Respiratory Tract:large, contiguous system consisted of of several structures. The respiratory tract system starts at the nostrils, involves plenty of structures that the head, and also continues down the neck soon finishing at the lungs that lie in the chest cavity.

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Structure and Function


- or windpipe serves to conduct air downward right into the lungs.

- a semi-rigid versatile tube that connects the larynx come the bronchi that the lungs.

- within the chest, it lies over the basic of the heart, and also just next to and below the esophagus.

- consisted of of numerous C-shaped cartilages that room strung together, each alternating with an elastic ligament

or muscle


- tongue-shaped cartilage just anterior come the opened of the trachea

- avoids food and liquid from entering the trachea or larynx

- elastic cartilage and consists of rubber membrane


- also a digestive organ

- muscular tube that transports ingested product from the mouth come the stomach

- walls of muscle, wave-like contractions push food right into the stomach


- a caliber the airway that conducts air right into the lungs

- the trachea divides into two key bronchi(branches), the left and also the right, in ~ the sternum(a point called


- spread out out right into lung tissue and continue to divide right into smaller hollow channels as lock go additional into the


- airways terminate in small air pockets within the lungs dubbed alveoli


- to provide a large surface area over which gases room exchanged in between the body"s circulation and

outside air

- two, left and right

- oxygen is bring away in from the atmosphere and also carbon dioxide is exhaled indigenous the blood

- the plot of breathing requires systematic interactions in between the lungs, the main nervous system, the diaphragm and circulatory system.


- muscle the separates the chest(thoracic) cavity from the abdomen

- the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm is the factor for a adjust in pressure of the space

surrounding the versatile lungs, enabling them to inflate and deflate



1. Epiglottis

2. Vocal Chords (larynx)

3. Trachea

4. Esophagus



Similarities and Differences with person Respiratory System

Both the cat and also human respiratory device are well-coordinated and properly emerged to assistance the respiration the the lungs and circulation of air. Various other than the reality that human beings are much larger in size, are able come sweat, and have only 5 lobes in your lungs, the feline and human respiratory mechanism are fairly similar. The function, location, and also appearance that each framework operate practically identically in both humans and also cats. Due to the fact that the cats can only sweat in your feet and also cannot perspire to preserve body temperature, the feline respiratory device serves 2 purposes. Replacing the carbon dioxide in the body v oxygen and cooling the body down. To reduced body temperature, cats need to breathe harder for a faster exchange of heat air with the cooler wait outside.

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Actions of Breathing

once a cat inhales, new air moves v the nose (or mouth), pharynx, and larynx come the trachea. The trachea climate carries the air to the bronchi, which begin to supply the lungs. Air exchange wake up in the alveoli and also the used air (carbon dioxide) adheres to the opposite path of the brand-new air; passing right into the bronchi, v the trachea, with the larynx and also pharynx, then lastly exiting the body out the mouth or nose. Breath is reasonably easy and is perfect by the actions of the rib muscles and also the movement of the solid diaphragm. Together this great muscle moves toward the abdomen, it creates a an unfavorable pressure and pulls new air and oxygen into the lungs causing the cat come inhale. The chest cavity roughly the lung acts as a vacuum enabling the lungs to inflate quickly when the cat inhales. When the muscle moves forward, towards the head, it reasons the lung to compress and also force the air out by exhaling, thus getting rid that the offered air (waste, carbon dioxide gas).

Why The Lobes ?

Cats have actually a left and also right lung, just like humans do. Other than humans have three lobes in their appropriate lung and only two lobes in your left lung coming out to five lobes full throughout. Yet for a feline, your lungs consists of seven lobes throughout. With four lobes in the ideal lung and three lobes in the left lung. I believe this distinct structure and variety of lobes in the cat contrasted to the human being is because the feline need more, harder, faster breathing mechanisms to process the air throughout the body. And i think there are much more lobes on the right side that the lungs 보다 the left due to the fact that the heart is top top the left and also maybe with evolution, an ext space was necessary on the left for the heart, leave an extra lobe of the lung out. :(