A whole note, likewise called a semibreve (British) is the keep in mind with the longest time worth in modern music. Its length is same to four beats and takes up whole bar in 4/4 time. It’s equivalent in value to 4 quarter notes.

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It is represented by a hole oval keep in mind head. Unlike half notes, it has no stem. Together I constantly say come students, that looks favor a hole. Many other notes space fractions the the semibreve. For circumstances a half not is play for half the duration of the whole, a quarter note for a quarter of the duration and an eighth note for a eighth the the duration.

COUNT: “1 – 2 – 3 – 4” when holding the keep in mind down on your piano or keyboard. Girlfriend can additionally say “Whole-note-hold-down”.

You deserve to count “one and two and three and also four and”.

Here’s a huge printable

entirety note symbol.

Do you have accessibility to a metronome? It’s a great tool for understanding the proper method to play a entirety note (semibreve). If you don’t have actually a physics one, you have the right to search the net for an virtual metronome.

Start her metronome. Every click synchronizes to a beat. Count, “1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4….” and also so on. Host down the note for four beats. Every time girlfriend restart top top 1, a brand-new measure starts and you should play the keep in mind again on the beat.

Play this: note, click , click, click, note, click, click, click, note, click, click, click and so on. Mental to host down the note for four clicks. Store practicing this until you plainly understand and have a feel for this kind of note.


Here’s a great video around this keep in mind (Learn how to count):

Think the a measure as a pie. It can be divided into halves (2 pieces), soldier (4 pieces) or eighths (8 pieces). A whole note is dubbed that means because the is played and held because that a entirety measure. 1 whole note = 2 fifty percent notes = 4 4 minutes 1 notes = 8 eighth notes = 16 16 notes.

Here’s a big printable one ~ above a line.

A associated symbol is the totality rest (or semibreve rest), which commonly denotes a silence for the exact same duration. When you come across a whole rest, you merely rest (play nothing) for the duration of 4 beats. Entirety rests are drawn as filled-in rectangles hanging under the 2nd line native the peak of a music staff.

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