When enjoying the airgunning sport, girlfriend have virtually certainly come throughout a CO2 airgun at part point. While learning about or utilizing these guns, you may have had reason to ask, “How numerous shots have the right to you gain with a CO2 airgun?”

There are countless factors that influence the variety of shots a CO2 airgun can output, but a an excellent average is 75 shots per canister. Approximately temperature and also features that the gun will play a component in how countless shots you can expect from a CO2 canister.

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Some guns have been known to get around 30 shots out of an airgun, if sometimes, lock can obtain a hundred or more. Why this wide discrepancy? Well, together we claimed before, over there are rather a couple of factors the play a component in the variety of shots that you will obtain from your airgun.

What factors Play a part in How numerous Shots i Can acquire From my CO2 Airgun?

In order to know this answer, we have to make certain that we know exactly how CO2 airguns work. CO2 cartridges are placed into an airgun, and also the compressed gas within of the cartridge expands when you traction the trigger. That widening gas moves her BB or pellet the end of the gun.

At room temperature, a CO2 cartridge will certainly have around 850 psi. But, like we said, the is in ~ room temperature. If the canister’s temperature drops, therefore does the push inside, therefore they have less power that they have the right to dump right into your pellet or BB. This means you will have fewer shots and less strength in each shot.

The exact same is true in reverse: an ext heat method more energy, way more shots.

For fun I once made decision to shoot a CO2 powered BB gun until the canister was empty, but after around 100 or for this reason shots, I gained bored, So your canisters will certainly last a while.

You might likewise be interested to recognize that once a gas expands, that cools down. Insert a new CO2 canister and then traction it the end of your gun, and also it will dump out every one of its gas. Friend may an alert that the gas coming out of the is cold, and that the canister is freezing, choose collecting frost ~ above the surface freezing.

That’s an extreme example, but as friend shoot, her canister cools down, and if friend don’t offer the cartridge time to warm earlier up by spacing out your shooting, you might see a fall in performance.

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All the the power used through the gun is uncovered in the cartridge. This is perfect fine, but certain features of guns will take it extra energy out of the canister per shot, and also pull that that energy away from the BB.

If over there are moving parts on her gun, like a blow earlier slide, those components are getting their energy from the canister also. This way that your canister has to work more difficult to obtain your BB or pellet relocating at the same fps as if there to be no moving parts.

This basically translates into: your replica airgun looks yes, really cool, but will get around 20 under shots per canister. If her gun has a on slide action, intend somewhere around 50 or 60 because that an average airgun. If you space using a non-blowback airgun, 75 shots is a great number to expect.