When God says, “I love you”: Let’s take a look at the one ar in the holy bible where God actually says those three priceless words us all long to hear: “I love you.” (He says them, and shows them, of course, ten thousand various ways throughout Scripture, however this passage has actually the exact words “I love you,” in almost every translation.) These space words God spoke to comfort the country of Israel during a daunting time, and also these native transcend time and also circumstance come proclaim God’s love because that us, His people, today:


“Do not fear, because that I have redeemed you;I have actually summoned friend by name; you are mine.

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When girlfriend pass through the waters,I will certainly be v you;and as soon as you pass v the rivers,they will not sweep over you.When you walk with the fire,you will not it is in burned;the flames will not collection you ablaze.For ns am the Lord your God,the holy One the Israel, your Savior;I offer Egypt for her ransom,Cush and Seba in her stead.

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Since you are precious and also honored in my sight,and due to the fact that I love you,I will give human being in exchange for you,nations in exchange for your life.Do not be afraid, for i am with you…” (Isaiah 43:2–5)

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When us know how loved we are by God, that takes far our fear: are afraid of hurt, fear of abandonment, are afraid of the unknown future. It’s no that we think, “God loves me; because of this my life must be a walk in the park: no struggles, no dangers, no losses.” This scripture doesn’t say, “If friend pass through fire and also water, I will be v you”—it claims “when.” Everyone endures struggle, danger, and loss, even the most righteous that people. Hardship is not a sign of God’s disapproval or punishment—it is an inescapable part of life in this collapse world. But Christians have the right to walk through life confident and also joyful, discovering that God will check out them through, and love them through, whatever hardship may come. He will certainly guide and also protect, comfort and console. That’s how God says, “I love you.”