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A cup is a volume measure up - generally liquid, but can be offered for dry goods too. 8 oz of weight (which is exactly how cheese is usually sold) isn’t going to interpret to 8 liquid ounces, i beg your pardon is a cup. But, as someone pointed out, shredded cheese is usually about 4 ozs of weight to one cup.
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Yes. Civilization confuse liquid (volume) ounces with weight ounces all the time. 8 oz by load of shredded cheese amounts to 2 cup (16 oz) by volume.

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My understanding is the the bulk of her food measure up is by weight. Like: 4 grams that flour. Is this true?
My expertise is the the mass of her food measurement is by weight. Like: 4 grams the flour. Is this true?
Not for shredded cheese. 4 oz = 1 cup, 8 oz = 2 cups.OP, ns usually simply take the ounces of cheese and also grate it, there is no measuring out the finished grated cheese. No should compact it, together I\"m measuring by weight, not volume.
I loved to teach metric to kids. They have actually no idea how complicated the device the learned (standard) yes, really is! if I would certainly love the lull of the metric system, ns don\"t think I\"d love weighing things. I\"m a girl who loves come scoop and also toss.
If you want a REALLY an excellent pimiento cheese cooking recipes I have actually your answer...Jack Allen\"s Kitchen house Made Pimiento CheeseI\"m not a vast pimiento cheese fan however I will certainly gobble this stuff down choose there is no tomorrow.
My knowledge is the the bulk of your food measurement is through weight. Like: 4 grams the flour. Is this true?
Seems favor a far more accurate method to do a recipe. Unlike the united state where a cup the flour can selection anywhere indigenous 3/4 c to 1 1/4 cups depending upon how lot the cook packs the flour or filling the cup.

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For grated cheese 8 oz. = 2 cupsAlso, just a tip do NOT usage pre-shredded cheese when making pimento cheese - the is much far better if girlfriend grate it yourself
Seems choose a far much more accurate method to make a recipe. Unlike the us where a cup of flour can variety anywhere from 3/4 c come 1 1/4 cups relying on how lot the chef packs the flour or filling the cup.
I have frequently thought that. Clearly in some recipes the doesn’t issue too much yet for others it appears terribly hit or miss