingly, ns have also met people who, because that existing translations, space assisting in making much better translations for an overwhelming languages favor Farsi where existing translations room lacking.

This page on the LDS Store has 37 language in the perform for the Triple Combination, which includes the publication of Mormon, Doctrine and also Covenants, and Pearl of good Price.

As a side, here"s an exciting article around the publishing of the publication of Mormon.

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together of last week, over there are now 109 languages, v Malay gift the most recent.
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