The only legal unit measurement of firewood is the CORD.

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CORD is identified as:” a loosely stacked pile of break-up firewoodmeasuring 4 ft. Vast x 4 ft. High x 8 ft. Long.”

The total volume of a CORD is same to 128 cubic feet.There is no legal typical for the “Face Cord”but it have to be
45 cubic feet = 1/3 cord.Beware that sellers offering “Face Cord” or (4 x 8) quantities !!“Face Cords” need to be multiplied (x3) to identify true complete cord pricing !!A cord of wood weighs over 4,000 lbs. And does not fit in a pickup truck
– An typical seasoned cord that hardwood weighs more than 2 tons!! Unstacked it will take as much as 200 cubic feet in space. An 8 ft. Pick up van would have to pile the hardwood uniformly at 5 feet tall to fit one ustacked cord. The typical pick increase truck deserve to only haul 1/2 a cord that firewood at a time.Seasoned firewood should have less than 30% moisture content – When hardwood is fresh cut it has a the majority of water. By properly splitting, stacking and also storing wood the will come to be seasoned as soon as the water is evaporated by the sun and also wind. As soon as the lumber reaches a moisture content (MC) of less than 30% it will certainly burn properly and release the optimum save BTU’s (heat). Wood with much more than a 30% MC should not be burned indoors!! it is very inefficient and produces dangerous acid water vapor (Creosote) in her chimney.Now back to the trailer issue…What walk a cord of timber weigh, both dry wood and also fresh cut green wood?Check out the listed below Wood Heating and also Weight values chart to discover out what various species of wood weigh as soon as gathered as a cord.Wood Heating and also Weight ValuesSpeciesCord Weight(pounds) **DRYCord Weight(pounds) **GREENAlder, Red2000 – 26003200 – 4100Ash2680 – 34504630 – 5460Aspen1860 – 24003020 – 3880Beech3100 – 40004890 – 6290Birch2840 – 36504630 – 5960Cedar, Incense1800 – 23503020 – 3880Cedar, port Orford2100 – 27003400 – 4370Cherry2450 – 31504100 – 5275Chinquapin2580 – 34503670 – 4720Cottonwood1730 – 22252700 – 3475Dogwood3130 – 40255070 – 6520Douglas-Fir2400 – 30753930 – 5050Elm2450 – 31504070 – 5170Eucalyptus3550 – 45606470 – 7320Fir, Grand1800 – 23303020 – 3880Fir, Red1860 – 24003140 – 4040Fir, White1900 – 24503190 – 4100Hemlock, Western2200 – 28304460 – 5730Juniper, Western2400 – 30504225 – 5410Laurel, California2690 – 34504460 – 5730Locust, Black3230 – 41506030 – 7750Madrone3180 – 40865070 – 6520Magnolia2440 – 31404020 – 5170Maple, huge Leaf2350 – 30003840 – 4940Oak, Black2821 – 36254450 – 5725Oak, Live3766 – 48406120 – 7870Oak, White2880 – 37104890 – 6290Pine, Jeffery1960 – 25203320 – 4270Pine, Lodgepole2000 – 25803320 – 4270Pine, Ponderosa1960 – 25203370 – 4270Pine, Sugar1960 – 22702970 – 3820Redwood, Coast1810 – 23303140 – 4040Spruce, Sitka1960 – 25203190 – 4100Sweetgum (Liquidambar)2255 – 29004545 – 5840Sycamore2390 – 30804020 – 5170Tanoak2845 – 36504770 – 6070Walnut, Black2680 – 34504450 – 5725Western Red Cedar1570 – 20002700 – 3475Willow, Black1910 – 24503140 – 4040** Weights:Lower worth of selection assumes 70 cubic feet of lumber per cord.Higher worth of range assumes 90 cubic feet of hardwood per cord.Dry weight at 12 percent moisture content.Green weight at 40 to 60 percent moisture content.All moisture contents based on “wet” wood basis.

Factors that Can influence The weight Of The Cord

The load of the cord deserve to vary relying on what tree is used and also whether or not the timber is environment-friendly or dried. A cord of environment-friendly wood actually weighs two times much more than one the is consisted of of dried wood due to the fact that green wood have a really high moisture content.A cord the is made up of ring logs likewise weighs much less than a cord the is comprised of split pieces. When it pertains to the species of lumber used, you require to know that hardwood trees are much heavier than various other trees. For the generally used oak tree, you need to recognize that red oak can be more heavier than white oak.This is due to the fact that hardwood tree has an ext density than softwood trees such together pine. You should additionally know that the longer the wood has been retained outside, the lighter they will certainly be. Letting the wood air dry on a raised platform is dubbed seasoning the wood and also it can assist make lock lighter and also burn better.

How much Does A Cord Of lumber Weigh?

For a full cord made up of bur oak, freshly cut ones will weigh as much as 4960 lbs. And also 3768 lbs. When dried. Because that a complete cord that red or pink oak, freshly cut ones will weigh as much as 4888 lbs. And 3528 lbs. When dried. White oak at the same time weighs 5573 lbs. Once wet and also 4200 lbs. When dried.If her firewood cord is comprised of various other trees, then you should recognize that a cord the freshly reduced apple wood weighs 4850 pounds, green ash have the right to weigh as much as 4184 pounds, yellow birch deserve to weigh 4312 pounds and willow have the right to weigh as much as 4320 pounds. These space all green weights.So you can easily get an calculation of how much a challenge cord would certainly weigh, you will need to divide the load of a full cord that a specific type of hardwood by three. Therefore you will certainly know just how much the weight of a specific kind of dried wood will weigh, you must deduct roughly 70% of its environment-friendly weight.You can look online for an ext information about the cord load of various kinds of trees. Over there are prepared tables the will aid you gather data, and also you can additionally use virtual calculators the will help you determine how much number of cords the a specific kind of lumber weighs in a issue of seconds.

How do You measure Firewood?

This is something that if you plan on utilizing firewood, you need to learn. The correct state for exactly how you measure up firewood is in cords, therefore one or 2 cords that wood, yet there is likewise a face cord i m sorry is measure up differently. Through a regular cord of lumber it is 4 feet high, 8 feet wide, and also 4 feet deep which will certainly be 128 cubic feet. Normally this is stack in what is referred to as a rick of wood, i beg your pardon is 4 x 4 x 8 feet. Therefore if friend hear world referring come a rick of wood, that is what it means.Then you have the various other measurement i m sorry is referred to as a confront cord. A reality cord of lumber is a solitary stack the is 4 feet high and also 8 feet wide, and roughly between 12 to 18 customs deep. So together you deserve to tell it is stacked very differently contrasted to the normal cord that wood, making it generally weigh a many less. For this reason these are the two units of measurement that you should keep in mind, once measuring wood.

How lot Does A Cord Of hardwood Weigh?

This is among the more daunting questions come answer because there is never specific weight with many factors, that have to be included in. For example something favor a Basswood (linden) will approximately be about 1990 lbs as soon as dry in a cord, but if it is still environment-friendly it deserve to weigh up to 4410 lbs. Therefore while you can not get an accurate number, girlfriend can acquire a little bit of an idea i m sorry will aid in your decision making. This is certainly frustrating due to the fact that I can’t just tell friend a number, for this reason if you’re planning to move a cord of lumber in your pick up. I would highly recommend doing it in lot of trips.While i can’t give you precise number i do have actually estimations which room as close to an median on several of the an ext popular firewood in the USA. Which ns hope will certainly be maybe to assist you in your search, but if i haven’t detailed one that you use. Feel free to leaving a comment and I could be may be to assist or point you in the direction of someone that does.

How much Does A Cord of Oak lumber Weigh?

Oak is just one of the many common species of lumber in the world, and also not just the USA. This is for good reason, that is a an extremely versatile lumber that burns well and not to difficult to split. It additionally has fairly a nice smell as soon as it burns, if the is crucial to you. There room four species that most people will usage which are Bur, Red, Pin, and also White oak.

The Estimations because that Oak Wood

Bur Oak – When it is still green it approximately weighs approximately 4970 lbs, which will absolutely mean several trips in your choose up. When it is dry it around weighs around 3770 lbs, i m sorry again means several trips which friend will an alert is a typical theme v this.Red and also Pin Oak – If you’re wondering why this room together, the is due to the fact that they belonging in the very same group. They’re in reality the lightest out of the oaks top top this perform coming in in ~ 4890lbs when green. Then once it has been dried out properly, it around weighs around 3530lbs. So yet again the bad pick up will certainly be making much more trips.White Oak – White oak is easily the most heavy of the oaks, weighing approximately 500lbs much more then the Bur oak. The weighs roughly about 5580lbs as soon as it is green, which will make short work out of what you trying to lug it with. Even when the is dry it still will weigh over 4000lbs, being about around 4210lbs.

My thoughts On Oak

While ns really choose oak in generally, and is a wood I generally use in my very own home. It deserve to be a pain when it pertains to transporting a lot of it, especially when my choose up will only permit me to carry about 2000lbs i beg your pardon is on the greater side then many peoples. Yet apart native the weight, oak is a great form of wood to use and also highly recommend.

How much Does A Cord that Pine hardwood Weigh?

While ns personally not a large fan of making use of Pine timber to burn, since it is a softwood which no burn and also a hardwood choose the Oaks above. That is quiet a common kind of timber that is offered for burn in the USA, so I had actually to encompass it top top this perform to aid as many world as possible. There are three varieties of pine that I have been asked around the most, and also they are. Eastern White, Jack, and also Ponderosa which all weigh about the same once dry i beg your pardon surprised me.

The Estimations because that Pine Wood

Eastern White pine – The east White jaw is the baby of the group, if friend can call over 2000lbs a baby! as soon as it is environment-friendly it approximately weighs about 2790lbs which is the lightest ~ above this entire list. When it’s dry it sheds about 500lbs, weighing around 2255lbs overall. Thankfully this will cut how plenty of trips you will have to do!Jack pine – We are ago over the 3000lbs note with this wood, v it being around 3205lbs from my estimations. The does burned a fair little of weight when it has been dried the end fully, coming close to the 2493lb mark.Ponderosa pine tree – The thing with Ponderosa jaw is that it holds an ext water then many Pine wood. So that weighs much more then the others as soon as wet, but when dry it is contempt lighter climate the Jack. Being about around 3610 lbs when green, and 2340lbs as soon as dry. This is a huge surprise to me, however does make life a little easier once it pertains to transporting dry.

My think On Pine

As I proclaimed Pine isn’t for me, yet I recognize why world use it. That is a really common wood, the is lighter then various other woods. Which likewise makes it much easier to split, however it no burn together well. It can be cheaper also because the it being a softwood, for this reason if you’re on a budget and can’t reduced it yourself. Ns can acquire why civilization need to usage pine.

How lot Do The more Common Woods weigh In A Cord?

While I might list quiet a couple of more species of wood, ns feel concentrating on the an ext common will permit me come help more people, there is no being totally overwhelming. This may sound strange come some, yet I have actually met numerous beginner who have said come much info is overwhelming. I prefer to shot and save as many people in mind together possible.So top top this list I will go over the more common species such as Maple, Cherry, Birch, Elm, Hickory, and Douglas Fir. While the first few are a bit an ext understandable, the Douglas Fir will capture your eye if you recognize a thing of too about wood. It’s a lot favor pine together in that a softwood therefore it doesn’t burn and also the others. But it quiet is quite a well-known wood to use, therefore i want to incorporate it ~ above the list.

The Estimations because that The much more Common species Of Wood

Silver Maple – Silver Maple is a very good wood particularly when it involves burning, it has actually a low amount that smoke, but decent heat. Yet in regards to weight it no to negative really, around weighing around 3910 lbs once green. It additionally holds a many water once it’s green and also drops rather a little bit when dried, coming in close to 2760lbs.Other Maple – I made silver- separately due to the fact that it is a bit various to other maples, if the others space quite comparable so lock together. When they are green they sweet an superior 4690lbs, and when dried out it is closer to 3685lbs.Black Cherry – Blach Cherry trees are great for over there coals as soon as burning making them quite renowned as well. Once it pertains to it’s unseasoned weight, it roughly comes in in ~ 3700lbs. After you dried it, that loses roughly 700lbs comes in at 2930lbs.Paper Birch – Paper Birch is the much more popular kind of Birch tree for human being to burn, since it has some decent heat, and also smells fairly nice. However in regards to weight the pretty heavy, weighing 4315lbs as soon as green. Then after it has been seasoned effectively it come in around the 3000lbs mark.Red Elm – While civilization burn American, and also Siberian Elm. I think the Red is much more common and also the far better wood to burn if girlfriend are choosing an Elm. The pretty hefty wood when green, i m sorry is about 4805lbs. Climate drops well over 1500lbs as soon as you dried it out, comes in in ~ 3120lbs.Bitternut Hickory – Hickory is a heavy hardwood, which provides it difficult to split, but makes it excellent to burn. With the Bitternut coming in at 5040lbs as soon as green, and also roughly 3840lbs as soon as dry.Shagbark Hickory – The Shagbark Hickory is simply slightly more heavier then that Bitternut counterpart, coming in about at 5110lbs as soon as green. After you have dried it the end it comes down fairly a bit as well, gift closer come 3957lbs.Douglas Fir – As ns said before Douglas Fir is a softwood, for this reason it’s not the best for burning. Which girlfriend will notice it is comparable to the Pines in weight. V a green cord of Douglas Fir being approximately 3324lbs, and also after dry out gift 2975lbs.

Additional tips For drying Firewood

Splitting the timber after you reduced it will reveal the internal of the wood to the wind and also sun permitting it to dry faster. Generally, the smaller sized you separation the timber the faster it will season.However, separating the lumber too small will reason it come burn quicker in her wood oven which renders achieving one overnight burn daunting with a bunch of little chunks of firewood.I prefer to leave a couple of larger pieces of timber that are break-up once in half that I can use to placed on the fire at night. These pieces burn slower, permitting plenty that coals in the firebox the next morning to easily start the fire.Stack the wood on pallets, blocks or 2×4’s and also avoid stacking your firewood straight on the ground. This enables air come circulate under the wood and prevents soil moisture and insects indigenous penetrating her stack that firewood.Choose a location that receives many of summer sunlight which will rate up the drying process. Protect against dark, shady locations close come your home which might promote mold expansion on your firewood.A covered firewood melted is a an excellent place to save firewood yet if you don’t have access to a shed, cover your firewood with a tarp to stop rain and also snow indigenous penetrating the wood.When making use of a tarp it’s essential to only cover the height 1/3 that the firewood stack. This permits the tarp to safeguard the firewood native rain and also snow, yet also permits the wind to pass through the lumber to dry it out reducing the firewood weight.

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Firewood load – Overall

Seasoned firewood lights easier, burns name is and produces much less creosote than wet or green firewood.For best results, plan ahead. Reduced your firewood early and let the sun and wind dry out the wood prior to you effort to burn it. Trust me……burning seasoned firewood provides heating with wood a lot more enjoyable.