$0.75 – $2.00 per square foot (materials)$40 – $80 every ton (materials)$3 – $7 every square foot (installed)

Asphalt prices $40 come $80 every ton. The expense of asphalt is $0.75 come $2.00 per square foot for hot-mix. Blacktop asphalt prices are $80 to $160 every cubic yard. One lb of cold-mix asphalt costs $0.15 come $0.40 or $8 come $20 per 50-pound bag. Asphalt delivery expenses $4 come $9 every ton.

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Get totally free estimates native asphalt pavers near you or view our pricing guide below.

Asphalt prices

Asphalt prices space $40 to $80 per ton on average or $0.75 come $2.00 per square foot. Asphalt products for a 2-car (24’x24’) driveway cost $600 to $1,100. Asphalt prices depend on the quality, volume, distribution fees, and if it"s hot-mix, cold-mix, porous, recycled, or crushed.

Asphalt prices by unit - chart

Asphalt pricesUnitPrice range
Per ton$40 – $80
Delivery every ton+ $4 – $9
Per cubic yard$80 – $160
Per square foot (3” – 5” depth)$0.75 – $2.00

*Hot-mix asphalt material expense only.

This guide covers asphalt material expenses only. Examine out asphalt paving expenses for materials and also labor.
Asphalt large 15 come 30 years, if concrete lasts 30 to 40 years.

Asphalt expense calculator

Enter the length and width of your task in feet listed below to calculation the cost of asphalt materials.

Asphalt cost calculator
Length that the area in feet
Width of the area in feet
Depth in inches1.5"-2" because that resurfacing2" because that sidewalks and walkways3"-5" for driveway5"-11" commercial parking lots and also roads

Table that contents

Asphalt prices by unitAsphalt expense per square footCost of asphalt by typeFrequently request questions

Average cost of asphalt

The complying with table consist of the average price of asphalt per ton.

Average price of asphalt every ton - chart

Average asphalt expense per ton
National mean Cost$60
Minimum Cost$40
Maximum Cost$150
Average Range$40to$80

*Based top top 641 project prices reported by centregalilee.com members.

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Asphalt price by unit

Asphalt material expenses depend on rudely oil prices, asphalt-mixture quality, volume, and delivery fees. Check with asphalt home builders or manufacturing plants for existing asphalt prices.

Get existing asphalt prices from local pros.View Pros

Asphalt cost per ton

Asphalt expenses $40 come $80 every ton on average. Asphalt price vary depending upon the mix and also material ingredients. One ton the asphalt consists 30 to 80 square feet. A 2-car driveway demands 7.5 come 18 tons of asphalt, depending on the thickness.

Asphalt expense per ton by product - chart

Asphalt square foot coverage per tonAsphalt thickness (inches)Square feet every ton (coverage)

Asphalt cost per cubic yard

Asphalt prices $80 to $160 per cubic yard. over there are frequently 2 tons in 1 cubic yard, relying on the mixture"s density. A cubic garden covers 65 come 110 square feet through an asphalt layer 3 come 5 inches deep.

Pound that asphalt cost

Cold-mix asphalt prices $0.15 to $0.40 every pound or $8 to $20 every 50-pound bag. Hot-mix asphalt expenses $40 to $80 per ton (2,000 pounds), and also minimum assignment are frequently 2 tons.

Bag of asphalt cost

A 50 lb. Bag of cold-patch asphalt costs $8 come $20 and covers 5 come 7 square feet in ~ a 1" depth. Cold-patch asphalt is the only DIY-friendly option that cures through compaction alone.

Contractor making use of cold-mix asphalt for patching pothole

Bulk asphalt cost per truckload

A bulk truckload the asphalt prices $500 come $1,800, including delivery fees. Tandem trucks bring 13 come 20 tons of asphalt that cover 550 come 850 square feet through a layer 3 to 5 inches thick. Prices vary according to the asphalt-delivery distance.

Bulk asphalt expense per truckload - chart

Asphalt mass pricesTruck size (tons)Material costMaterial + distribution cost
13$500 – $1,050$550 – $1,150
20$800 – $1,600$850 – $1,800

Asphalt distribution cost

Asphalt delivery prices $40 to $80 every hour or $4 come $9 per ton in ~ 15 come 20 mile of asphalt plants. Greater distances cost much more because hot-mix asphalt have to stay at an exact temperatures for immediate paving top top delivery. Asphalt delivery is typically part of material prices in job estimates.

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Asphalt expense per square foot

Asphalt expenses $0.75 come $2.00 per square foot when spread 3" to 5" thick. A ton of asphalt consists 30 to 80 square feet. An average 2-car driveway calls for 10 come 18 tons the asphalt, costing $600 to $1,100 because that asphalt materials or $1,700 to $4,000 including installation.

Asphalt price per square footProjectTons neededMaterial costInstalled cost
Driveway (24’x24’)10 – 18$600 – $1,100$1,700 – $4,000
Driveway (24’x40’)18 – 30$1,100 – $1,800$2,900 – $6,700
Private road (12’x100’)22 – 37$1,300 – $2,200$3,600 – $8,400
Parking an are (300 SF)5 – 9$300 – $550$900 – $2,100
10-Car parking lot55 – 92$3,300 – $5,500$9,000 – $21,000
Garden route (3’x100’)3 – 4$180 – $240$900 – $2,100
Sidewalk or walkway (4’x50’)2 – 3$120 – $180$600 – $1,400
Patio (10’x15’)3 - 5$180 – $300$450 – $1,050
Playground (15’x15’)4 – 7$240 – $420$675 – $1,575
Sport court (30’x50’)28 – 46$1,700 – $2,750$4,500 – $10,500

Prep work prior to paving asphalt

Remove and also haul old asphalt driveway: $1 come $3 every square foot.Excavate and grade challenging terrain: $1 come $3 per square foot.Dispose that a tree: $180 come $500Remove tree stump: $50 come $150

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Cost of asphalt by type

Asphalt prices vary relying on the type, grade, and layers that asphalt.

Cost of asphalt by typeTypeAverage cost per ton
Hot-mix$40 – $80
Cold-mix$90 – $130
Porous$50 – $95
Recycled$10 – $20
Warm-mix$45 – $90
Colored$60 – $120
Coarse great / basecoat / binder layer$40 – $70
Surface mix / topcoat / good grade$50 – $80

*Not including shipment or installation.

Cold-mix vs. Hot-mix asphalt cost

Hot-mix asphalt prices $40 come $80 per ton top top average. Hot-asphalt paving is best for driveways, large surfaces, and also permanent repairs. Hot-mix asphalt comes in base or surface-layer grades. New asphalt continues to be at 250°F to 350°F throughout transportation for immediate paving top top delivery.

Cold-mix asphalt prices $90 to $130 per ton or in between $8 come $20 per 50 lb. Bag. Cold mix is appropriate for quick and temporary asphalt repairs when external temperatures room too cold because that hot-asphalt paving.

Contractor spreading and also raking hot-mix asphalt over driveway

Recycled or crushed asphalt cost

Recycled asphalt expenses $10 come $20 per ton or $12 come $32 per cubic yard, depending on the screening quality and location. A crushed asphalt driveway additionally requires a gravel subgrade. Roadway base driveway material expenses $0.50 to $1.50 per square foot or between $18 and also $31 per ton.

Additional surroundings costs apply for steamroller compaction and also sealant application to develop a long-lasting driveway.Reclaimed asphalt is lighter in color than brand-new black asphalt.Possible to recycle old asphalt on-site through a crusher to reduce material costs.


Warm-mix asphalt cost

Warm-mix asphalt expenses $45 to $90 every ton ~ above average. While hot-mix asphalt relies on high temperature of 250°F come 350°F to tie the pavement, warm-mix asphalt (WMA) has special additives because that paving at just 150°F come 250°F.

Warm-mix asphalt pros and cons:

Slower cooling allows for longer-distance deliveries and paving in cooler climates.Less heating provides WMA more energy-efficient and also environmentally friendly to produce.Reducing paving temperature decreases the lot of paving fumes.Paving v WMA is commonly a faster procedure than through hot-mix asphalt.Adding extra binding additive costs more in materials than hot-mix asphalt.Not available everywhere as it’s a newer pavement type.

Porous asphalt cost

Porous asphalt expenses $50 come $95 per ton for products only. Water filters with the porous asphalt right into a twin layer that crushed stone beneath that drains underground. Porous asphalt to reduce stormwater runoff and reduces the require for driveway drains.

Porous asphalt pros and cons:

Doesn’t need sealing like classic asphaltWorks fine on gentle slopes with deep water tables and well-draining soilNeeds a deeper gravel sub-grade base the costs an ext to installRequires cleaning to protect against dirt from clogging the inner-pavement drainageOnly works with liquid de-icers in winter together sand or salt will clog this driveway

Coarse-graded asphalt (binder or base-course layers)

Coarse-graded warm asphalt expenses $40 to $70 every ton. This sub-surface asphalt commonly comes in fragment sizes from 0.75 customs (19 mm) come 2.00 customs (50 mm). The base and binder asphalt layers give the pavement surface its strength and stability.

Paving providers install 2 or 3 asphalt layers relying on the strength of the driveway foundation.

A highly stable gravel-base structure only demands an asphalt binder layer adhered to by a fine-grade asphalt surface.Some properties require an asphalt basic layer, an intermediate binder layer, and a surface-asphalt layer.

Surface-mix asphalt cost

Surface-mix warm asphalt prices $50 come $80 every ton on average. The smooth complete asphalt layer has actually particles native 0.19 inch (4.75 mm) come 0.50 customs (12.50 mm) in dimension with extra fluid asphalt. The optimal layer of surface asphalt calls for a sustaining binder or basic layer.

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Frequently request questions

Asphalt vs. Blacktop

The state “asphalt” and “blacktop” are slightly different. Highway pavers use asphalt, which includes less rock than real blacktop. Blacktops are provided for residential areas with much less traffic, are less complicated to repair, and more durable than asphalt.

What is the difference in between asphalt and concrete?

Asphalt and also concrete both contain stones and also sand, but asphalt additionally has a bitumen binder, a petroleum byproduct. Concrete has an ext cement binder, making that stiffer 보다 asphalt. Asphalt is cheaper yet requires an ext maintenance. Concrete big longer however stains easily.

Asphalt paver rental cost

Renting one asphalt paving device costs $750 to $3,600 per day top top average. Asphalt roller rental prices $120 come $700 every day for ride-on compactors 3 come 4-foot wide. Renting asphalt paving machinery occasionally requires a advertising driver’s license and added training.

Asphalt paving machine and roller rental costPeriodPaving machineRoller
Daily rates$750 – $3,600$120 – $700
Weekly rates$1,900 – $9,000$265 – $2,100
Monthly rates$5,700 – $22,000$700 – $6,300

*Total rental costs depend ~ above the device size and also location.

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Hiring an asphalt company

Get at the very least three in-person estimates to compare.Avoid providers offering discounts top top leftover old asphalt.Make certain the employees compact a stone-based structure before paving.Select certified service providers affiliated with neighborhood asphalt-training programs, such as the State room of Transportation.Seek building contractors who have actually several year of paving experience.Review your feedback ~ above centregalilee.com, Google, and the better Business office (BBB).Request duplicates of the contract, a comprehensive estimate, and the warranty.Never pay in full before delivery or building starts. Always negotiate a payment schedule.

Questions come ask asphalt contractors

How much ground preparation is necessary prior to spreading the new asphalt?What type of asphalt do you use, and also how lengthy should this paving last?Does this paving quote encompass all materials and also labor?How lot parking space do you require for devices and big trucks?Can I see your company’s business license, insurance, and also bond guarantees?Will you traction permits because that this job? structure departments call for permits for all locations near publicly roads and sidewalks.What does your warranty include?

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